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Shudhu Neela Bhavi ke Choda
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 5:16 AM >> Bhabi, vabi
Sedin class-e Bably-k dekhte pelamna. Jante parlam Bably-r sharir Kharap. Class-e ashte pare nai. Neela Bhabi esheche. Neela Bhabi tite jorjet salowar kamiz pore esheche. Vison sundor laghche. Ekdom Afsana mimir-r moto.
Sare barotar class-e sir ashenai, class holona. Neela bhabir shathe ber hoye elam. Bhabi bollo, Bashai jete. Rickshaw niye amra hatir pooler bashai chole elam.
Neela Bhabi-k khushi mone holo. Aj take ekai chudbo, Bably nai, bhebhei khub khushi.. Ami naki tar hasbander cheye sexually beshi moja dite pari. Hasband sexually weak, beshikhon thakte parena.
Ami Neela bhabi-k kole boshie thote govir bhabe chumu khelam, sada golapi gale kamor bosalam, kono dag korlamna, bhabir sharir theke senter subash ashchilo... Neela Bhabi-k bollam, bhabi tumi khub laxmi Bhabi, tomake chude ami khub anondo pai, tumi khub shukh dete paro..bhabir tana tana chokhe dushtumir hashi chilo, Bhabi khate boshlo.
Amake samne dar koriye amar panter chain khule fello, amar dhon ber kore hath diye ador kore mukhe nilo, sundor kore chushte laglo, bhabi bollo, tomar dhon amar khub priyo, Ami Bably-r kache sunechi, Bably tomar dhon khuboi posondo kore, amio kori.. bole abaro chushte laglo..
Neela bhabi-k bollam r parchina, tumi sob khule felo.. Neela bhabi salowar kamiz khule fello..ulongo sharire bhabi-k khuboi sundor lagchilo..bhabir dudh duto Madhuri dixmiter dudher moto khara khara..mosren sharir, body-te kono dag nai, forsha dhob dhobe...
Ami dekhlam Bhabir voda saved kora,bhabi bollo,aj sokale saved korechi tomar jonne.. bhabir vodai mukh dilam, jibba dukiye dilam vodar vitor..anekhon voda chushlam.. Neela bhabi sexe ahhhhhhhh..ahhhaaaaaaa korchilo...ami thik thakte parchilamna... ektu kat kore niye Neela Bahbir vodar modee amar bara dukiye dilam..pagoler moto Bhabi-k thapate thaklam, ar dui hath diye bhabir dudh tipte dhaklam jore jore...
Neela bhabi bollo, tumi niche show, ami upor theke tomake kori. Bhabi Amar upore samner dik hoye boshlo.. amar khara dhon bhabir vodar modde dukiye dilo, tarpor upor theke bhabi thapate thaklo...
Kichukhon pore bhabi-k dogy style chudte thaklam, pichon theke thap dichchilam, r dudh tipchilam.. bhabi uhh.ah.... korchilo...
Ebar bhabi-k bichanai shoye nilam, voda dekhlam.. angul diye ghatlam.. dekhlam kam ross ber hoche.. Neela bhabi bollo dhon dukiye daw,bhabir vodar vitor dhon dukiye jore jore thap dite thaklam, sexer anonde bhabi kator hoye uthlo..
Bujte parlam bhabir mal out hochcje...ami aro jore thapate thaklam...
Neela Bhabi uthe bose amar dhon abaro mukhe nilo.. Jore jore chushte laglo... chuste chushte amar mal out kore dilo...ami bhabir sada dhob dhobe buker modde amar mal out kore dilam.
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Me and my mum's first time
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 5:12 AM >> Mother

this is a true story about how me and my mum started having a sexual relationship.

My dad died when l was 13, which hit me hard and occasionally would get really upset. This especially happened on the aniversary of his death. On these occasions our family would visit his grave and then go home have a meal and often talk about him. This inevitably ended up with tears and then cuddles for us all from my mum, sometimes we would cuddle up with her in her bed and sleep there.

When l was 16 though, l was the only one at home, my sister's were at uni or left home and couldn't visit. So just me and my mum visited his grave and then went home, made a meal and sat eating it chatting about him and what we miss. My mum let me have a drink now and again and this night we drank wine, probably to much wine. After it all got quite emotional as usual we headed for bed. l could hear my mum sobbing and went into her bedroom and sat down on the bed and gave her a hug. After a while l asked if l could curl up with her like we had as a family in the past and she said of course l could.

We cuddled up and she held me in her arms, my head resting on her breast, my hand on her tummy. My mum was stroking my head with one hand and my arm with the other and l didn't realise but my hand had been getting lower on her stomach with each stroke and l could suddenly feel her pubic hair through her nighty and moved my hand back up a bit shocked, but she just whispered it's ok and moved my hand back down.

l could feel myself getting hard and really didn't know what to do, but she took hold of my hand and started move it in a circular motion around the top of her pussy through her nighty. She whispered 'there's some things even at my age l still miss that l haven't told you about' (she was in her mid 50's but l can say now still looked good). She let go of my hand and whispered it's ok so l carried on, l was quite excited and could feel my hard on pressing against her. l moved her nighty up and started to caress her pussy, she took hold of my hand and put the ends of my fingers on her clit, 'there' she said, moving them in small circular motions, l carried on and could feel her bud get harder and bigger, could feel her breathing getting heavier and my head moving with the rise of her breast.

'help me take my nighty off' she said sitting us both up, l did, revealing her large breasts and big erect nipples. My erection was starting to stick out of my undies, l took them off. we laid back down, l wasn't sure what to do, but she lifted my head and holding one of breasts, showed me what to do. l started to suck on her lovely hard nipple, nibbling a little, which brought quiet 'ooh yes's' from my mum. l returned my hand to her pussy and felt her wet lips. 'push your fingers inside', l felt the damp warm inside tunnel of her pussy as l pushed two fingers inside her. l rubbed my cock against the side of her leg and soon felt l was going to cum and gasped 'oo mum'. ok stop she said and pushed me away, 'you going to cum' she asked, l nodded, 'put it inside me if you want'.

l climbed on top of her and between her legs and she guided my cock to her lips, l slid in easily and pushed my cock as far into her as l could, feeling my excitement and sensations rising in my cock. 'in and out' she said gasping, 'thats it' l lasted probably only a couple dozen thrusts or so until l came. l had never cum like that before when l masterbated and just kept seeming to gush more and more into her. 'o yes, o yes, o yes' she gasped everytime l gushed. when l stopped l just lay on top of her and she held me kissing my ear, cheek and neck. then we just went to sleep.

When l woke up my mum wasn't there, so l shoved on some clothes and went down stairs, she was sat at the table and when l came into the room, looked down at the table and said 'about last night, l...', 'it's o.k. mum', it was my turn to say and put my arms around her holding her to me. We slept together again that night and l tasted her pussy for the first time and from then on and now and again for quite a while we went to each other's bed's. l've done things with my mother l've not done with anybody else, but that's for another time if you'd like hear then just say so.
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Mashimar gud choda
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 5:11 AM >>
This incident happened a few months ago and from then I have changed my opinion about middle aged women leading apparently satisfying lives having a happy family. I am Raja, 24 in age and live in Calcutta. I have a friend named Shyam who is from a rich family. We have been friends from college days and now both of us are in our respective jobs. While I got a job in my city, my friend took a job in Hyderabad.
His parents stay in Calcutta. His mom is about 45 and dad 61 having his own business. Due to his business uncle (Shyam’s dad) would be very busy the whole day and at times used to stay out of town for days. Polly aunty (his mom) is a housewife and like a typical bengali woman kind of conservative, or so I thought till the incidents started happening. Since she was mostly alone I would at times go to her home to chat with her for a few hours. She was very friendly with me. However there were certain peculiarities about her that at times embarrassed me.
Like when we were in college and I used to go his home for studies she would usually be in a sari and blouse. But more often than not her blouse would be torn from some place or the other and when she would lift her arms in front of me I could see her hairy armpits or her back peeking out from the torn part. At times when she would sit in such a fashion in her chair her sari would fall from her blouse and I could see her boobs peeking out. She would not even make any effort to cover her blouse and continue sitting like that in our presence. All this made me feel embarrassed. Still I never thought about her sexually.
Now let me describe Polly aunty. She is 38 and like typical bengali women is a bit on the plump side with quite a wide ass and 40 size boobs. At times I had felt that she is not wearing any bra underneath as her boobs swayed when she moved. In some way she was sexy. One day I thought of paying her a visit to chat for some time. I went to her home and started chatting. The subject of her gaining weight came and she said that she exercised a bit but that was not sufficient. She also said that after her son (my friend) went to Hyderabad she feels very lonely and does not feel like doing anything and so does not exercise very regularly. She looked at me and asked me if I exercised and I said yes. Suddenly our talk took such a turn that I started feeling embarrassed .
Aunty asked, “tumi nischaii jakhon exercise karo takhon panter bhetare khoob tight underwear paro. Tomake exercise samaye nijer jantor ke khoob bhalo kore bendhe aar bhalo kore banchiye rakhte hobe ta na hole okhne chot lagte pare.” I was a bit embarrassed and said yes that I wear underwear. Aunty said, “tumi sab samaye tight underwear para koro jate tomar janatar pati theek bhave payer majhkhane fit hoe thake. Saijanya jakhoni tomar underwearer elastic dhile hoejabe takhoni tumi nijer underwear palte phelbe.” Mashima abar bollo, “aie jannye ami amar cheler pratee khoob kara nazar rakhee aar jakhon darker hoe ami tar janna natun underwear kine amar samne oke parte boli aar jakhan Shaym underwear palte phele ami takhon nije underwaerer samne hath lagie dekhi je tar jantor pati sab theek ache kina aar theek bhave payer majhe fit hoeche kina.”
I smiled and said, “Oh! Mashima, tumi akhono Shaymer underwearer samne hath lagiye dekho je Shayamer jantor pati theek ache kina? Shayam to aknon anek baro hoe gache, tumki akhono oke ekta choto bachha bhavo? Aunty smiled and said, “Na sona o to amar chele aar ami oke jamon khushi dekhte paari. Ami to or shob kichu dekhechi. Ami to or jonno pocket ola jangia kini aar tarpor o pore shamne ashle oi pocket e hath dhukiye or hos pipe take bar kore niye ashi shei pocket diye dekhar jonno je pocket theke hishi korar jonno hose take thik kore baar korte parche kina. Ebar bol tor ma ki toke erom kore dekhe na? I said, “tar mane tumi nijer hate kore Shaymer hos pipe dhore dekho je tar hos pipe theek bhave underwear theke ber hoe kina. Shaym kichu bole na? Ami to lajjaye more jetam.” “Dur boka chele, ami to Shyam ke kato bar bathroome niye giye or hos pipe dhore hisi kariye dee, amar ba Shyamer kono lajja lagena” aunty told me with a naughty smile. I was astonished with aunty’s statement and said to her, “babare amar to sune lajja lagche ar tomar ba Shyamer kono lajja karena?” “Ete abar lajjar ki ache? Keno tor ma bujhi toke bathroome niye giue hisi karae na?” Aunty asked me again.
I, “Na kakhono noye, ami amar ma ke amar sange aye sab kakhono karte debon na, amar bhishan lajja karbe. Ar mashima, tumi ekhono Shyamer ahhhhh nunu dharo ar dekho?
Aunty, “O amar sona, tumi jano na je tumi tomar kach theke ki ki pacco na. Amar sona tumi jano na je maara tader cheler janno ki bhalo aar ki kharab sab jane aar maara tader cheleder sab jinish bhalo kore bujhye daye aar maa der bojhano poree jibone khub kaj daye.” Aunty continued, “ami to or hose pipe ta ke majhe majhe check kore dekhi thik kore clean korche kina. O to lojjaa payee na ekdum. Ami oke ek ek samay bathroome giye langto hoye darate boli chaan koranor jonno. Takhon o langto hoye nijer kaalo hose pipe take du payer majhe jhuliye wait kore. Ami giye oke chaan koriye diye tarpor or pipe ta clean kore di aar tate or dushtu hose ta shokto hoe dariye pore. Tarppor ami ote cream ba baby oil lagiye di. Or kokhono chulkani hole okhane amake diye ointment lagiye dite bole. Abar amar jakhon khoob icchhe hoe takah ami amar cheler hose pipe niye khoob khela kari aar jakhon ota shakto hoe jaye takhan ami ota dhore khoob naraee aar tatae ota theke khoob garhoo garhoo shada jelly moto mal ber hoe. Amara khoob open ei bishoye. Aar ekta jinish tor nunu ke kakhono nunu bolbi na otake dhon, bara, lauda bolbi. Bujhee boka chele?”
I was now getting excited with her usage of terms and descriptions. Aunty continued, “Tora chelera bhabish amra mara kichu jani na. Tor nischoyee raate nije theke maal beriye jae. Shyamer ber hoe kintu o bhabe ami jani na. tor o maal beroy nischoyee.”
I was very embarrassed and said, “Haan, rate nije theke kakhono kakhono amar mal bar hoe. Tabe ami sakal sakal uthe amar pant aar bichanar chador dhue dee jate ki amar maa na jante pare.” Aunty, “dekhlee to, ami bole chilam. Tumi bhabo je tomar maa kichhu jane na kitnu ami jani je tomar maa sab kichu jane, Are boka chele tuee janish na je jakhon tue nijer pant aar bichanar chador dhue dis takhono pant aar chadore tor maler dag roe jaye. Aar oi dag dekhle maara bujhe jaye je tar cheler dhon thek rate fada poreche. Kintu tui amake bol je rate tor ki roj mal ber hoe?”
I said, “na, roj rate amar nunu theke mal bar hoe na, han jakhon ami amar nunu niye khela karina takhon rate amar nunu theke mal bar hoe aar amar pant bhuje jaye.” I suddenly realised that I have told her that I had wet dreams if I did not masturbate on a day and so stopped. Aunty grew interested and though she knew what I was going to say she asked, “tui tor bara niye kamon kore khela karis? Tui ki nijer bara khechis? I said, “Mashima, tumi amake aie sab keno jigesh karcho? Amar khub lajja lagche.”
Aunty came nearer and putting a hand over my shoulder said, “bol, make sab kichu bol. Ete kno kichur lajja neyii. Ami jani aar porechi je nijer bara niye sab chelera khela kore, ete lajjar kichu neye. Ami to tor maa moto, ami toke ja kushi jiggesh korte pari aar tuio amake jakushi jiggesh korte parish.”
I thought that I couldn’t escape her and so said, “han ami amar bara khenchee aar tokhon amar bara theke mal bar hoe aar tar por aar rate amar panat bhejena.”
Aunty, “Tui ki tor bara ta niye roj khelish?”
I, “han, mashima. Ami praye roz ek bar kore amar bara khenchee kintu kono kono din ami du bar ba teen bar khenchee. Ta nahole amar pant rate nongra hoe jaye.”
Aunty, “Baap re tui roj du teen bar kore maal phelish? Tor ki shob bar maal ber hoe?”
I, “Haan, ami jato bar bara khenchee motamuti shob bar e bar hoe taube ek ekbar hoeto khub kom berolo ba berolo na. Tate kono problem nei to?”
Aunty, “theek ache, toke kichhu samay dite hobe abar theke mal banate. Jakhon tor maler sab stock sheh hoe jaye tokhon anek kam mal bar hoe, tate kichuu hoe na. Kno chintar byapar noe.” Aunty continued, “Shayam kintu kakhono bara khenche na.” I said, “Shayam bara khenche na tumi janle kikore? Oki tomake dekhiye dekhiye bara nariye nariye nijer mal bar korbe?”
By now I had a growing problem inside my pants. Aunty continued, “Bara take thik rakhte hoe shob samay. Jakhon tor kakur sathe amar biye holo ami bhablam onar sathe khoob anando korbo, jauboner mauja lutbo kenona ona ke khoob strong dekhte aar amar che boyes beshi bole bhablam je o hoeto onek kichu janbe choda chudi nie. Accha tui choda chudi kake bole janish to?”
Aunty’s use of the word lovemaking made a shiver run through my body and now my dick was standing in full attention.
Aunty continued, “kintu biyer por dekhi tor kakur bara ta chotto. Tao chole jeto ar amra khoob choda chudi kortam biyer kichu mas por obdi. Tarpor tor kaku busy hoe gelo ar amader choda chudi praye bondho hoe gelo. Ar or dhon ta shokto hoto na. Ami or dhon ta niye kheltam shokto korar jonno, kintu tarpor e ota abar pore jeto. Or jakhon amar gud chodar icche hoto amar shaya ar sari komor abdi tule nijer choto dhon ta bar kore amar guder bhetor dhukiye 5 minute e maal phele ghumiye porto. O chodar different style gulo janto na. Tarpor to Shyam janmalo ar o ekdum amake choda bandho kore dilo. Pore janlam je chotobelaye or infection hoto dhone jar jonno orkhom problem chilo.”
I didn’t know what to say and kept quiet. She seemed to be reflecting on something and then she spoke up, “Tahole tui kichu bujhlee, je keno nijer health aar jantorer health theek thak rakha uchit? Ebar tui amake bal, tui ki tor nijer heath aar toe jantorer health thik thak rachis?” She asked this while pointing to my dick under my pants.
I wanted to tell her that I had a good sized pole because of her use of the word little thing. I said, “han mashima, ami amar jantortake roj khob bhalo kore dhuii. Mashima, amar jantor ta praye sare aath inchi lamba. Tomar ki mone hoe eta thik lamba hochhe?”
Aunty gasped at the mention of my length and said, “Ami toke ekhuni bollam je tui tor ota ke nunu ba jantor balbi na. Otar bhalo nam hocche bara na dhon. Ar ami bishaas korte parchi na je tor dhon ta oto boro. Dekhte de tahole bujhbo.”
While saying this she moved her hand on my pants and quickly grabbing it squeezed it. By now I was sure that she wanted to fuck me and so I played ball because by now I was too aroused to step back. She pressed it a few times and said, “opor theke to khoob bhalo mone hochhee, tabe amake tor dhonta khule dekha. Chal uthe dara ar puro puri nangto hoeja.” I quickly stood up and aunty started to unbuckle my pants. In a moment she had me stripped down to just my briefs. Since I was already erect and pre cum was leaking for sometime the front was wet and aunty smiled at it. She said, “Partho, tor janghiyar bhetre ki rekhechis. Amar mone hocche je tor dhonta ke jadi thik bhave na ador kara hoe to ota tor underewear chinre debe. Aibare tui nijeke maar hate chere de aar ami tor jantortake dekhi ki korte pari. Kintu tar age chal amara sobar ghare jaee.”
The moment we got to the bedroom she pulled down my briefs and I was now standing in front of aunty totally naked. She smiled and said, “Oh tor lauda ta to daroon shundor ar sexy re. Aar ish kirom bhabe tor bara ta tatiye dariye ache aar matha dolachhe. Tui khoob excited hoe gechis mone hoe kemon kore tor dhon theke rosh bar hocchhe dekh. De baba amar hathe tor dhon ta de.”
Saying this she took my hot rod in her hands and started squeezing. The head started to leak more precum. She squeezed it some more and then reached under and grabbed my balls. She weighed them in her hands and said smilingly, “tor thole te nischoye ekhon maal bhorti. Sesh kobe hath diye khechechish? Ami aj tor shob malai ar doodh kahbo. Kire amake tor laudar ras aar malai khete dibi to?”
I said, “du din age. Kal sara dine ami samaye payee ne aar nijer bara khinchte parinee.”
Aunty looked greedily at my tool and said, “Oh tahole to tor dhon ke ekhuni shanto korte hobe. Bechara kal theke mal bar korte parenee. Ekhuni mal bar na korle tor mal abar rate bariye jabe aar nashto hobe. Acchha ekhon bhalo kore son, tui amar cheler mato aar ami ekhon toke ja ja bolbo seta maara nijer chele jakhon baro hoe tokhon bole aar bojhae. Aar ami toke ekhon ekta baro cheler moto ja ja balbo chup chap sune jabee. Aar han tui ki amar kach theke kono special jinish chas?”
I said, “mashima, ami to pooro langto ar tumi shob kapor chopor pore acho ar ami to tomar cheler moto tai amar shamne lojja ki ar amar dekhte hobe to tomar shob jinish thik thak ache kina.”
Aunty smiled and said, “Ta bol na je tui amar mai khete chash. Ta kha na amar mai tor jonno sajano roeche.”
Aunty then got rid of her sari and giving me a sexy look started to unhook her blouse. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when she unhooked her blouse. She was wearing a white bra that hardly covered her nipples and the rest of her tits were just spilling out of the cups. She squeezed and then sexily shook them and laughed. I was overwhelmed at her size and said, “Oh! Mashima apnar mai to khoob shundor ar boro eder ke kikore oi chotto bra tar bhetore rakhen?”
Of course I didn’t require an answer and just grabbed them in my hands and squeezed them. She reached her hand below and started to play with my rod. I quickly put my mouth on one of the bra covered tits and sucked. She drew in her breath with a gasp and sighed, “Khao shona khao bhalo kore khao, amar khoob bhalo lagche.
I kept sucking one and with my other hand pressed the other one. She in her turn shifted her hand between my cock and balls. Suddenly she said that it was enough and she threw me down on the bed and jumped on me. She pressed her lips to mine and our tongues met inside our mouths. I reached to her back and unhooked the bra and pulled it away. I let go of her lips and told her to show me her boobies.
She said, “Amake request kore bol je ma tomar mai khabo nahole ami toke amar mai dobo na. shudhu amar chele amar mai niye chusbe ar khelbe.” And she laughed.
I said, “Ma ma, please amake tomar dudu dekhte dao na jekhan theke ami choto belae dudu khetam. Ma ami tomar dudu khabo amar khie peyeche.”
Aunty pulled away her bra and revealed the enormous titties. She started to tease me by shaking her tits in front of my face and quickly drawing them back as I tried to take them in my mouth. I reached up and with my hands grabbed them and pulled one of them in my mouth and started to suck it hungrily. Aunty laughed and said, “Ah! Ah! Oh! Khao khao amar sona chele khao amar mai khao, khoob choso aar chuse chuse amar maier sab doodh bar kore khe nao. Han Han airakom kore jore jore chos amar mai, ih khoob bhalo lagche. Chos sona amar, manki amar aro jore chos, jato jore paris tato jore chos.”
She then took my other hand and slowly guided it inside her petticoat and to her wet and hot pussy. It felt awesome to be feeling a woman’s pussy, who is of my mom’s age. I started to chew on her nipple and with my hand inside her I pushed at her lips and spread them and put one finger in her pussy. It was burning hot.
Aunty, by now, was enjoying all the attention I was giving her and was moaning. She looked at me with eyes filled with lust and said, “ebar ami tor dandatake chusbo.”
Saying this she got down on her knees and took my dong in her hands, parted the foreskin and licked the slit. She then put her lips on the head, which was now glistening with moisture from my pre cum and played her tongue on the tip. Oh it felt wonderful. She then took the head in her mouth and licked it. At the same time she moved her palm on my shaft and then she took the whole of me in her warm wet mouth and massaged my sack. It was awesome. Now she was steadily going up and down on my dong and looked up at me. I grabbed her head and started thrusting in her mouth. I was amazed that a woman of her culture and age could give head.
She then took out my cock and told me to lick the valley between her boobs. I grabbed her boobs and licked the valley wet. She then smiled and said, “Ebar amar dudu gulo tor doodh ar malai bar korbe chepe chepe. Shona chele amar make nijer dudu dao.”
She then took my dong between her titties and started to rub me up and down, up and down. In a few minutes I felt my seed rising and said, “Ma ma amar maal berobe. Tumi amar dudu khabe to?”
Aunty replied, “nischoi amar sona babu, Tor ma tor dandar malai kahabar janno anekkhon theke apekhha korche.” Saying this she again took my tool in her mouth and sucked me. In a few moments I was coming in gallons and she was busy drinking it. After she had squeezed out the last drop she got up and smilingly said, “Oh! Tor malai ta khete khub bhalo aar mishtee. Tor anek khani malai bar hoeche. Khoob bhalo laglo. Kintu aibar tor danda ta aar tatiye thakbe na sue porbe aar tahole tor ma kikore maza lootbe?”
I said, “Ami tomake ekhuni aar 5 minute pore maza debo.” Saying this I pulled her beside me and kissed her. It was my turn to do her. I started to nibble on her bubbies and moved my hand inside her petticoat and parting her pussy lips inserted two fingers in her fanny. In a minute she was moaning.
Now I asked, “Ma ma ami dekhbo ami jekhan theke jonmechilam. Ma ami tomar shaya ta khule tomake langto korbo. Ami tomar gud dekhte chai ma. Ami tomar mishti gud khabo ar chusbo.” Aunty got very excited with my talk and said, “Ha shona chele amar, amake udom ulongo kore de ar amar gud ta khe chushe amake aram de. Amake langto kore chod.”
I pulled away her petticoat and went down on my knees and spread her legs. Mashima amar jonno nijer pa ditto phanke kore du hate dhore amake bollo, “dekh dekh, amar son, dekh nijer maar gud dekh. Age tui bhalo kore gud dekhene tarpar ami toke kikore chudtehoe shikhiye debo. Mashimar gud dekhe to amar chokh chana bara. Mashimar gude khub kalo kalo baler jangal aar tar majhe guder chera dekha jachee. Chera jaigata khoob lal aar guder thont dutto kalo kalo. Mashimar guder bheter theke thont duto chuye chuye ras bar hochhe. Ami tar par mashimar guder opor theke baler jangal jayee hath diye hatalam, to dekhi mashimar guder kont ta tatiye danriye achee aar dup dup korche. Ami mashimar guder konte nijer angul diye narrate laglam. Konte aungul parteyee mashima lafiye uthehlo aar make jaruye ballo, “shala kont niye nara chara kprchis keno? Gud niye khela kor harmjada chel. Ami mukh nabiye mashimar gude much rakhlam. Tar par ami amar jeev bar kore mashimar gude chaliye dilam. Oh! Mashimar guder ras ki mishtee aar tar gandhotao ki sundar. Ami nijer jeev jatota jaye tatota masimar gude dhukiye mashimar gud chatte shuru korlam. Amar gud chata te mashima laphiye uthe amake bollo, “ore ki korchis haramzada chele, amar guder sab ros ki ajkeyee khe nibi? Char char amar gud char, amake to bara nijer gude dhokate ache.”
Masima neche theke nijer komor tule tule amake nijer gud khaote laglo. Kichukhon por mashima nijer hath diye nijer guder duto thont phank kore bollo, :kha amar son, jato paris aajke amar gud kheye guder sab ros kheye ne. Oh! Ahhhh! Ishhhhhh Ishhhhh bhison bhalo lagche. Ebar amar guder ros bar hobe. Tui jeev diye sab ros chete chete lha sona amar. Tor mesho koto din holo amar gude chuse dayenee. Amar khoob bhalo lagche.” Airakom bolte bolte mashima nijer guder roschere dilo aar ami sab ros gulo chete chete khe phellam.
She was whimpering like a bitch in heat and she said, “Ebar tor bara ta amar gude diye de ar amake chod .” By now I was very much stiff and ready to go in. Ami mashimar katha sune amar bara take hathte dhore mashimar guder kukhe rakhlama aar tar par bara take mashimar guder mukhe ghoste laglam. Mashima choda kabad janna chat phat korte laglo aar kichukhan par amar bara nijer hathe dhore nijer gude dhukiye diye bollo, “haramzad chele, takhon theke gud khule shue achee aar tui kina khali guder opor bara ghoschis. Chal ebar amake jor jor thap mar aar make khoob kore chod.” Ami takhon ek thape amar ath inchir barata mashimar gude dhukiye dilam aar mashima oh! Oh!Ish! Ish! Ahhhhh! Kore uthlo. Er pore mashima amake nijer du hath aar diu paye ankre dhore nicher theke komar tola diye diye amat bara nijer gude bhetare nite thaklo. Ami mashimake bollam, Mashima, ki baypar, tomar gud diye to agum bar hochhe. Ar mone hochhe ami tomake chudche na tumi amake chudcho. Bapre ki bhishan bhave komor tola diye chida khaccho.” Mashima komor tola dite dite amae bollo, “haramzada chele, amar sundar gud mufte peyechis bole tui orakm achhedda kore chudchis. Shala janis ekhono ami gud khule darale anek chukri ke tekka dite pari?”
Tokhom ami mashimar duto mai amar du hate dhore mashima ke bolam, “ne gud chudani magi, ne nijer gud shamla. Ebar ami thap mere mere tor gud aaj phateye debo. Ebar bujhbee choda kake bole. Ne dhr amar thap nijer gude dhor.” Mashima amar tahp khete khete bollo, ”de na re haramzada, ami gud phank kore shue achi, mar na jato jore thap marte paris mar. Shala chudbar somay jato sab galpo jugab bhalo lagena. Shala chudte ache chod.” Amia tokhan mashimar mai duto muchriye amar komor tola diye diye mashimar gud marte laglam aar mashima make char hate paye dhore nijer komor tola dite dite choda khte laglo. Kichkhon thapabar par ami mashimar ekta mai mukhe niye chuste laglam ar dhir nijer dhon ta mashimar guder bhetor ar bayire korte laglam. Mshima amake chumu khete khete bollo, “kire tor komor ki dhore gelo? Thapa na. Bhesh tothapa chilli. Aba rukli keno?” Ami mashimar mai chuste chuste bollam, “are na mashima, amar komor dhore jayenee. Ami tomake tariye tariye chudte chahye. Taye ami dhire dhire chudchi.” “Ore baba sona amar, tui ekbar amake jor jor thap mere chudede, tarpor amake jato paris tariye tariye chudis. Ekhon ami nijer guder jalaye marchi. Oh! Bokachoda, machoda, bajjat chele, chod amake chod. Bhalo kore chod. Aajke tor bichir jato ras bhara ache sab aamr gude chude gude bhore de. Aro jore chod shala bokachoda. Dekh tor samne ami amar gud khule chit hoe shue achee tor jato jor ache tato jore jore amake chod. Chude chude aaj amar gud phatye de machoda chele.” Mashima bollo.
“Thik ache mashima, prothom round tomar ichha motan. Tarpor ami amar iccha moton tomake chudbo” ami mashimake bollam. Ebar ami komr tule yule mashimar gud chudte laglam aar hath diye mashimar mai tipte laglam. Mashima amake dhore mokor tola dite laglo. Kichukhon par ami barata ke mashimar gud bhitar puro dhukiye nijer mal mashimar gud chere dilam aar songe songe mashimao nijer guderros chere dilo.
Mal beriye jabar par amar dhon dhire dhire choto hoye gelo aar tar por mashimar gud theke beriye elo. Kichkhon ami mashimake jegesh korlam, “Mashima tumi amake diye nijer gud chodale aar sab somey tumi amake chele chele bolle keno?” Mashima takhon amake chumu kheye bollo, “dekh, ami kato din theke amar cheler banra amar gud dhokabo bole nijer gud chulke chulke marchi. Ami jakhon oke snan karaee ba jakhon oke puro pure nangto dekhee aar or banra nijer hate nee amar gud sab samaye bhuje jaye. Sabsamaye amar gud theke ras gadiye gadiye pore. Ami takhon nijer gude hoe gajar ba shasha ba kala dhukiye khechee, aar guder agun kichuta shanto kori. Aye janno aajke toke diye amar gud maralam. Amar mone hoena je ajker choda chudita amarder sheh choda chudi.”
I laughed and said, “Ma ma amar abar khide peyeche. Ami abar tomar guder raush khabo.” Mashima opend her legs and invited me to lick her pusy and said, “kha baba sona manik amar. Kha amar gud chete chuse jerakom paris gud kha. Jato paris amar gud chos. Amar gud anek theke keoo chuse deyenee. Tui ek kaj kar. Tui amar gud much de aar makeo tor banra chuste de.”
As I started licking her pussy, "Ami bhabchhi, tor songe ekta notun dhoroner choda try korbo. Ami bichhanar opore hamaguri diye thakbo. Tui amar ponder phutor thik niche guder nich ta dekhte pabi. Guder phutota thik tor samne thakbe. Tui amar pechhone danriye tor banrata amar gude dhukiye dibi." I was surprised at the new idea and was shocked at the raw language she used. Some guys in school & college did use such language in the private. But I couldn't imagine that a sober housewife like her even knew such words, not to speak of using them. At the same time, I felt quite excited at the language.
She now was on the edge of the bed in a crawling position, with her thighs spread out a bit and said, "Amar gud dekhte pachchhis?" I could see her crack and some dark hairy area just below and said "darano amake bhalo kore dekhte dao." Saying this I parted her bum cheeks first. She immediately reacted, "Ki korchhis ki? Toke gud khujte bolechhi, ponder phuto noy. Tui ki amar ponde chudbi naki?" Now I got a kick out of her language and knew how to respond.
I said, "Eto osthir hochchoo keno? Ami gud ar ponder tofat jani. Amake tomar ponder phutota ektu dekhte dao. Tarpor ami tomar gud khujbo." I looked into her crack and was delighted to see lot of dark hair around her light brown ass hole. I kissed her soft cheeks and smelled her ass hole. Wow, what a raw smell! It was so intoxicating. I lightly poked her ass hole with my tongue and she shrieked. Now I looked for her cunt and searched through the hairy area between her thighs. I found the cunt opening, which was totally wet. I parted that and I wondered how to enter my cock. She said excitedly. "Ebar thik jaygay esechhis. Okhane banra ta dhukiye dite parbi?"
I tried to push my cock without much of success for the first time. She now lifted her hip a bit and I lowered my cock. As she guided me with her hand the cock slipped into the tunnel. I realised it was difficult to hold the cock there and kept it inside with a bit of a pressure. The tunnel was soft and moist. I started pushing in & out. As I got into the rhythm I brought my hands under her torso and found her boobs. I pressed those soft mounds. Wow, what a great pleasure it was. Now she was screaming like mad, "Aro jore chod, bokachoda. Gud ta chude phatiye de." Soon we were in frenzy and the climax was so great that I felt as if I was shooting through the sky like a rocket.
After we had a clean up in the bathroom we lied down in bed, naked, our bodies touching. We were very relaxed and kept silent. I asked mashima, "Ami tomar mukhe kancha khisti shune ekebare obak hoye gechhi. Ogulo shune oboshyo ami darun kick pachhchhilam. Kintu ami bhabteo parchhina je tumi oi rokom bhasha jano." Aunty said, "Ami tor meshor kache sobkichhu shikhechhi. Biyer pore o amake ei sob kancha khisti shekhato. Prothom dike amar bichchhiri lagto. Pore chodar somoy o oi sob nongra kotha bolto are amakeo bolte bolto. Gorar dike apotti korleo, ami moja ta bujhe gelam. Oi kancha khisti gulo choday notun josh ene dito. Ekhon oboshyo choda khub kome geche ar gatanugotik hoye gechhe. Khisti korao bondho hoye gechhe. Tobu jodi kokhono mal kheye josh eshe jay, amra oi nongra kotha bole darun kick pai."
Aunty ran her fingers through my hair and said, "Toke bole bojhate parbona, aj tor kachh theke ami kotota anando ar trpti peyechhi." I told her, "Ami ajker din ta sara jibon mone rakhbo. Ei smrti ami moner modhye chrokal aral kore rakhbo."
From then it has become my habit to go and eat aunty’s pussy and fuck her to my dick’s content once or twice a week and she is always willing.
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Her name is Mita. She is a sweet and sexy Bengali lady. I first came to know her around 15 years back when I started my career in a Multinational Company at a district town of Bangladesh, where her husband was working in a different MNC. Her hubby was around 10 years senior to me by age but as our working place was same , we developed a good friendship and rapport. Her hubby took me as a younger brother. After a couple of months in that district town which was totally new to me her hubby became very close to me , so one day he invited me to his house to have dinner together. That was the night when I first saw my Mita Bhabi. She was then in her late twenties and mother of two kids. I found her to be very beautiful Bangali Lady with nice communicative eyes, sweet smile and a very lovely face with a few extra pounds. We took dinner together when her hubby gave a brief introduction of mine and I had small chat with her. That was the D day when I first met her but right that day I could not think that once she will be my one of the most desired sex goddess and intimate partner of the most enjoyable play of human life.

Days passed on , I got closer and closer to that family. Kids liked me very much still they are though they are now much grown up. As we came closer and closer and as I could observe her more frequently I found my Mita Bhabi has got very nice big tits and heavy round ass. While she walks it’s a great pleasure to see her from back side, the tides of her heavy ass is really horny. Over the time I got a deep desire to get her more intimately , but was not sure what’s the level intimacy ? A number of occasions when she was busy with household work I could see her sexy cleavage and felt hot but did nothing as we were still maintaining usual respectable distance. But while I was in my bed at night sometimes I used to masturbate fantasizing her. In early days of my masturbation fantasizing her, while I used to meet her next I used to feel discomfort to look at her face directly. Over time that went of I started fantasizing her more frequently and while meeting her I used to observe her with my thirsty eye more and more closely specially her sexy parts. Sometimes I kept eyes on her lively communicative eyes and try to read something see some thing but could see nothing.

We got closer and closer, she started talking different things of there conjugal life. She even told me her mismatches with her hubby . But these were all with out any intension of sex. So sometimes I got encouraged but most of the time I remained as it was , just looking at her and fantasizing kissing , licking her ass, tits , pussy , thighs etc. We maintained a respectable Bhabi Dewar relationship. Always I was to eager to meet her see her more frequently and if possible alone , with lots of plan in head. Seldom I found her alone but could do nothing as I was not courageous enough and also as she never showed any kind of sign so that I can move forward to seduce her or [censor] her.

After three years her hubby was transferred to Dhaka . They all moved. I was feeling alone in that peripheral district city and fantasizing her more frequently and was trying to make some other relationships, those are other stories. Many nights I fucked her in my dreams. I fucked her in all position in my dream, most frequently doggy style as her ass is the most attractive one in the world so far I saw, but those are all in dreams. Whenever I used to come to Dhaka for official or personal reason I used to get meet her and her hubby. Nobody could understand my inner desire. I few occasions I stayed at their home in Dhaka. After another year her hubby quit the job and left for US to make fortune. Now she is alone with her kids in Dhaka and me in the peripheral district. During this time I several times came to Dhaka and went to meet her with a desire to stay at her house in absence of her hubby. But she never told me to stay in her house so I could not. Each time I left her house , sometimes I had to go back my place and have to jerk off of my cum thinking her. In dreams now I [censor] more frequently. I fucked her on bed, on sofa, in kitchen , in bathroom , but only in dreams.

Another year passed, now I got promotion. My promotion make my way to Dhaka, because this was a head office position , and as usual our head office is in Dhaka. This was huge delight to my life, not that I got a very attractive promotion but as I could stay at Dhaka and meet my sexy Mita Bhabi more frequently means getting more chance to meet her alone and increasing the chance fucking her in real.I moved to Dhaka. Most of the days after office hour I go to her home and chat with her long having plans in mind. By this time Mita Bhabi , gathered few more pounds in her sexy body. Her tits & ass become more sexy and gorgeous. As a whole she became a sex goddess. Thinking of her unmet sex desire due to absence of her husband each day I go with new idea but come back with out implementation. We sit together on sofa even closely , talk long hours , touched her hands , and looked in to her sweet eyes with plan in mind. Going back home either masturbate fantasizing her or [censor] her in dream. Meantime my parents were telling me to get married , I was neutral to their proposal but in my mind I was mostly thinking to find out a way of fucking Mita Bhabi.

Few months after I came to Dhaka a disaster happened to Mita Bhabi, suddenly her hubby died from a road accident in US. The incidence was a huge shock to me as well. Actually I liked Mita Bhabi’s husband a lot , he was really a elder brother to me. My all sexy intensions with Mita Bhabi went of , I was more concern about uncertainty and insecurity of Mita Bhabi & her two growing boys. The early days after that sad incidence was really tough for her. But time heals every things. By this time I was more frequent to her home. She also was calling me more frequently for different kind of help and support for her family in her day to day matter. Several times we traveled from one place to another place of Dhaka different reasons by rickshaw. My desire fucking Mita Bhabi came again. Different times in her house and while traveling by rickshaw I touched her smooth belly , tits and ass . those were mere touches. I was expecting her response after each touch but she was unresponsive. Now a days I meaningfully stare at her sexy lively eyes she also keep her eyes , sometimes she smiles while looking at me but not more than that. Sometimes she says when you will be marrying my dear Dewar? Will you give time to me once you are married? What kind of girls should I look for you? I usually answered nothing but keep smiling looking at her meaningfully at her such query. Sometimes I gave non-specific answer, while seducing her in my mind. One day while she was asking me what sort of girls I would like to marry again and again , I answered like you. Like Me ? What do you mean dear Dewar she asked with a nonspecific smile. I answered I mean beautiful like you . She smiled again and told don’t be liar dear , I am not beautiful, and tended to leave the room. I pulled her holding her hand and told firmly , I am not lying , You are the most beautiful lady in my eyes. Instantly her eyes started talking with me with joy but with in few moment she became sad and told dear Robin, I am unlucky, don’t say something like this again , go back home and she left her drawing room. After waiting for 15/20 minutes for her return as she did not came back again, I left her house and exceptionally she did not come to say good bye to me , her maid closed the door.

Next day I came and had regular chat. She laughed, she smiled, I stared at her eyes she also kept her eyes on mine. Days passed on. Now I more frequently touch her , she sometimes holds my hands. In different occasion I come with small gifts for her she accepts those with childlike joy, thanks me. Each time I go to foreign country for my official reasons I bring special gifts like perfume, body lotion etc for her and chocolates for her kids. She hugs me sometimes but I was not still sure about her sexual intension. Once after coming back from a foreign trip I went with chocolates for her sons and a nice pack for Mita Bhabi . I gave the chocolates to my nephews they with joy went to their study room then I gave that pack to her hand and told her not open the pack in front of kids or any body else. She told why not ? I am excited to see it , what is in it ? I smiled its only for you that’s why only you should see it , saying this I left her house.

It was a very costly set black bra and panty. The size of the bra was 36. Once while I was using toilet in Mita Bhabi’s house , I saw one of her bras hanging in the bathroom from that bra I could know the sizes of her nice fully grown lotuses. So I was sure it will be nicely kissing her tits while she will be wearing it. Regarding the panty I was thinking it may be a bit tighter for her heavy ass but that’s better if its tight the panty can kiss her ass and pussy mound more closely. I was not sure about, what will be her reaction once she find it in the pack. Was not sure whether she will wear it or not.The whole night I could not sleep. I was thinking of different reactions of Mita Bhabi, some were angry reactions , some sexy , some normal neutral. I masturbated a couple of times fantasizing her tits , pussy & ass.

Next day I could not concentrate to my office work. I was eager to meet Mita Bhabi to understand her response. So after office hour I rushed to her house. I found her sitting on sofa in drawing room with her sons. While I entered in the room she looked at me and gave neutral smile and told me to sit. I started chatting with nephews, they were still excitedly thanking me for the chocolates I gave them the day before. After few moments they went out to play. Mita Bhabi was not talking and was looking to TV screen. I was a bit confused. I changed the sofa and sat beside her (by this time it was usual for us to sit beside her even closely on sofa). Few moments later keeping eyes on TV screen Bhabi asked me "Robin you brought something for me that I only expect from my hubby". Her tone was sad. She continued "nobody else should give me something like this". I told , Sorry Bhabi, are not those good ? Don’t you liked those?Bhabi : These are excellent. I liked those very much. I never had such costly things Robin. But why you brought it for me? I only expect it from my husband and he is dead. She was almost weeping and whispering.I hold her hand and told "Dewars like me can brought this thing for beautiful Bhabi like you".Mita Bhabi looked at me told thank you very very much its very nice.Did you tried it Bhabi ? Are those OK for you Bhabi?She laughed , her eyes started talking some special language, " You naughty how you know my size"? Pulled back her hand from mine. She is smiling , eyes glittering.

I guessed dear Bhabi , I pulled her hand again , I pulled her as a whole to me , and she came to the closest to my body. Me feeling her warmth and nice scent of her sexy body.After while she pulled back her, went away from me , whispering what you are doing Dewar ? kids or my maid may come any time.I laughed and told I am doing nothing just holding my Bhabi’s sweet hand. She laughed and told we should not cross limit.What’s the limit ?

Again she pulled her hand back and sat in another sofa laughing. This is the best possible signal I received from her to date. I was thinking many options at a time. Should I proceed further? Is it my first day after so many days of fantasy and dream to [censor] her. Do we have enough time right now to complete the whole fucking here on sofa before kids or maid come? Is it safe to start here? Will she be angry if I proceed further ? Will she be so angry that our relationship will be an end ? Thinking so many questions I decided to be patient. After a long patience of around 5 years to come up to these I can not loose my relationship by showing impatience. Possibly from now I may have to be patient only for few days or if it is couple months , I would not mind. Because I know such kind patience pays back compoundly (it is so, my this patience paid back really compoundly, that I will tell later in the part of this story) . Sitting in other sofa I started chatting with her and actually praising her beauty. I praised her earlier as well but those more generalized , now I am specific. I told how nice and appealing she is , how sexy her figure is, and her ripe great apples, how horny her ass is . She laughed , smiled glittered and told you are naughty Robin.Limit is limit , she toldTry the new bra and panty Bhabi.I willPlease now, no not now, should I change in front of you ? Smilingly, how dare you are ?

Not in front me , go to your bedroom and then change and come.How you could so accurate with my bra size again she asked . How many girls and ladies you came to know ? How closely you know them? What kind of relationship those were?By this time her maid came. We changed our subject. After 10/15 minutes I intended to leave. She came with me up to road walking beside me up to the parking lot where I parked my bike and talked a few more minutes and told me be careful while you drive your bike and smiled.

It was really difficult to concentrate in driving after this kind of exciting evening. I came home, could not concentrate anything till I went to bed. In bed I could not sleep. I wanted to masturbate, but could not, now I can’t fantasize her. I just need her , with her all sexy treasures. I want kiss her lips, eyes, lick her body , suck her and [censor] her. At mid night I phoned her after few rings as the phone is beside her bed as is mine.She was a bit surprised and I think was happy as well. As we talking , I felt she is beside me. I again started praising her, she was laughing. Suddenly voice changed, it seemed a very horny voice. I thought she possibly started fingering her pussy, this thinking made me to start stroking my dick. We were talking usual matters, but from my side whenever I was talking , I was relating it to praise her body , her beauty. I could not keep track as I was stroking my dick, neither she , sometimes she was breathing heavily. We did not talk directly sex. But it was sex I know. Its peculiar, its different , its enjoyable. When ever due to stronger movement of my hand , my voice changed she inquired what happened, I

Answered nothing and then again concentrated in talking. Same happened to her, she also responded as I. It was a long around 2-hour chat, sex chat , in the form of normal chat. During the whole session, while she talking horny & breathing heavily, many times I was feeling she herself squeezing and rubbing her bare apples, nice smooth belly , navel, fingering her tight juicy pussy , her thighs. Many times I was about to ask her the color off her nipples, whether her pussy is hairy/shaved , but did not ask. She is black beauty, not black I can say tanned, not tanned she is sexy shama lady. At the end of our great telephone chat she was almost whispering, I thought she is enjoying her orgasm , me also started rubbing , stroking hard, and also moaning a few times as she was , and I burst out. It was the most exciting masturbation of my life. I also started whispering. Bhabi told Robin we both are sleepy, lets sleep.Next evening I rushed to her house. She greeted me smiley but she cloud not looking at me , neither I. We alone sitting in drawing room, maid in kitchen kids outside. We talkedhaphazardly. I told her whether she tried the bar and panty, she smiled and not looking at me told,Bhabi : I will wear those on special day.Me : Special day ? Which special day?Bhabi ; Special day is special day, don’t be naughty. Lets talk something else.

Next half an hour we could not talk consistently, most of the time kept silent, sitting side by side , touch each other nothing else. Under my zipper my dick was hard. But I decided to patient as maid is in house. Then I left , she again came with me up to my bike and then said be careful while driving.Next two days neither I went to her nor called. Thinking different exciting thing but could not make up the plan for next step.On third day I got a call from her to my office. She talked briefly, ask why I have not called her, why I have to her house. Then she told to go her house this evening , because she needs some help from me and then told bye. I committed to go to her home around at 5:30 to 6:00 PM. The rest of the time I could not concentrate in office. I was only thinking what kind of help she needs? Does she meant I should help her in satisfying her body need by a good [censor]? Will she keep her house free from maid and kids for a nice long fucking so on….Just at 5:30 I rushed out of my office. Again while I was driving my bike, I was thinking of her house to be empty only she & me and ……The elder son open the door. Entering her house I found every body in house. I got disappointed. After few moments she came. I got mum. I could not say anything. She is looking stunning. She is wearing a deep blue shari and low cut blouse, a set of ear ring and necklace of white pearl, slight make up on her extremely sweet face. Her eyes laughing. For a better sight of her necklace she kept her breast a bit open , I can see her great cleavage through her low cut blouse. And most importantly both the Shari and the ear ring necklace set were gave my me , I never seen her to wear those, though she was very excited while I gave her these. She is looking like goddess. I felt she is sweet mild beauty of moonlit contrary she is also hot , hot, horny and sexy, I got mad, and I can’t talk.

She smiled, and told , Robin I have some work outside, lets go, and you have to accompany me. Many times I went with her for different work purpose so it was normal to her kid and maid.She came out , I followed. Asked where we have to for your work.No where , we will roam around in rickshaw. ( She never rides bike, so we usually move on rickshaw or scooter)

It was around 06: 15 , darkness of night just approaching, but it was darker, I looked to sky , it is heavily cloudy , it may rain. Its mid June so each day there are some rain. I told there will be possibly heavy rain with in 10/15 minutes.She told , so what, I want see rain . Call a rickshaw.I told what should I tell to rickshaw-puller to goAnywhere, as you wish.I called a rickshaw, told the rickshaw-puller to go to Shahid Minar because it is a bit far from her house, I wanted to get her close to my body as long as possible. The rickshaw started. I am sitting close , I can feel her warmth, softness , smelling sweet scent of the mixture of perfume and her hot sexy body. Whispered in her ears , you are looking gorgeous .She smiled , whispered in turn what ever I wearing today is yours, the perfume is yours, soap , shampoo, I used while bathing is yours, lotion I rubbed is yours, only thing is not yours is my shoes.Bra and panty Bhabi?

You are smart Robin why you asking such foolish question? I told you every thing is yours. I never used any thing given by you before this day, but today its everything.I whispered is it a special day.Yes it is.I know your birthday, today is not your birthday , why this day is special then.She told I made it special, it’s special as today I will roam around with my lovely Dewar with out reason, I will see rain , I will shower in rain.Meantime its stated raining. The rickshaw-puller stopped to give us a curtain. The started again. We are now behind curtain , its darker outside, I am excited and undecided.She kept her right hand on my thigh, I hold it. She hold me in reply. We are tightly holding each other looking to darkness and rain. The rain started growing , suddenly wind also started blowing , and we are not speaking. Just sitting flesh to flesh , feeling warmth over cloths, holding hands tightly.When we reached Shahid Minar , the rain was so heavy , I told the rickshaw puller to go in front of the near by Dhaka Medical college Hospital. We entered in to the hospital lobby. Few people are standing here and there to save themselves from heavy rain and wind. We found out a quite place on corridor where there is some sort of barricade like wall. We went behind the wall. Nobody was there. We standing close flesh to flesh. Heavy wind rain is out there , its dark as well accept the low power bulb of corridor.

Suddenly electricity went off. Immediately I embrace her, she as well, my lips on her. Her legs I felt opened. For the first time I drank her. It was long kiss. Then I started sucking her lips, she also, we forgot any body can come, but was secure as it was complete darkness.Both breathing heavily, she started sucking my tongue, I got mad, her apples pressed against my chest . I tried to make some distance between us while keeping sucking tongue, so that I can squeeze her breast. But could not , as she was holding me hardly against her body , pressing tits against me. I started rubbing her back, squeezing her sexy hot ass . Many days I wanted to touch her sexy ass , now its mine , Playing with her ass over Shari, kissing licking her chicks, neck shoulder. Bhabi breathing heavy, heavier, heavier , slightly moaning as well, trembling , embracing me tightly. My man is hard hard harder under my pant. For how long we were in that condition we don’t know, suddenly I heard sounds of some bodies footstep, we stopped standing close, flesh to flesh, holding hands tight, no talking, only breathing. The man passed away and did not notice us in the darkness, We started again . We repeated the same thing several times but now for brief time. By this time rain slowed down , wind was not there. Bhabi whispered I have to go back, my sons are waiting.

We came out , called rickshaw rode in it with holding curtain in front to save ourselves from shower. Sitting more closer , flesh to flesh. Not talking, her hand on my thigh resting, my left busy to hold her apple , she whispered NO, I told YES. Right hand holding curtain , left hand in the softness of sexy right apple of Bhabi , caressing , fondling, squeezing. Sometimes she rubbing my thigh, squeezing, I whispered please rub a bit right between my legs my penis is throbbing, she stopped rubbing , took away her hand from me and told NO. Me squeezing with left hand her tits, she heavily breathing , moaning coming out but she is controlling. My hand is looking for the nipple over Shari, blouse and bra. We continued till we reached her house. We got off, Bhabi told , you should not come in, just go back to home. I told its still raining , I want to wait, as I have to drive my bike back home. Bhabi told no , you just go back home, Robin we should not cross limit and then entered house. It seemed her voice is rude. I was surprised ……Just few minutes after I came home back , Bhabi phoned, she just asked whether I could came back home safely and then disconnected. I was confused, what’s wrong? Me still feeling hardness and also feeling slight wetness in my underwear, dick still throbbing. Went to bathroom. Jerked of. I jerked of but still fully unsatisfied , took shower, came out, locked my room , fired cigarette, opened locked drawer , brought out my favorite Kamasutra of Rekha, but could not concentrate. I just rewinding the whole thing , getting hard again, whenever I see the sexy nude body of Kamasutra actress I think Bhabi is much better, much sexier.At mid night I phoned her back a couple of times , each time I found busy tone. Possibly she willingly disconnected the line, she does not want to talk with me. Whole night, I jerked of 4 times more, but still unsatisfied.

Next evening I went her home. The kids said mom went out as she has got some work. I waited long long long 1 hour , she did not came. She never goes out with out me specially at night times. Even she tells me , if she need to go out. But now no clue. I left, mid night tried again with phone to talk to her but found the line busy again. Masturbated. Thought was it wrong to tell her in rickshaw to rub my penis over pant? Is it that , what she say limit? Will she never hold my dick. Will she never permit me to see her nude? Was it wrong to squeeze her apples in rickshaw ? Will I ever be able to suck her tits, lick her pussy, ass? Will she never take my dick in the softness, wetness & tightness of her pussy? So many questions , no answer. I could not sleep well. I got angry , I decided not to meet her , till she does not phone me.Three more days passed. On fourth day , she called me and told , what happened, why you are not coming? I told I went and phoned as well, she told sorry. Come after office.Rang the doorbell, Bhabi opened the door smilingly, my dear Dewar come in come in she told. The house is quite , I asked where is every body? She smiled and told everybody is out for couple of hours. I became excited, but decided not to be proactive. She told me to sit down and then went in.

Moments passing away. Me alone sitting in sofa , thinking man things, why she called me when no body is in house, did she tactically sent everybody out ? Is it my D-day? I am also rewinding the hospital & rickshaw matter. After few moments she came with two cup of Teas, gave me one , took one for herself, sat on other sofa. We started sipping tea. She in low voice asked, what you think of me Robin?I love you Mita , You are my goddess, me worshiperStopped sipping tea, looking at me sadly, started weeping. I put down the cup on table, come to her sofa, asking why you are crying ? Pulled her u, embraced her. She holding me hard against her body. Started kissing her neck, chick , lips, she responding, sucking my tongue. Long long minutes we were doing this. Her eyes closed. I kissed her eyes, forehead, back of the ear. She breathing heavily, moaning as well.I loosened my embrace, pulled me back from her body, and pulled down her Shari from her breast. She standing in front me, eyes closed. Her apples are in bra and blouse , no Shari on it. Cupped her both breasts , squeezing , she, moaning, Tried to unhook her blouse she pulled back her, saying NO, I said, I will not be opening your blouse, again squeezing and caressing. Now my fingers found her nipples , squeezed with fingers, moaning loudly, embraced me hard. Me squeezing her ass hard harder , she moaning loud louder, Me and my goddess alone, in home with in TV there is a football match, nobody can hear her moaning from outside house because of TV sound. Rubbing my finger in her great ass furrow over Shari, she biting my lips. Pulling her Shari up to get the touch of her round fleshy ass, my dream ass, she pulled me back again saying NO. Told me go back to your sofa, sit down there calmly.Disappointed and angry me sitting in sofa , she opposite to me, sipping the tea which is already cold. Told me take your tea, I did not. She tried to talk I was not responding. Fe moments passed. She came to me, sat beside, told " why you are so impatient dear? Don’t cross limit. You should get married and start happy life with wife. I was not looking at her and nor responding. She also told , I know how much pain I am giving these days, I know can’t sleep, neither I can , but dear we should not cross limit. I was still not talking.

She stood up , came in front me, hold my face , her lips came down on my lips, my lips not responding just feeling hers. She jerked my head told what happened, and started sucking lips, and telling please please, My lips started responding. She got mad. Kissing me every where in face. My hands pulled her Shari, she told no no, but kept kissing and sucking me.My hands under her Shari, rubbing her great ass, thighs. Ohhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh. I can’t say how I was feeling, she is moaning, biting. Me rubbing, fondling, squeezing her ass. She stopped kissing, holding my face against her breast, me sucking her breast over blouse and bra, hands roaming around on her silky smooth ass & thigh skin. Rubbing hard her ass furrow.She moaning ooooooooooo, wow wow, ah, ah, ah, oh aoh. A A A oh oh oh.My hands are moved to her front side. Oh great its hairy, its bushy, Me rubbing her pussy mound. She is trembling, shivering , moaning, standing in front of me, eyes closed ,ooooooo aaaaaahhhhhhhhh , aaaaaahhhhhhhh, oh ah oh ah oh ah….Me pulled her hand , placed between my legs , where my man is throbbing, she started rubbing it over pant. My fingers rubbing her hairy pussy lips, it wet. After few minutes of rubbing I pushed in my finger in the tightness of her pussyOhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooohhhhhhhh WoW wow. In out n out in out in out, my right index finger .Pushed two finger in . oooooohhhhhh WOWWWWWWW AHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHPushing finger deeper deeper, in out in out in out in out, Ouchhhhhh Ouch Ouch ohhhhhh

She rubbing hard and harder my dick , sometimes squeezing hard.Pulled out finger from pussy, my hands are busy to open my zipper, she stopped moaning opened her eyes, told no please Robin no, don’t bring that out . I stopped. Tried to push my finger in again her pussy , but she told no no more today. Moved away from in front of me. Sat in opposite sofa, breathing heavily , sweating as well , trembling. Same me in other sofa.We sat together in front of each other, no talk , only looking at each other , after 10/15 minutes bell rang , I understand here is today’s end. One of her relatives came in, after sitting for more 15 minutes I left. I can not leave immediately as the guest might get any clue regarding what happened in this room few minutes’ back. As the guest is well known to me we chatted , Bhabi came with tea again , by this time Kids are back home , I said good bye.At mid night, when I was stroking and rubbing my man to tame him down, my telephone, rang. I know who is she.How are you robin?Bad. What about you?Why bad? What you wanted , you got . Me good.No I don’t got it all. (I was stroking and talking so was not able to talk spontaneously)Dear Robin there is limit she said laughing. What else you want?You understand dear Mita, Miiitttaa (hand busy with hardness of my penis)I know what you are doing now?What you are wearing honey ?Maxi, why? She laughedI told please suck my dick .No I will never do that, laughing…..ok I am kissing your lipsMe also kissing you, please be nude.Laughing no, dear, you make me nude. I am here for you.Should I come ?How you can come ? Its midnight.I can come , I have my bike.Don’t be silly ,Then please suck my dickOk I am rubbing, holding your dick, can you feel?Ohhhh yes , yesUp down up down rubbing your dick.Let me suck your tits.Its yours honey do that.Please suck me .OK OK dear me sucking greatttt.

We had phone sex for an hour , when two times I came out.Few more days passed. We met . But situation did not permit anything but holding hands only or touching briefly her tits and ass. But each night over phone I fucked her. But she told me she will never let me push my dick in her pussy.Then it was a Hartal day. My office was closed. At around 10 AM , I started for office to check some mails. Due to hartal, I was taking rickshaw a few KM, then walking for a while then again rickshaw.. While I was close to her residential area on way to my office , I suddenly changed mind and started walking to her house.Rang the bell, she came and opened the door, with smile she said dear I was thinking of you. I asked is not there any body house .No, sons went to their auntie’s house to watch cricket match with their cousin together and the maid went to her village, but don’t think anything….. she laughing, let’s watch cricket together.I was fan of Cricket I told OK. I just forgot today there is important match between Srilanka & India. I was just thinking how could I start our play. Today is the golden chance.

We sat together on sofa, flesh to flesh, sipping tea, watching cricket. But none could concentrate on TV. Looking each other.Suddenly I moved a bit and embraced her from side, she just fell on me. I started kissing her lips. She also. Hands rubbing her back,. Licking her shoulder, biting slowly. Sucking her tongue. Breathing heavily. Pulled shari up. Rubbing silky ass. Caressing thighs. Squeezing ass. Pushed finger in pussy from behind. Ohhhhhhhhhhh she moaned. Bite my lips. Holding me hard. In out in out , pussy getting wet , wow wow wow, ouch ouch oh ohAt one point she pulled her back and went inside the house. I am waiting in sofa. Thinking next step. Pulled my hard dick out the zipper, thinking she will be excited seeing it , so she will not able to protect herself to get in her pussy.She did not came back after 10 minutes even. Walked in to the bedroom of her, my dick is out zipper, its not erect or hard, but not soft as well . She is standing in front of her Almirah , possibly looking for something. She looked around, then told , no no Robin, close your zipper. I stopped for a while, placed my dick in pant and closed zipper. She is again doing something , I slowly came up to her, embraced her from behind, supped her both breasts, my face on her shoulder , whispered what are doing Bhabi?I am looking something.What’s that something?I don’t know , but I don’t want to cross limit.I said ok. Me licking her shoulder, squeezing tits, Feeling her ass with my thighs.Licking behind her ears, biting. Pushed my hand in her blouse and bra . Oh that’s great feeling. I feeling the flesh now directly in my hands. Its softness, hardness , its warmth.She breathing heavily. I don’t know for how long I did that. May be 15 minutes may be an hour , I have no idea. She is moaning.Sat down behind her. She told don’t pull up Shari. I told ok. Kissing ass over shari. Biting . She moaning ohhhhhhhhhhhh AAAAAAAAAAA oooooooooo. Kissing ass over shari, hands under shari in front. Rubbing pussy hairs, pulling. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh wwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooowwwwwwwMore time passed , I don’t know how much, she turned around , softly told me honey , I know you are tired , just take rest , you came walking in this Hartal day. Lay down for a while in my bed .No I am not tired. I don’t need rest.

Please take rest sona. She walked away from me went to the toilet. I sitting for a while on ground, stood up and then lied down on her bed. Me smelling her, feeling her in her bed. After few minutes she came out, seeing me lying on bed , told, good boy, then came and sat beside me. Playing with my hairs, rubbing my head, softly told, Robin you don’t know how much I owe to you but we should have some limit. I should not ,can not pay you back by doing these things with youI told why you are saying this.Its true you did many thing for me and my kids since many days.Me lying on bed holding her round her waist. Rubbing her silky belly, slowly my hand went up under the blouse and bra. Ahhhhhhhhhhh great great apples those are. She is on me kissing and sucking my lips, tongue. Pulled up shari, she told nothing. Me slowly rubbing her thighs asses, ass furrow.Whispered please let me see your lotus full. She told these are yours. Immediately my hands became busy , front side her blouse is open, my black bra , I pulled it up, Apples jumped out . Great great beauty. Hanging ripe apples in front of , just few inch from my lips. I pulled her down. Started sucking the flesh of lotuses. She is shama or tanned, her tits are a bit brighter, areola brown, nipples deep brown. What a beauty. Nipples are not too big not too small, just the right sight.Her right nipple under my teeth, left between my fingers , she shivering , trembling , moaning woow wow wow owow ouch ouch ah ah A A A A A A A

Her two breasts are wet with my saliva, my whole face with her. I whispered sweetie please please , my dick …..She quietly came down from me, breathing heavily, unbuttoned my trouser, pulled down it. Pulled down underwear, my man jumped out, wow she cried, great , great she immediately hold it. Smiling horny she told Robin your asset is big . OhhhhhFeeling her hand along the length of my erect dick. I will go mad. She kissed on it , rubbing my thighs. Told don’t move let me do, we will not cross limit ok.I smiled , laid back , feeling her warm hand , moving up down up down my dick length. With movement of her hands her lotuses are dangling , dancing , I can’t express the beauty in writing here.Some more times passed on. I sat, she still playing with my dick, I again sucking her tits. She moaning a bit louder ouch aaaaaa ahhhhhhh ah Robbbbbbbbinnnnnnn RobinnnnnnI wanted to make her full nude, she told no. Me licking her belly now , hand on her pussy hair, pulling those, ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ouchhhhhhhhhhHer hand moving faster along the length of my dick , that’s great, each move making me more and more hotLeft index finger entered in her wetness, tightness and softness of her cunt. in out , in out , in out , she stopped moving hand , moaning loudly ouch ouch ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ah wow wow , she sitting , legs wide open me lying , my face is behind her ass , finger in pussy , pushed two fingers , in out in out in in in out in in out in in out , her apples dancing , eyes closed , biting own lips, moaning oh oh oh ah ah ah dear dear deeeeeaarrrrrrr oh oh oh wow wow wow , pussy flooded , her inner thighs also wet with pussy juice because my quick fingeringHow long I don’t know . Time passing like storm or its stand still, I don’t know. She suddenly pulled her pussy away from my finger, pushed me back again in straight lying position, thinking possibly I again crossed the limit , thinking possibly this is end of this session……..No this was beginning , she started sucking my dick, oh, me feeling her warmth , her wetness through out my penis. Me moaning . Feeling her tongue on glens penis, on shaft , own every mm of throbbing dick. She is setting her own limit. Its immense pleasure its not possible to express. It only can be felt , enjoyed.

I was about to cum , I told her to stop , otherwise I will come out. She stopped , said no no you don’t . Just keep quite.I kept quite lying on her bed. Slowly she came on me , pulled up Shari, I can see her hairy pussy, I wanted to kiss it so tried to sit, she pulled me back, her two legs are across my body , on my dick , her pussy just inch up of my hard throbbing dick, She hold my dick , placed it in her pussy , my body electrified, she sat on my dick, my dick entered in her softness, wetness & hotness of pussy. Its tight as well. Oh I felt I am dying , I am drowning in pleasure , immense pleasure I can’t speak,Me lying , she is dancing on my dick , her pussy and my dick is making sound pos pos pos pos posh posh posh fos fos fos , she moaning moaning, kill me killlllllll me Robin Robin, ohhhhh ahhhhhhhh, Her apples dancing dancing how long ?, again I don’t know

I felt my dick about burst , I told Bhabi, please stop or otherwise I will come out , I want to [censor] you longer. She told I can’t stop my self. She moving her ass up down up down , me feeling her warmth and wetness along the length. I quickly sat , embraced her hard stopped her movement , she moaning Robin Robin , more more, hard hard , oh oh oh. She sitting on my lap now her legs surrounding my waist, her pussy fully engulfed my man. Me started squeezing her ass , sucking tits, she again moving her ass , me also moving forward backward , with her each push. Creating another limit we, worshiper and goddess busy on white bed , making love, its love only this you can say love.After some more time of her forward backward movement of her ass , she rested her face on my shoulder , moaning , stopped forward backward movement , she is moaning and resting on my shoulder her whole body is against me, eyes closed. I understood , she had her orgasm , a stormy orgasm , she can’t move , just sitting on my lap, pussy full of juice , with my dick throbbing inside , her apples pressed against my chest , She create her own limit.I slowly pushed her backward , keeping my throbbing ding in the juiciness of her pussy. I made her lying on the other side of bed. She is lying , legs wide open , shari around her waist, blouse open bra open , apples laughing, her eyes closed , she moaning softly oooooooooooooooooo.

Now me on her , legs wide open, dick in out in out in out in out , pos pos pos fosh fosh , fonch fonch, sucking her tits , fucking her pussy , she can’t respond , only moaning , suddenly I am started seeing many colors , every thing in front of me started trembling , my dick is bursting , I rested on her body. My still in her , semihard.I don’t know how long I was lying on my goddess.She slowly pushed me , I pulled my head from her tits , looked at her eyes , she smiling with ultimate satisfaction told darling please let me free. I pulled myself from her body, my semihard penis came out of the juice filled pussy. Our mixed juice came out of her pussy , making white be sheet wet. She quickly get down from bed, came with a piece cloth , wiped our mixed juice from bed sheet, then mopped my dick , me lying back , after finishing the mopping my dick she entered in bathroom. Me lying , eyes closed hearing sound of falling water from bathroom. After a while she came out in her petticoat and blouse with towel wrapped around her head, looking fresh , possibly she took a complete bath , looked at me smiled and told dear take rest. She went out the room.I got down from bed , I also want to take a bath. I took a complete freshening bath came in the dreamland, took my trouser and underwear , put those on. Whit bed sheet is stained and wet with our juices. I lay down.

After few minutes Bhabi came in smiling with a glass of milk in hand. Softly told me to have that. I denied, told I hate milk from child hood , I only want to drink milk from those showing her apples. She smiled , I know , I gave chocolate in milk , have it. I took the glass , sitting on bed sipping the glass , Bhavi standing beside me , pulling my hairs told , " I never thought I will taste a second dick after your brother’s one. Today I feel, what loss it could be. You have so big asset , you are so good fucker , It could be real big loss if it did not happen today.

I asked what is the LIMIT?She laughed , told don’t be naughty , yes still there is limit, finish the milk quickly. I finished the milk. I told do you want to change the bed sheet , its stained . She told just lay down quietly and went out of room with glass.

I was feeling sleepy. After a while she came back, my eyes closed, she laid down beside me, suddenly I felt her hand on my dick she is opening my zipper, I looked at her, she smiled, your brother was selfish, he never looked at my satisfaction, you satisfied me most in my life. I want your so nice big asset again ….. I asked what about limit …. She smiled told yes there is limit , she was busy with my dick !!!!
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khalar sathe chotobelai onek shuyesi. kokhono kono somossa hoi ni. khalake onek joriyeo dhoresi. khalar sathe amar choto khalato bontao eseche. amar khatta besh boro double bed. to khala amar khalato bonke majkhane diye fan jedike oi pashe ghumai, ar ami khater onno pashe, dewaler dike. somossa hoyese, tindin age ami room e boshe porsi. khala hoito room e dhukese ami kheyal kori ni. amake porte dekhe khalao kisu bole ni. khalar churir tun tan sobdo sunte passilam. ekta probability'r onko korsilam. besh tricky question, boshe boshe marbell r combination milanor jonno hishab korsi. hotat ki mone kore ghar ghuriye cheye dekhi khala amar dike pith firiye almari theke blouse ber kore blouse bodlasse. khalar forsha pith dekhe amar chokkhu to chorok gash. tokhon gorom shuru hoye gese, dhaka te to abar gorom beshi. tai sondhar pore khala ga dhuye kapor change kore. jehetu guest room e mamara uthese tai khala kapor chopor niye ekhanei eseche. ar ami porsi dekhe hoito khala ra kore ni. kintu khalar khopa kora chuler nich theke komor porjonto kono kapor nei. sharir achol matite lutoputi khacche. khala ek hate gamcha ta dhore ase onno hate blouse thik korse porbar jonno. khalake ei abosthai dekhe amar dhon moharaj sei je chor chor kore dariye gelo, ar kono khoma nei. ami abosso sathe sathe chokh firiye niyesilam. kintu sedin theke sudhu mathar moddhe bar bar khalar kotha ghure fire asche. khalar forsha shundor gol gal mukh. ki shundor duita tana tana chokh. tosh toshe roshalo duita bhari thoth. egula to age kheyal kori nai, tarpore khalar shoru komoro, boyosh holeo komore etotuku chorbi nei. pasar size ta dekhar moto. bhorat pasha duliye khalar cholar dike bar bar takiye thekesi ei koidin. khalar shoru komor duliye hatar drissho bar bar chokhe bhese bheshe uthse. ohh ar shojjo korte parsi na. tindin dhore ei drissho bar bar flashback r moto mathai fire fire asche. khalar forsha pith, forsha kadh, shoru komor ar shundor bahu. ar kisu dekhte pari ni to ki hoyese, ja dekhesi tatei kaj hoye gese. totodine nari deher sadh peyesi. rokter sadh ekbar bagher mukhe lege gele se sei nesha ar bhulte pare na. bagher jonno rokter nesha sobchaite boro nesha, ar purusher jonno narider jouno sudha.
nah porashona mathai uthese, kisui korar nei. nirupai ami sudhu chot fot kori. ekbar bhablam hat marle buji shanti pawa jabe. dhonta ber kore khechte jetei khalar kotha mone pore gelo, ar dhon moharaj thatiye khara. ami khalar forsha pither kotha bhebe jar poronai kheche cholesi. kisher ki, kono labh nei. amar hat betha hoye gese kintu kono bikar nei. ghotona khubi kharap. mathai mal uthe gese. I AM A DEAD MAN.
bisanai epash opash korsi. rat beshi hobe na. sobai alochona sesh korte korte rat ekta derte beje jai. ghumute ghumute duitar moto. amar ar khalar majkhane amar khalato bon ghumiye kada. khalao hoito ghumiye porese, edike ami chot fot korsi. paijamar bhitore dhonta sei tokhon theke ton ton kore tatasse. paijama porar ei ek asobidha, ekbar dhon thatiye gele ar kisutei kisu kora jai na. jotoi ghosha khai totoi fule fepe uthe. ami dhonta kobja korar jonno edik odik korsi, kono labh hocche na. dewaler sathe sapte lege asi.
"ei tor ki hoyese re? ebhabe ekat okat korsis keno?" khalar uddigno gola. ami kono rokome bollam, "beshi gorom porese to khala tai ghum passe na." "gorom passe to epashe ese ghuma." ami tokhon sujog peye bollam, "reshmi ke opashe diye majkhane ghumai khala?". khala sommoti diye bollo, "sabdhane shora jeno ghum bhenge na jai." ami amar chotto khalato bontake kole tule aste kore khater onno pashe shoriye shuiye dilam. tarpore ekdom khalar pash gheshe shulam. "tui chaile epashe eshe ghumate parish, ami opashe jai." khala nijer jaigata amake sacrifice korte chasse ar ki. ami jani khalar nijeri onek beshi gorom lage. dine dui bale kore ga dhoi, dupure tana ek ghonta gosol kore. tai ei sujogta kaje lagano dorkar, "na khala tomar gorom lagbe, tumi opashei ghumao." khala bollo, " tor beshi gorom lagle tui genji ta khule fel na, khali ga hoye shuye thak, dekhbi batash lagbe." ami khalar kotha moto genji ta khule fellam. khala moshari tangai na, karon tahole fan r batash thik moto lage na. shari pore kat hoye shuye ase. ami khalar gayer gondho shuksi. ahhh ki shundor gondho. amar shara shorire kamer agun jolse dao dao. khala hotat pash fire amar dike cheye bollo, "ei tor shorir theke ki tap berusse re", bolei amar gaye hat diye bollo "ema eje bhison tap berusse. tor ki jor tor holo?" khala tokhon amar kopale mathai hat rekhe dekhte laglo. sotti kotha bolte ki tokhon amar shorir ritimoto tog bog kore futse. ektu to gorom howar e kotha. ami besh ektu asusthotar bhan kore bollam, "nah khala temon kisu na, gorom theke emon hocche." khala bollo, "aha ki abostha. dara light ta jalai." kisu bujar agei khala uthe light ta jaliye dilo. ami kisu korar agei khala light jele amar dike ghure takiyese. ami dui hat diye nijer dhonta aral korar ekta bartho chesta korlam. seta totokkhone paijamar bhitore ekta jibonta shap. pura paijama fure beriye ashar jonno fosh fosh korse. je keo dekhle bujte parbe ghotona ki. amar ei abostha dekhe khala aste kore light ta nibhiye dilo. ami lojjai sesh. eki dhora ta khelam. nijer khalar hate dhora khelam, khala nischoi sobaike bole dibe. bhebe ami chup kore morar moto pore asi. khala ese khate boshlo. tarpore ki bhebe shuyeo porlo. ami ekdom onor. chup kore motka mere pore asi. khala ar tu sobdo ta korse na.
besh somoi kete gelo. adh ghonta na ek ghonta bujte parsi na. thik ter passi khalao odike ghumute parse na. jototuku khobor peyesi mash tinek theke khalur sathe tar kono somporko nai. tar mane doihik ekta chahida hoito taro ase. khala amake kono bokao dilo na. amar kemon jeno korte laglo. ami aste kore khalar dike fire kapa kapa golai bollam, "khala ami sorry." khala kisu bolse na. ami chup kore shuye asi. hotat khala chit hoye shulo. tar chokh bondho na khola bujte parlam na. ami khalar dike takiye bujar chesta korsilam ki bhabse uni. nischoi amake onek kharap bhabse. amio chit hoye shuye asi. hotat ki bhebe alto kore hatta narlam, khalar dan hater sathe lege gelo. khala hatta shoriye nilo na, ami e shoriye nilam. abar hat narlam, abar hater ghosha laglo, khala hat narlo na. ami ebar abar khalar dike kat hoye shulam. khala ekhono chit hoye shuye ase, besh gobhir sash porse. ami aste kore ekta hat khalar peter upore tule dilam. ja hobe hok, ja ase kopale. ami khalake joriye dhorlam. dhore khalar kadhe matha rekhe bollam, "khala amar shorire agun jolse, ami kisui korte parsi na. amake maf kore dao, amake maf kore dao." khala tokhon tar bam hatta amar mathar chule aste kore rekhe chule bili kete dite laglo. ami assosto holam. tarpore khala kisu na bole amar dike ghure shuye amake joriye dhorlo. amio khalake joriye dhorlam. thik chotobelar moto. parthokko etotutukui je shara shorire ekhon agun jolse.
khala amake joriye dhore ase. bujte parsi khalao aste aste gorom hoye jasse. ami khalake joriye dhora abostatei amar dan hat tar shara shorire bulate laglam. pithe, pete, komore ar pasar upore. khalo hato amar pithe sochol hoye uthese. ami khalar golar kase prothom chumu khelam. khala khanikta shiure uthlo bole mone holo. ami abar chumu khelam golai, tarpore ghare. ami aste kore kamre dilam ghare, khala tokhon asfute sobdo kore uthlo ahh. ar jai kothai ami ebar dui hat diye khela shuru korlam. ar khalar ghare golai gale chumu khassi. khalake lip kiss korar kotha amar monei ase ni. sudhu kopla ghare gale kane chumu khassi r choto choto kamor dissi. khalao ebar amar gale ghare chumu dewa shuru korlo. hotat kore nijer thot amar thote chepe dhorlo. khalar thot tokhon tir tir kore kapse. khalar shorire je agun dhore gese ta bujte ar beg pete holo na. amio amar jibh dhukiye dilam khalar mukhe. khalar mukher bhitorta ushno sussadhu lalai bhora ek gohbor. amake jeno bolse ar bhitore aro bhitore. khala amar jibhta maje maje kamreo disse. nijer jibhta mukhe dhukiye ek tane khalar jibhtao mukhe pure nilam. tarpore choto choto kore kamlate laglam khalar patla jibhta. khalar gorom sash porse amar mukhe. ami tokhon dan hatta diye khop kore dhoresi khalar bam dudhta. eki, eje chupse jule gese. hajar hok boyosh hoyese to. druto hate blouse ta khule fellam. goromer jonnoi hoito bra nei shorire. dui hate duita jola dudh tipte laglam. jola holeo dudh besh boro. tipe moja pawa jasse. tobe kochi dudher moto na. khalar sokto nipple dariye gese bujte parlam, dudh gulao ki tepon kheye ektu sfito hoyese mone holo. ami amar mukhta khalar chumbon theke chariye dudhe mukh dilam. ki boro boro nipple, ekdom sokto hoye ase. jeno asto ekta angur. ami mukhe pure chushte laglam. prapto boyoshko mohilar jule pora dudh chusheo je eto shanti jana chilo na. ami kamre dilam dudh gulo. khala abaro mukh diye ah ah sobdo suru korese. bhoi holo jodi khalato bonta jege uthe. tai dudh theke mukh shoriye khalar mukhe mukh pure chumu khete laglam ar dui hate dudh gulo sokto kore tipsi. eto jore tipsi je amar mukher bhitorei khala gonganir moto sobdo korse. ami ebar dan hatta aste kore niche niye gelam. tarpore sharita tene upore tulte laglam. khalao ek hate nijer shari ar chaya tene hatur upore tule dilo. ami amar hatta khalar shundor forsha thai e bolate laglam. jodio rater bela bhalo moto dekha jasse na tobuo besh bhalo lagse. ami eibar dui thai r majkhane hat niye gelam. angul ta dui payer majkhane niye jetei ter pelam gud bale dhaka. ekdom jongol. ar guder mukhe hat niye jetei dekhi puro bhije job job korse. bujte parsi khalar mone hoi already out howa shuru hoye gese, ejonnoi ebhabe chot fot korse. ar deri kora thik hobe na. ek tane chaya someto sharita komor porjonto tule dilam. dui hat diye khalar dui pa dhore dui dike fak kore dhorlam. alor solpota thakleo bujte kosto hocchilo na okhanei ase mitali khalar sudhar bhandar. kisu na bhebei mukhta guder kase nitei ekta jajalo aste gondho nake ashlo. ei gondhoi to cheleder pagol kore dei. ami nak chubiye dilam gude. amar naker doga gude lagtei khala komorta tola dilo. ar jai kothai, ami amar dan hater duto angul ek sathe bhore dilam khalar bhija gude. ekdom job job korse roshe. ekhoni mokkhom sujog. gud theke angul ber kore pa gulo dui hate dhore aro fak kore rakhlam. paijamata ekhono khola hoi ni. ek hate fita dhore tan ditei paijamata komor theke neme gelo. ami purata khule abar ager position e ferot chole elam. dhonta tokhon thatiye bash hoye gese. dhoner moddhe rokter chap mone hoi hajarguner bere gese, ar dhoner mundi ta bere koigun je boro hoyese tar kono iyatta nei. amar dhon ekta pagla dhon. ami amar paglake dhore khalar dui payer majkhane set kore dilam. guder rosh paglar mundite lagar sathe sathe o bujte parlo kothai dhukte jasse. sara sorire ekta sihoron, ar kisu na bhebe chokh bondho kore ek hate dhonta dhore shoja ek gottai khalar chera gude dhukiye dilam.
gude dhuke jawar sathe sathe bisforon. chokh khule ar takate parsilam na. shara shorire adbhut ek anubhuti druto choriye porsilo. gorom topto roshalo gude for for kore dhuke jasse dhonta. kothao ektuo atkalo na. purota dhuke gese prai. ar jai kothai. dhonta ek tane ordhekta ber kore abar thap, tarpor abar gotta mere dhukiye dilam ram thape. puro khatta kepe uthlo thaper tale. amar gaye tokhon mohisher shokti. ami amar pagla ghorake chere dilam. du hate khalar dui kadh chepe dhore prochondo bege ram thap thapate laglam. khala mone hoi na jibone emon thap kheyese. dat diye thot kamre gongani thamanor chesta korse, kintu tarporo mukh diye aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ooooooooowwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaawwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhooooooowwwwwhhhhhh jatiyo ekta sobdo beriye asche. ami eibar dui hat diye khalar dui pa dhore dui dike uchi kore fak kore thapate laglam. puro khat kapse, sei sathe khala. khalar chokh bondho. tosh toshe thot gula chepe kamre nijeke thamanar chesta korse. dui hat diye bisanar chador khamche dhorese. ami pagoler moto thapiye cholesi. hotat khala dui hat diye amar chul khamche dhorlo, amar kaner kase fukh niye fish fish kore bollo, "niche nam, niche nam. amar meye uthe jabe ghum theke." ami tokhon kamer thelai pagol hoye gesi, khalato boner kotha monei nei. ami dhonta ek tane khalar gude vore dilam. sathe sathe bisanai khalar guder rosh goriye porte laglo. guder gohine jeno jorna boise ar kul kul kore gud beye jornar rosh goriye goriye porse. ami khalar gude dhon vore rekhe kole tule niye mejete neme gelam, tarpore khalake abar thanda mejete shuiye diye, shari someto peticot ta komor porjonto tule nijer dhonta set kore nilam. abar shuru korlam thapano. se ki prochondo thap. khalar komorer har buji trahi trahi kore dak charse. ami dui hat diye dui pa uchi kore guder futata aro fake kore hatu gere boshe gudta floor theke inchi khanek upore tule somane thapiye jassi. khala ekhon nijer dui hat diye nijer dudh duto khamche dhorese. ami pagoler moto thapiye jassi. etodin dhore mathar moddhe bhut chepe chilo, ajke na namale ar nambe na. dui hat diye dui pa chepe khalar kadher kase niye gelam, gudta onek upore uthe gelo floor theke. ami uchu hoye nijer dhonta ghoshe ghoshe dhukossi khalar bhije jawa picchil gude. batash ar guder bhitorer rosh mile ek adbhut sobdo hocche thaper sathe sathe. amar bichi gulo giye giye bari khacche pachar sathe. khala arekbar guder rosh khoshalo. gud ekhon chorom dhila hoye gese, dhon bar bar horke jasse. duto pa ek sathe chepe dhore guder mukhta tight kore dilam, tarpore thapate laglam moner sukhe. tight hoye jawa picchi gude khanikkhon thapanor porei bujte parlam amar agneyogiri bisfirito hoye cholese. deri na kore tan mere dhonta ber kore nilam. eto tara tari mal out korar kono mane hoi na. khala mone hoi obak hoyese, mone korese out hoye gese dekhe ber kore felesi. ami khalake kisu bolar sujog na diye khalake ulto kore dilam. khalao bhalo meyer moto floor e ubu hoye gelo. tarpore pison dikta uchu kore hatur upore bhor kore fak koreiye dilam. khala prothome dui hat tule kukurer moto howar chesta korlo kintu na pere matha nichu kore dilo. kintu ami du hate komorta sokto kore uchu kore rekhesi. tarpore pison dik diye guder mukhe dhonta set kore dan hat diye dhonta guder futai ghoshe ghoshe dhukiye dilam. tarpore du hate komor dhore shuru kore dilam kutta chodon. ami sure khala jibone ei chodon khai nai. ami onek boite poresi meyera doggy style e choda khete bhison posondo kore, khalake ajke jiboner sobchaite best choda dewar sobchaite bhalo sujog tai kaje lagalam. dui hate komorta dhore iccha moto thapiye jassi khalar pisone kneel down hoye dariye. edike floor r ghoshai hatur barota beje jasse. tobe eibhabei ajke mal khalash korbo. ami dat dat chepe dui hate dui dudhe hat bolate bolate thapiye cholesi amar khalake ar khalamoni kul kul kore guder roshe puro floor makhiye felse. besh koyekta thap ditei bujte parlam somoi hoye gese. khalar gude mal na felar konoi karon nai, tai nijer agneyogiri bisforon kore dilam khalar gude. abeshe chokh bondho hoye ashlo, mukh khule boro boro sash nite laglam. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ki shanti. kotodin pore mal out holo. dhone ektu jalao korsilo. aro koyekta thap mere sob mal out kore dhonta ber kore nilam gud theke. khala floor komor ta thopash pore pore gelo. aha bechari, shorire etotuku soktio mone hoi nai. nijer guder roshe khala bechari makha makhi. sari, peitocot, uru sob jaigai guder rosh ar amar birje makha makhi. khalake chit kore dilam. khalar mukh diye lala pore floor bhije eksha hoye gese. khala kamre nijer thoto kete felese besh koyek jaigai. ami khalar thote chumu khelam. tarpore chushte thaklam gorom gorom thot gulo. khala amar golata dui hate joriye dholro. emon chodon je take ar keo dite parbe na seta bujte tar beg pete hoi nai.
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Sex with my daughters teacher
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 5:03 AM >> College Teacher, Office

Last week my daughter had some problems in school and we got a intimation that the parents had to meet the principal. As my wife was busy I went alone and met the principal. The principal asked me to wait and sent an intimation for my daughter's class teacher to come over.

Very soon I heard a sweet voice, "Hello, Sir May I come in?" I turned around and was stunned at that beautiful looking lady standing there.

She was about 5'7," had long, dark black hair, very bright, black eyes, and, I guess her measurements were 40-26-36. Up to that time, she had the biggest, hugest NATURAL tits I had ever seen, except for a few porn photos. I knew I wasn't going to speak to her much about my daughter, but more about HER!

The principal introduced me to her as Ms. Lalitha and asked us to sit in the visitor chamber to discuss. We entered the visitor's chamber which was meant for 4 people but we were just two of us.

Ms. Lalitha moved and sat close to me and, I figured I was going to have a tough time sitting so close to her. She had a habit of crossing her legs when she sat, and, I almost died from the view. I was obsessed with just glaring at her and her body, and, I never tried to hide it.

I was 25-years old, and my experience told me that she wasn't married, but, it passed quickly as I continued to ogle her.

"Ok ... what is the problem?" I asked.

"mmm…nothing much but your daughter has been coming late to school for the past 7-8 days and her home work is not complete so I just thought that I needed to meet the parents in person to discuss about this. Is there any problem?" she asked

"Well…actually her mom is in her mother's house and….." I had not completed my statement she interrupted, "Oh I see…may be your late from your office and that is the reason"

"Yeah" I said, "I really do know what to do" I said

She thought for a while' " Well, I have a solution, only if its acceptable to you" she said.

"Please go ahead…" I said

" After School, maybe she can come to my house and I will see that she completes her works…and maybe later on someone can pick her up" she said

I nodded and readily agreed. "Yeah why not?" I said. I wanted to speak more but she told me that she had a class coming up and she had to leave

"Can I have your address so that we can discuss" I said

She laughed, " Here is my address. Can you come over tonight about 8 o'clock?" she asked as she gave me the slip of paper.

"Y-y-y-yes," I sputtered and I could detect a slight smile to her lips.

I left the office by around 7.30 PM and reached Ms. Lalitha's place. I walked to the front door and rang the buzzer. When the door opened, my cock immediately jumped to attention as she stood there, one luscious arm on the edge of the door, dressed in a tight-fitting sweater and a skirt that hugged her curves deliciously.

"Please, Mr.KC... come in," she said as she waved her arm.

I walked in her house, somewhat nervously.

"Could you please be seated... I'll bring some tea. "

I settled down into a soft cushion on the couch, noticing some school awards she had won. I heard her steps as she came into the living room carrying a tray which had cups and saucers and a kettle of tea. She sat down on the couch, right next to me. I could feel beads of sweat starting to emerge at my scalpline.

"I don't know if you take sugar or milk," she said as she gazed at me. I grabbed the kettle and poured the tea into our cups. "Thanks" she said with a smile as her rosy lips parted.

"Well Madam, Please tell would you like to go about" I asked.

"mmm…As soon as the classes are over I will bring her over to my home and she will complete her work and stay her till you come and pick her up, is that ok?" she asked. I nodded affirmatively. "What could be you charges" I asked

She smiled, "Well….I am a divorced lady…so what will I do with money…" say this she moved over on the couch real close to me, turning her body to somewhat face me. She put the flat of her hands on the sides of my face and I saw her moving her face closer and closer... until... her soft lips folded over mine. I squirmed, my cock getting outrageously hard!

My arms, tentatively, wrapped around her, the flat of my left hand under her armpit. I could feel the portion of her tit wrapped around the side of her body. I could also feel she wasn't wearing a bra!! Her right hand traveled down to my leg, and, she softly squeezed it, before moving it up toward my crotch. I squirmed again as she continued to kiss me with more intensity. She was leaning me, back, back, back, until she was almost over me, her kisses getting hotter and her fingers wandering until she felt the girth of my cock through my trousers. As she rubbed it, she became hotter, and, I groaned.

She broke the kiss and with no hesitation, her hand moved to my zip- per and I could hear the familiar sound of it as she drew it down. Then, she unhooked my belt buckle and, instinctively, I raised my hips so she was able to slide my trousers down my legs. I groaned again, louder!

As she manipulated my hard, throbbing, thick cockmeat on the outside of my briefs, it suddenly popped through the fly of the briefs, and, stood straight up! I saw her eyes widen, as she gazed at it, saying, "My goodness look what we have here!"

She was obsessed with looking at the huge, unusual tip of my shaft. I know she was wondering what happened as she could see the crown had sunk down into my shaft making my cock appear like the open end of a pipe. And, when her fingers traveled my length, she drew them over my huge, huge balls, and, she was again, very surprised. My balls are so big, they overflowed her fingers and palm.

As her hand fondled and rolled my balls and jerked along my length, she looked up at me, smiling, and, she said, "I know what you are thinking KC! I know you want to slide that grand prick right up between my Huge Tits, and, you want me to roll them all around your loving cock... right?"

"OH God, YES!! But.. I won't last, Lalitha!"

"I know you won't last, but, you are a real stud and you will recuperate!" She backed off and staring right at me, I watched, in near disbelief, as she crossed her arms and lifted her sweater up and off of her. My eyes were glued to two monstrous, fleshy, hot tits, the nipples already up and hard! She moved so that she was between my legs, her knees on the rug in front of the couch! Then, she did something which almost made me spurt right there and then. She pressed the inside of her upper arms against the outside of her breasts, pressing them together, leaving a long, long cleavage line, then, she rocked, side to side, and I gasped as her big twin beauties shook as she moved.

She paused and reached down, behind her, to a small drawer in the coffee table. She brought the small bottle up, and, opened it, pouring some liquid on her huge tits. She capped the bottle, put it on the table, then, brought her hands up to her breasts, working the oil into her tit flesh, in all ways, smiling at me, as she knew this was driving me crazy.

"This feels good... but... your cock is going to feel sooooo much better!" she said sexily. Using her hands she spread my legs wide, and, still wearing my briefs, but, my shaft through the opening of them, she moved closer to me. She had to raise up a little off the floor and holding her breasts wide apart, she thrust her chest at me so that the backside of my cock rested against her. I began to pump and as I did, slowly, with her hands on the sides of her tits, she began bringing them closer... and, closer... closer! My eyes widened as I noticed the insides of her tits very close to the sides of my long length!

She was looking down, watching her breasts come closer and closer to me, and, then... I began to feel, just a little, her titmeat!

"OH GOD! OH GOD! I'M... I'M... I'M... not... going... to... not... going... to... last!!" I hollered out!

Realizing this, in one quick move, she completely folded her meaty tits all around me!

"[censor] them, KC!! [censor] them!!" she hollered.

I pumped, then, I pumped furiously! My balls were over-flowing with sweet, hot, abundant gism! I knew they were going to release their huge load any second now! GOD!! Her tits were out of this world! So hot,... so meaty... so HUGE!! "UH! UH! UH! UH!" I groaned as she whipped them up and down my length, she, loving how the tip spread her tits and came into view, then, as she raised her tits up, disappeared again! After doing this some several times, her head was bent and she opened her lips as wide as she could letting the tip slip in between them! Her mouth stayed on the tip, sucking... sucking... sucking... her hands whipping, faster and faster, her big, heavy tits up and down my shaft!

"Look... out!! Look... out!! I'm... gonna... gonna... OH MY GOD... gonna... cummmmmmmmmmmm!!" and she braced for it as she felt the tip thicken between her lips and she was ready as the first, long, thick spurt left my balls, raced up my shaft, as I could trace it's heat, and, gushed into her mouth!

Lalitha gulped quickly to get more room in her mouth and as she did, the 2nd one blasted over her tongue and impacted against the back of her throat! She swallowed, each time, but, it reached a point where she could not keep up, and, her mouth filled until I could see strings of my cream working out between her gripping lips and the sides of my shaft!

15 seconds... 20... 25... 30... seconds later and... still... my shaft bucked and bucked, releasing unbelievable amounts of hot, sweet, male sperm! Lines of thick cum ran off her chin and fell on my cock and briefs. 32 seconds... 34... 36... and, at the 38th second, my shaft ended it's big delivery. Lalitha quickly gulped and sucked my sperm off my shaft, moaning as she did so. She licked my length, as I watched her flat tongue slide along my meaty, veiny shaft! She backed off.

"God... I never knew a man could produce so much," she said with excitement and she noticed my shaft was still up, hard and pulsing. "We will have to go upstairs," she said.

"Ummm... Lalitha? I love the feel of silk on me when a woman is wearing or using it. " I said.

"I'll remember that... you come upstairs in about 10 minutes... ok?" She raised up, licking her lips, saying, "Best damn cum I have ever eaten," and, I watched her as she got to her feet and headed for the stairs. I took a long breath, saying to myself, 'Damn... I never expected this!'

I waited about 10 minutes, and, as I stood up, grabbing my pants, I laughed at myself as my cock, still very hard, bobbed, as I walked. I went up the steps, and, followed the light coming from her bedroom. I walked in, seeing the large bed, with pillows on one end, and, noticing her bedspread had been rolled back. I pulled my briefs and shirt off, then, climbed on the bed, loving the feel of the silk sheet against my body. My cock pulsed and I could see pre-cum building up in the large hole at the tip. There was a light on her end table, casting a low-emitting glow over the bed. Beyond the bed, I could not see much but I could hear her in the bathroom from a door at the other end of the room.

Then, I saw the door open and she stepped through it. I could only make out a shadow which was moving toward me. When she came into the light from the end table, I was agape, watching her striding toward me in a long, very silky, light blue slip. She turned, with her hands on her hips, letting me see her big, shapely cheeks through her slip. Then, she turned again, facing me. I couldn't speak as my eyes went to those humongous tits! She leaned for- ward, placing her hands on her upper legs, and, my eyes went to her tits which were hanging... so far... down... pushing against her slip. I gazed at them... then... she rolled her elbows against the sides of her tits, while still bent forward and she knew what my reaction would be to see her tits bunch up, presenting a long cleavage line.

"See how badly, KC... these tits can't wait to wrap around you and love you?" she said sooooooo sexily. "Are those big balls filling up with lots of sweet gism for me?" she added.

"G-G-G-G-God!!" was all I could say as she gazed at my now very, very hard, and, very, very thick shaft, now sticking way up like a tower.

She began to dance and twirl on her toes, the slip flaring until it was up at her waist, and, I caught glimpses of a very wet, red patch of hair. With her back to me, she began to roll her hips, very slowly. Then, she rolled them faster and faster... and, my hand went to my very excited prick! She bounced them to the left... then, to the right.. and, her body moved like a hula dancer, her tremendous breasts swaying... her hips jutting... first one, then, the other.

"OHHHHH... M-M-M-M-My... G-G-G-GOD!!" I moaned as my eyes were wide open, riveted on her.

She climbed on the bed, saying, "Next time I'll show you how an Arabian woman dances to excite their mates. Then, I'll use the technique when we make love. " She smiled as her eyes went to my crotch, watching my hand jerk the long, pulsing, thickly-veined pole, the tip purple and angry looking.

"Don't jerk it too much, baby... as Lalitha wants those big, big balls so full of sweet, yummy gism, they will flood me!" She moved like a cat on the bed, on hands and knees, her huge tits under the slip, shifting from side to side. As she came closer, she put her hand on my leg and spread it open. She did the same with the other one. "Lalitha needs a lot of room for what is about to happen," she said breathily.

Using her hands, she spread her tits wide apart. Then, she motioned for me to start pumping. We both watched as I rolled my hips and the big, open tip slid along her cleavage line. Higher and higher it slid until I felt her tongue swipe at the big tip. I groaned and she smiled.

Then, she slid the flat of her hands to the sides of her massive breasts and she moved her hands back. Slowly... very slowly... she began pushing at the sides and as I pumped, I watched, in awe, as her tits started moving closer to each other. I was sweating profusely at my excitement as they moved closer! Up... down! Up... down! Up...... down! over and over again as her tits were very close to the sides of my shaft! She must have applied body oil in the bathroom as I could feel my shaft being lubricated, hotly, as it slid along her chest!

"Hold on, KC! Hold on! Here comes Lalitha's hot tits!!" she moaned and I couldn't believe my eyes as they began to just barely scrape the sides of my shaft! She closed her eyes in pure ecstasy as the insides of her tits began to feel my hot, meaty shaft as she whipped them up and down my length!

"OHHHHHH... God!! I'm... not... I'm... not... oh geeeeeszzz! I'm... not... going... to... last!!" I hollered out as my super- filled balls rolled the gism which was inside of them! I knew it was only a matter of seconds, and, my balls and cock would purge what was inside of them! I went to put my hands on her tits, but, she pushed them away. "No, KC... let ME do it!!" she moaned!

I extended my arms out on both sides of me and my fingers pulled on the edges of the mattress as I pumped!

"Yes, KC!! YEEEEEESSSSS!! [censor] THEM!! [censor] THEM!! [censor] THEM WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT, BABY!!" Lalitha cried out! More and more, the inside of her tits pressed against the sides of my cock, and she looked me in the eye, knowing the pleasure she was passing to me!

"UHHHH!! UHHHH!! UHHHHH!!" I groaned, in rhythm with my thrusting hips! She looked down, and, watched, as she began to roll her huge tits around my shaft, delighting in seeing how easily her tits accommodated my thrusting shaft! The mattress and bed spring squeaked each time I pumped and at this point, I was driving my full length through her hot breasts! Each time I trusted upward, her tongue whipped and rolled, rapidly around the unusual tip, and, when I let my hips settle back to the bed, she rolled her tits up my length until the tip was at the very bottom of her charms! Lalitha rolled her shoulders forward in her attempt to get as much breast-flesh around me as possible.

"[censor] them, KC! Good Lord... [censor] them!!" she urged and I began to do that in earnest! Faster, faster, my shaft slipped up and through her tits, then, down... until the tip was almost free of them.

"I'M... I'M... I'M... CLOSE!! I'M... GONNA... OHHHHHH... GOD... I'M... GONNA... CUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!!" I hollered!

Quickly, Lalitha rolled her hot tits down my shaft and she managed to just be able to get her lips around the open tip! Each time, after that... that I pumped... her head came down with my cock as she main- tained her hold on the tip with her mouth!! 'God... I thought... she... WANTS... me to cum in her mouth!!'

Then, my big, full, heavy balls gave up it's first release... and I felt it race hotly along my shaft! A second later, it gushed from the open tip, still just inside Lalitha's mouth!

"AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!" I hollered out as the first jet of steamy, sweet cum pounded against the back of her throat, and, she quickly consumed it by swallowing! She pressed her tits even harder against my shaft, wanting to provoke more... much more... of my baby- making fluid from my pulsing cock!

She had hardly consumed the first release when another shot from the tip... and, another... and, another!! 10 seconds... 15 seconds,... 20... 25... and, it reached a point where she couldn't swallow it all as I watched her cheeks begin to bulge!

She allowed some of my cum to escape her lips where it rolled down her chin and fell onto her hot tits! She continued to swallow, fast,... as my non-stop releases lightened the load my balls were handling! 28 seconds... 30... 32... and yet more escaped me! She began to use one hand to hold her tits around me, through the use of her palm and fingers, while, with the other, she bundled some of her silky slip and she fondled and rubbed my balls with her silk-filled hand! She was shocked when her action urged even more columns of hot gism from me!

I grunted and groaned like a wild animal as the amount of gism I was giving her... reduced... until she managed to get the last drop from me! Although my balls were empty, my prick remained very hard!

"God... " she said, "... you are still hard! I think you can cum again!" she observed, in awe! "Well... that's okay with me, KC, because I happen to love the taste of your cock and cum!"

She backed off of me for a time, and, using one silk-filled hand on my cock and balls, she tilted her head and sucked up the gism still on her massive tits! "I've got to eat more of that delicious cock dessert!" I was hard, but, her talk was making me... HARDER!! I love a woman who is not afraid to talk dirty. Her lovely hazel eyes were staring at my own, and, she had a look which showed she was intent on doing more to me. Now, she began to use both hands, with both hands filled with silk. She fondled my huge balls with one hand and jerked my cock with the other. DAMN!! The silk felt sooooooooo goooooooodddddd! As she jerked me, her tits bounced up and down, up and down!

She began to wiggle, on her knees, closer to me until I felt the bottom of my shaft rest against her belly and lower chest. She looked over, making sure her slip was close by her. Now, she was fondling my big, huge balls faster and faster. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" I groaned and she knew my gism was starting to fill my balls.

"Are you ready for another tit-[censor], KC? Huh?? Are you ready?"

"Good GOD... YESSSSSSSS!!" I answered very hotly!

Again, putting the flat of her hands on her breasts, she spread them wide apart, inviting me to start pumping! Slowly, I did... and she looked down, watching the big, open hole at the tip, watching it start to fill with pre-cum! She began to bring her tits closer together and, my eyes opened wide as very soon, the sides of my shaft began, lightly, to feel the insides of her breasts! It made me pump faster! Closer, closer, she brought them together! "UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH!" I groaned, over and over. Watching those big, full, hot tits move, more and more, against my shaft! Then, with her fingers extended, she began to fold them around me, smiling sexily, as she did so! She got them around me, nipple-to- nipple!! I was gritting my teeth, and, howling like an animal as my shaft was completely encircled!

I watched Lalitha lick her lips as she glared down into the big hole, loving how it filled, to the top, with pre-cum!

"Does KC have lots and lots of sweet sperm for me?" she asked and, she knew that kind of talk really turns me on. "[censor] them, KC... [censor] them!!" she urged. Faster and faster, I pumped, and the bed started to shake! "YEEEESSSSSS!! YESSSSSSSS!!" she groaned, 'you're going to give me a... a... tit-cum!!"

Using her hands, she flattened, as well as wrapped, her huge tits around me! It gave her a long, deep cleavage line, and, it was mind- boggling to see and feel how they looked! With each thrust upward, her mouth was right there, her lips open, to take in the large tip and gaping hole and she was able to give it a quick lick before receding back down through her tits! I pumped harder, and, she urged me on. My balls were now chock-full, and, she reached for her slip, holding her tits around me with one hand. Next thing I felt, was, her silk-filled hand, cupping and fondling my big balls. Lalitha was always pleased to feel the weight of them as she knew it's burden would be spurting down her throat!

I had tit-fucked my wife about 8 or 9, but, it was always done with the me straddling her. True, it wasn't so hard on her this way, but, it was difficult for her to keep her head tilted to be able to accept the man's gism. Tit-fucking the way Lalitha and myself were doing it, left her in complete control, and, this was why Lalitha liked doing it this way. When this was over, I knew, in the future, this is the way I would be doing it, hoping, of course, the lady enjoyed it also.

Those snapshots were to set the stage for me to be totally fixated on ladies' breasts. I mean, I enjoy all forms of straight sex, but, this obsession I have about ladies' breasts, were to govern my sexual actions the rest of my life.

"OHHHH GOD!! YOUR COCK IS SOOOOOOOO HOT BETWEEN MY TITS!!" she moaned. 'Squish... squish... squish,' was the sound of meat sliding through and against meat, and, it only raised our sexual excitement.

"CUM KC!! CUM!!" Lalitha urged. I knew it wouldn't be long now. The tingle in my balls were at it's strongest, and, usually, when this happens, my juice is not long in squirting.

It was incredible, seeing how large her tits were in comparison to the rest of her body. I kinda new, there would be few times during the rest of my life that I would enjoy breast-balling to the extent I was now.

"GET... READY!! GETTTTTTT... RRREEEAAAADDDDYYYY!!" I hollered out, warning her. Faster, she whipped her encircling big tits down and up my shaft! "UUUHHHHHHHH!!" I hollered, and, Lalitha knew I was extremely close to exploding!

"EMPTY THOSE BIG BALLS, KC!! EMPTY... THEM!!" she said and she continued her dirty talk.

"Spurt... that delicious... nectar... down my... throat!! SPURT IT BABY!! SPURT IT!!"

"HERE... IT... IS!! HERE IT... ISSSSSSSSS!! AAAARRR- RRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!" came out of my mouth like an alien from another planet!!

The sensation began by overtaking my entire body! It was like every nerve ending was alive to it, and, the wonderful euphoria of my climax swept over me, making it hard to breathe!!

My shaft... kicked... between her tits, and, I was so far up her body, the big tip was rubbing against her cheek! She, immediately, moved it inside her lips, and, as she felt the first, monstrous gush, Lalitha exploded as well! It seemed like we were in complete sync with each other when my cock jumped to release it's burden, making Lalitha's climax coincide with my own!

This went on for 45 seconds, as she fondled my heavy, but, lighten- ing balls and when it was over, if it could be measured, it would show that I had released close to 13 ounces of heavy, thick, smooth, sweet gism.

Afterward, Lalitha shook her head in disbelief when she realized virtually no man could produce so much sperm. She folded her hand around my cock, saying, "You are still very hard, KC!"

"Lalitha... I want to deposit a load like the last one, inside you!"

"Oh God... yes!! Yes... KC!!" She moved so that she was lying right beside me, and, on one elbow, I moved my head and kissed her! Very softly, at first, but then the intensity of our kisses increased. She whipped her tongue in my mouth, bit, lightly, my lip and then we were french-kissing, both of us eager to make our union a reality.

I moved my hand down over her big, humongous tits, rubbing the tit- flesh, and, pinching her nipples. Then, I moved my body so that I was over her. She spread her legs wide to allow me to start the love- making.

As I gently kissed her face, her eyes, her nose, I felt her hand down at my crotch! She placed her hand on the big tip, and, slowly, and carefully, she moved it against her slit, her juices spreading all over the tip. She moved it up and down, and, side to side, as she pulled on it, and, both of us gasped at the same time, when the huge tip spread her cuntal lips and slipped inside of her.

She pushed with her right hand to roll me over. I realized she wanted to be on top. I obliged her, rolling over onto my back, while still reigning kisses all over her face.

"[censor] me, KC! Go nice and easy and feed every single lovely inch to my hungry pussy!"

I did this, and, our bodies writhed on the bed, inch after inch slipping along her tight, gripping cuntal walls! More and more, I pumped it to her! She felt some pain, but, it soon gave way to a feeling of unabashed ecstasy. She loved it as my veiny shaft slipped into her, rubbing her g-spot, and, automatically, her depths were milking my dick, wanting more in her! I was about half-way inserted into her, and, her probing fingers told her what was remaining.

"I... want... all of it... KC! Every inch!!" she said, also wishing she could take my balls, too! The pace picked up as the bed- springs sang it's lovely tune, our bodies thrashing, pumping, taking... Deeper... deeper... I rolled my hips, my cockmeat continually rubbing her g-spot! It wasn't long and Lalitha exploded.

I could feel her juices rushing all over my shaft until it began to leak out of her! GOD! Were we pounding. She rode me while on her knees, and as I pumped up, she brought her hips down and back. Then, as I settled back to the mattress, she moved forward and up, both of us loving it as we felt your sweet pussy reluctantly giving up it's hold on me. For a woman who had been around a bit, I marveled at how tightly her walls gripped me! I could have exploded at any time when this was going on, but, I wanted to hold off until I knew she was ready to cum herself!

Being on her knees and hands, I so loved watching her huge, meaty tits swinging with each movement she made, and, I couldn't help but get my lips around her hard nipple and start sucking! I alternated by just sucking on the hard bud of her tit and swallowing as much of her breast meat as I could handle, and, loving all of it. The bed shook under us as our bodies met and drew apart... your tight walls of your pussy gripping my shaft like a vice! She was close to exploding yet again and I wanted us both to cum together!

"OOOHHHHH... KC!! Your cock feels soooooo good! Feels sooooo good! [censor] me, baby! [censor] your Lalitha!" she hollered out and she knew such talk was a big, big turnon for me!!

I could tell by her movements, she was getting close and I could tell, too, by the copious amount of her juice which was spreading along all of my prick! As I pumped, I made sure the top of my shaft, all the way to my thatch, rubbed against her clit! Again and again... more and more... having my hands on her hips, I moved her so that her clit con- stantly rubbed against and made contact with my cockmeat! "UH! UH! UH!" I moaned... my mouth every once in a while capturing her very hard nip- ple and sucking on it!

"OHHHHH... YOU FUCKER!! I FEEL SOOOOO FULL!! SOOOO FULL!! CUM IN ME, KC!! CUM IN ME!! DON'T PULL OUT!! KC ALL THAT HOT, CREAMY SPERM IN ME, BABY!" Lalitha cried out! I rolled her over so that I was on top! I folded my arms around her, and, moved my hands down to her ass cheeks! I was controlling the action now... she felt so good, gripping her cheeks, pumping my shaft so deep within her! She cried out each time I bottomed out - each time my balls snuggled against her pussy! Then, I with- drew a couple of inches and with my hand around my cock, I worked my shaft in circles, and, she moaned loudly as the big open tip rubbed the walls of her depths! I knew my precum had filled the big hole at the tip, so, I withdrew my cock all the way. Then, I pressed the open tip against her clit, and, she could feel my hot, hot precum leaking against it! I put pressure there, enabling the nub of her clit to slip into the hole! I put pressure and worked the tip in small circles so as to allow her clit to feel the walls of the hole in my cock to agitate her g-spot, hastening her explosion! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... OOOOOOHHHHHHH... [censor] ME, KC! [censor] ME!! CUM IN ME!! EMPTY YOUR BALLS IN ME, KC!!" she cried out, and, it was at that point I reinserted my shaft... all the way!! Her hips pumped out of control as she whipped her pussy all along my shaft!

"AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!" I bellowed, and, I felt the first, thick column of cream leave my balls, tracing it as it rolled down my shaft and burst into her, soaking her womb!! Together, our bodies whipped and gyrated, as the explosion took place with both of us!

"OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH... GOD!! GOD!! GOD!! I'M... I'M... I'M... CUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!" and column after column followed each other racing down my length, exploding from the big open tip, and, mixing with her own juices!! As it continued, we both could feel our juices pumping out between the walls of her pussy and the sides of my shaft!! I strained to keep my entire shaft embedded deep within her! How this woman loved it! How she loved it!! As did I!! This wondrous 25-year-old, hugely-busted, erotic woman was letting it go... letting her immense sexuality take over! She experienced multiple or- gasms as my climax was passing the 25 second mark, my juices springing forth as powerfully as did the first release!

"UH!! UH!! UHHHHHHH!! UH!! UH!!" emanated from my deepest depths as column after column sprung from my hot shaft!! My body straigtened and as it did, I could feel those immense, meaty tits pressed against me! Lalitha folded her legs around me, rubbing her heels against my ass cheeks, and, she was prompting more cum from me! Her legs tightened and squeezed my body hard! She raised her head and bit my shoulder, drawing blood! Her nails raked my back leaving narrow blood lines! My hands were down on her ass cheeks, manipulating her body in such a way where her entire depths sucked and drew on my shaft! 'Slap, slap, slap,' was the sound of our bodies smacking together!

My heart pounded in my chest as more and more hot cream escaped my pulsing shaft! 28 seconds... 31 seconds... 33 seconds... and, at the 37-second mark, my big balls were completely empty! I stayed right there, on top of her, kissing her face and lips softly! Lalitha could feel me inside of her. "God, KC... you're still hard!" she said in amazement.

"See what you do to me?" I said. "You handle me in such a way whereby I cum and cum and cum... almost non-stop!"

"I don't know about you, KC... but... I am exhausted!"

"Maybe I better go," I suggested.

"Whew... would you mind? We can always get together again," she said.

"Sure... but, when?" I asked.

"Tomorrow night?"

"Okay... I will drop my daughter and come back, okay?" I asked.

I swung my body out of bed, dressed, and, made sure she was covered up before I left. She was sleeping soundly.

When I went in the house, my daughter was watching t. v. I went over to her and kissed her on the cheek.

I went upstairs and into the bathroom. I stripped down, and standing in front of the mirror, I noticed a chunk of red meat with bite marks in my shoulder. Then, I turned around, and noticed the long, narrow blood lines on my back. I put some antiseptic on the shoulder wound and put a band aid on it. I wiggled into my pajamas and hit the sack. My cock was still half hard, and, as I thought about what just happened, it got real hard again, but, I went to sleep.

Again, I straight from the office I went to Lalitha's house and rang the buzzer, and, she opened the door looking absolutely scrumptious as she stood there with a big smile on her face. I stepped inside. My Daughter was standing with her. I took her and went towards my car and turned back and winked at Lalitha and she winked back and smiled. I dropped my daughter and sped back. I again rang the buzzer and she opened immediately.

She shut the door, and, came up to me, looping her arms on my shoulders and she leaned her head against my own, giving me a long, soft, highly erotic french kiss. She led me by the hand toward the stairs and we climbed them, walking toward her bedroom. We went in the room and she turned, helping me undress. She had scented candles lit throughout the room and the big bedspread was turned down. She had light blue, VERY silky sheets on the big bed. Lalitha was wearing a transparent veil and nothing else. God!! Her big tits pushed that veil out sooooo far! I also could see the shape of her hips, her flat tummy, and, long, meaty legs!

Now, I was nude, and, my big, thick shaft was as hard as a diamond, poking out in front of me. "C'mon, KC... let's get on the bed. " I followed her and she made sure I got on the bed on my back! She gazed at me... biting her lip, then, she got on the bed, and, on her hands and knees, those big tits hung down so far they could almost scrape the mat- tress! I gulped, loving those tits like nothing else in my life.

She, on her knees, grabbed the veil and raised it up and off of her exquisite body. Then, she looped one leg over my head so that she was straddling my face. I put my hands on her thighs and rubbed them, loving, so much, the feel of her flesh! She hoisted her upper body so that she was facing my feet, and, slowly, she let herself down and I could feel the big titmeat rubbing against my abdomen. She moved her knees farther and farther apart, letting her dripping pussy come down right toward my mouth! I raised my head and gave her two quick flicks of my tongue against her hardening clit! God... how I loved her ass and pussy! I could hardly wait to get at it!

"Eat me, KC! Eat that hot cunt that wants sooooo badly to be in your mouth!" she voiced.

I could feel her hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and she was gently jerking it! "Mmmmmmmm!!" I heard her moan as her eyes gazed on it. "Oh, poor KC needs this cock to be in my mouth! Yes.. Lalitha's mouth is sooooo ready for that hard shaft, it's balls that house so much sweet, thick cream!"

I was squirming and I so loved the feel of those silky sheets against my balls! Once in a while, her hand would move to my balls and she would cup and fondle them.

"KC's balls are filling up! Yes, KC... your balls are going to be full, soon, of that wonderful, tasty baby-making liquid you produce in such high quantity!"

With my hands on her ass cheeks, I began by lunging my tongue at her sweet pussy, whipping it against her clit, getting harder by the second. Then, I moved one hand off her ass, and, began to prod her clit with my finger while I inserted my tongue in her hot, wet cunt! Her ass bounced, and, bumped against my face! Then, I could feel her tongue going all around the big, open, unusual tip of my cock where she wiggled the very tip in the large hole! Her hands were on my balls, fondling, cupping and weighing them, while her tongue whipped all around the crowny ridge of the end of my cock!

"Does KC want his cock down Lalitha's throat?" she asked sexily! I gasped, not knowing she could do that!

"Y-y-y-y-esssss!!" I managed to utter.

"Well... hold on, sweet man! It is about to disappear!" she answered and with that, I felt her lips start to slide down my length! With one hand on my shaft, guiding it, she filled her other hand with the silky sheet on the bed and began fondling my balls!

"OOOHHHHHH... soooooo heavy, baby! Filling up with sooooooooo much cream for Lalitha!"

"Yes, Lalitha... yes!!" I stammered!

Lalitha wiggled her tongue into the large hole! She worked the tip back and forth against the smaller hole at the bottom of the large one! She could feel my precum ooze out and she immediately lapped it up! Then, she swirled her tongue all along my length, on all sides, to get it nice and wet with her saliva so it would be easier to slide down her throat walls! She knew she had a challenge and with it being so thick, she wondered if she could get it down her throat! She concluded, at first, she would take it bit by bit!

Meanwhile, she was pumping her hips, driving her pussy right into my mouth and, eagerly, I took as much of it into my mouth as I could! There were a lot of slurping and sucking sounds as our 69 got more intense and frantic! With the flat of my hands on her luscious, full ass cheeks, I was able to help by pulling her pussy, hard, into my mouth! My lips and tongue were working her hot cunt flesh and she got hotter and hotter, hardly able to keep her mind on sucking me and as her cavernous mouth worked my shaft, I, too, was having a hard time concentrating on the pleasure I wanted to pass to her!

Then, she stopped what she was doing... raised her head, her mouth coming off my shaft!

"Tell you what, KC! You eat me up, and, I'll just pay attention to the pleasure you give me. Then, when it is time for me to eat you up, we will do that, but, in another position... how's that?" she asked.

"That... would be just fine," I answered, then, I resumed what I was doing. She, suddenly, moved her body away from me, saying, "Get up here, KC... put your head on that pillow," she suggested, pointing to the pillow at the head of the bed.

I did as she instructed. Then, she got on her knees and moved up my body. She looped her shins around the top of my shoulders, and, with that, I put my hands up and placed the flat of them on her lovely ass cheeks. I pulled her to me, and, she moaned as she felt my tongue licking the inside of her thigh.

"That's it, baby! Get a good grip while I pump this hot cunt right into your mouth!"

I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Here I was in the bed of this very voluptuous woman, who was a sex fiend. She wiggled closer, her body poised over my head while she looked down. Then, she leaned forward a little and folded her arms around the pillow under my head and pulled up on it, mashing my mouth against her pussy lips! Eagerly, I smacked my lips against her pussy lips, opening my mouth so I could suck them in! When I did, her body flinched! I sucked and drew them in like a vacuum!

"OOOOOHHHHHH... SHHHHEEEEE-IIIIITTTTTTTTT!!" she cried out! "EAT IT UP!! EAT IT UP... YOU CUNT-LAPPER!! GOBBLE IT!!" We both heard my lips smacking and sucking her! I was chewing her pussy lips like a big Alaskan bear chewing on fresh meat! I couldn't get enough! Her hands were turning white from pulling my face up against her body! And, I could feel her shiver each time my tongue tip licked her clit!! I rolled it back and forth... up and down... and, gave her fast, quick licks against her clit, pausing every now and then, to lunge my tongue in her depths!

"CUM IN MY MOUTH, LALITHA! CUM IN MY MOUTH!!" "OOOHHHHHH... Yessssss!! Yesssss... you fucker!!" she cried out! Her body was pumping now... literally fucking my face! She rolled her hips back... then, forward... then, back... then, forward... her face con- torted like she was in the torment of sexual ecstasy and delight! Her pre- cum was oozing abundantly, now, out of her pussy and right into my mouth! I could hardly wait for the main course to be sucking down my throat! I picked up the pace, wanting her to cum soon! And, from the way she was moving, I knew it wouldn't be long.

She kept moving her arms and hands as if she wanted to get an even stronger grip on pushing her pussy against my mouth! My tongue danced all over her vulva... my teeth scraping her pussy lips... my lips pressed all around the outside of her pussy lips!

"OH!!... OH!!... OH!!... OH!!... OH!!... OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" she screamed aloud, then, her body came to a halt, and, I felt her juices riding over my tongue toward the back of my throat and I started swallowing! Her sweet pussy was... vibrating... in my mouth and I swore she came just like a man... her juices continued to flow out of her while I continued to down every drop!!

I munched and chewed on her pussy... ravenous with desire... I wished I could just get all of Lalitha's pussy in my mouth to do with as I wished. Lalitha came... again and again and again... and... when it was over, she pushed herself off of me and rolled to her side, exhausted. I moved along side of her kissing her neck, gently... grabbing her hand and placing it on my shaft. She willingly obliged! She rubbed my length, then, had presence of mind to reach for her silky slip so she could rub my shaft with it.

She was lying on her side... her arm and hand behind her, her silk- filled hand rubbing my shaft and balls.

With closed eyes, she said, "Oh yes... KC loves this... don't you baby? And, soon, KC is gonna love his cock being completely down Lalitha's throat! Will you cum for me there?"

"You bet I will, Lalitha," I answered firmly.

"I can only imagine, right now, what it is like. Feeling all your hot gism racing into my belly!"

She raised up and moved so that she was poised over me... her head facing my feet! She slid her upper body side to side and I gasped, feeling her huge tits rubbing against my abdomen! Right then, I wanted to tit-[censor] her again, but, the prospect of feeling my shaft down her throat was too tempting.

I reached for her leg to move it over my head and she stopped me, saying, "NO, KC! I want you to totally enjoy what I am going to do!" she insisted.

She moved her arms so that the flat of her hands were under my upper thighs. Then, I felt her tongue licking all around the big, open hole, and she would pause to dip it down in the hole and swirl it all around! I moaned and she smiled. Over and over again, her tongue raced all over the big tip and she would flick it against the underside, making me bolt with pleasure.

Then, she flat-licked my entire length, on all sides, before returning to the tip and bumping the tip of her tongue down in the hole.

"KC? I want you all the way down my throat when you cum, baby!" she said firmly, then, she opened her mouth real wide. I tilted my head to the side so I could see in the mirror on the wall at the foot of her bed. What a sight as she brought her wide-open lips in contact with the sides of the big, open tip! Slowly, I felt my cock go in her mouth, disappearing as it did so as I looked in the mirror! She took it until it bumped against the back of her throat! I gasped!

She paused, getting her breath! Then, she continued, and, my big body jumped as I begin to feel the tip slip into the constricting walls of her throat! Smoothly, her mouth continued downward, and, the sides of my shaft could trace the walls of her throat as it sunk down deeper! Her fingers began to press against the bottom of my thighs as she wanted me to [censor] her mouth like a pussy!

Down... down... down... my big, thick, veiny shaft slid until I be- gan to feel her lips press against my balls and thatch! She moved her head down harder... shaking it side to side... as if she wanted my balls in her mouth as well! I could really feel my hot cum churning in my balls now! She removed one hand from my thigh, brought it back and searched for my hand. When she found it, she brought it to below her neck, and, it was her way of telling me where the tip was. GOD!! It was in her esophagus, right at the start of her chest!! I could hardly believe it! Then, quickly, she raised and lowered her head, letting my cock feel the slickness of her throat walls! Down... up... down... up... down... up... and, she could tell the way my body was reacting, I was going to explode!

One more time, she raised her head to get a fresh breath of air, then, swooped down on it again, not stopping until her lips were tight against my balls and thatch!

My body shivered and jolted... my hands turning white from gripping the edges of the mattress! My face winced, as if in great pain, but, in actuality, in tremendous ecstasy! I could feel the entire length of her throat walls gripping, milking and palpitating against the sides of my shaft! She exaggerated her movements of her big tits against my abdomen, knowing how much I love that! Both hands returned to under my upper thighs, her fingers pressing, pressing, her way of telling me to [censor], hard, her mouth!

Almost brutally, my hips rose and fell, but, the harder and faster I did this, the more she loved it! I was real close!!

"AHHHHHH!!... YIIIIKKKKKEEESSSSS!!... GETTING!!... GETTING!!... GETTING... CLOSE!!" I hollered and it only served for her to in- tensify her deep oral actions! I could actually feel the big, open tip way, way down her esophagus, and, I knew, when I exploded, it would spurt hard into her stomach! This is what she wanted!

She withdrew one more time... got air... then, swooped back down it it! In less then a second, I knew, it would be time! I began to feel the first, long, thick, hot column leave my balls and start to race, hotly, up the vein in the bottom of my shaft! She felt my shaft... thicken... against her throat walls! It was then, so wet and hot... she exploded... her juices sKCing out of her pussy lips, and, starting to run down her thighs!

"AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!" bellowed out of me like an animal out of con- trol! Her eyes opened wide when she felt the first column jet out of the large tip... flying... into her belly! She began having multiple orgasms, as column after column, separated by a second... bolted... from the big, open tip, still lodged, deep, in her esophagus, and, it thrilled her to feel the sides of my shaft, so tight against her throat walls! It excited her to feel my shaft... lurch... with each release!!

"UUUHHH!! UHHHH!! UHHHHH!!" resounded from my lips with each long release! Again and again and again... my cock jumped... and, she closed her eyes, in love with what she was feeling!

18 seconds... 21... 24... 27... and, she backed off so that the open tip was pressed against her throat in the back of her mouth! Her eyes opened wide, once again, as my releases continued and how she loved the very sweet taste of my abundant gism! Her pussy leaked, and, her juices continued to flow! Her lips pressed the sides of my shaft, and, quickly, she gathered up her slip and pressed it to my emptying balls!! Suddenly, I was invigorated with much greater desire and the silk on my balls fired up yet even more cum, as my balls continued to relinquish it's unbelievable burden!!

Some 43 seconds later, my cock gave up the last of my gism, at least, temporarily! But, she stayed at it... sucking up and swallowing every single drop! Then, she withdrew my shaft... licking it all over... and, her mouth moved to wherever excess gism had escaped, and, she licked up every drop she could see! I lay there, panting, feeling like I was in the midst of a coronary, it had thrilled and excited me so!

When she was through, she laid back, and, I was beside her, my hand on her leg! She raised her head, looking, and said, "My God, KC... how do you stay hard like that?

"Because I am with you," I answered.

"Good... stay like that because there is a lot more we will do!" she added.

"What?" I asked.

"What? How about you putting that big thing... all the way... into my ass, and, coating my bowel? How about you tit-fucking me, upside- down?"

"Upside-down?" I asked.

"Yes... you straddle my head and facing my feet, drive that big, luscious hunk of meat down through the top of my breasts! When you do, arch your stomach as much as you can so I will have room to wrap these big things around your shaft! This will also give me the opportunity to suck and lick those big balls!"

'God!!' I said to myself, 'this woman is something else!!'

"Remember, KC.. when doing this and you are ready to explode, get on your back real quick, so I can get between your legs and wrap these big tits around your cock and be able to have you thatt spunk right in my mouth!!"

I knew this was going to be a long night, being with someone so insatiable...
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Sexy incest. nahid and her sons friend
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 5:02 AM >>
Ekdin dupur-e power failure ebong sheishaathey excessive heat-er jonyo classtaratari shesh hoye gele ami ektu early baashay firey elam. Shortcut kore ami mainroad-e naa eshe chipa goli dhorey elam, ei alleyway-ta diye amader basha-r ekdompichhoner gate porjonto pouchhano jaay, main gate diye dhokar dorkar hoyna.
Jai hok, aami backyard diye basha-y dhuktey giye dekhi, 2nd floor-e ammu'r bedroom-er window-r shamney amar best friend Khaled dariye achhe. Taar poroney ekta black shorts chharha aar kichuui nai.
Shondeho holo. Class-e na giye baeta aamar ammu'r room-e ki kortese? Aamio swiftly ebong stealthily baarhitey dhukey ek dourey aamar bedroom-e choley elam. Aamader building-ta L -shaped howaay amar room thekey ammu'r bedroom-ta mukhomukhi dekha jay.
Deri naa korey aami amar binocular-ta tuley nilam. Eikhaney boley rakhi, aamar room-e binocular, camera etc. shobshomoy ekdom ready obosthay thakey. Maajhemaajhey aamar shundori ammu dupur belay gosol thekey beriye dressingtable-er shamney laengta hoye hair-brush korte thakey; tokhon aami churi koreybinocular lagiye ammu'r laengta body dekhe guitar maari! In fact, kaajer shubidharjonyo binocular ebong camera-r zoom-ta porjontyo exactly ammu'r bedroom-er distance -e fix kore rakhsi, jaatey ammu'r laengta body-ta ektuo miss naa kori.
Janala-r pordaa ektu phank korey aami bino-ta chokhey lagalatei ek laaf-e ammu'r puro bedroom-ta aamar chokher shamney hajir hoy. Dekhi ki, Khaled-er poroney ota kono black shorts naa. In fact, Khaled-er poroney money hoy kichhui nai, ekdom laengta mone hoitese. Aar or shamney, jeta kina black shorts bole bhool korsilam, sheta holo ek meyer maathar kalo chool, ebong maatha-ta bob up & downkortese. Magi-ta je Khaled-er laorha chushey ditese taatey kono shondehoi nai. Kintu maal ta ke? Tobey ki Khaled aamar chhoto bon Nayla'ke blowjob koraitese? Kintu tai jodi hobey, taholey ammu'r room-e keno? Nayla'r nijer bedroom-e chodachudi kortese na keno? Ekta karon hote paarey, Nayla aamar friend-ke diye chodaitese sheta kauke jaantey ditey chaay na, taai hoyto ammu'r room-e dhukey laorha suck kortese. Aar ammu'o mone hoy ghorey naai. Aami class kortesi, aar kukur Khaled-ta class phanki merey aamar ghorey eshe aamar chhoto bon-ke diye laorha suck koraitese! GRRR! Jai hok, erokom rogroge drishyo ekdom zoom kore chokher shamney dekhe aamar-o laorha kharha hoye gelo. Window-sill-er jonyo matharchool chharha magi-tar aar kichhui dekhtey partesina, taaropor pechhon phirey thaakay taar mukh-o dekhte partesina, tobey Magi-tar maatha Khaled-er crotch-er shamney besh speed-e bob up and down kortesey shet sposhto dekhtey partesi. Nijer baarhir meye bairer lok-ke emon service ditese, aar aami dur thekey dekha chharha aar kichhu korte partesina, ei bhebe ektu jealous feel korlam. Kintu edikey aamar laorha-r obostha-o khub ekta bhalo naa, zipper khule barha-ta haatey niye left haat-ey bino aar right haat-ey laorha dhorey khechte shuru korlam.
Pray 10-12 minute dhorey maagi-ta bhalomoto Khaled-er laorha service korey dilo. At last, Khaled maagi-r mukh thekey laorha-ta teney ber korey maagi-tar dui dudh dhore teney shoja daar koriye dilo. Yes, eibar maagi-tar prokrito porichoy jaana jaabey, ebar jaantey parbo kon maagi aamar ammu'r bedroom-e Khaled-ke blowjob ditey shahosh paay. Magi-ta straight hoye darhatei aamar barha khecha bondho hoye gelo, binocs-ta haat thekey drop korar jogar holo. Kintu eki?!!! Shit! Chokhey bhool dekhtesi nato? Kintu bhool to hotei paarena! Maagi-r forsha boro boro laau-er moto jhulonto doodh, komorey halka chorbi-r olpo bhaanj, sexy bhora kolshi-r moto jumbo forsha paachha, aar dui gaand-er majhey deep crack - e shob-ito aami nijer haat-er taalu-r moto khub bhalo korei chini!
Ammu aar Khaled!
Dujon shamnashamni darhiye! Ekdom laengta! Gaaye ekta shuta porjonto nai! Khaled-er laengta kharha laorha! Ammu'r laengta bhorat daab-doodh, laengta sexy pussy, laengta dhumshi pachaa! Ei matro aamar chokher shamney, aamar chhoto bon Nayla na, borong aamar ammu Naheed-i khanki-r moto aamar friend Khaled-er laorha mukhey niye chushey dilo! Damn! Ammu'r kaarbar dekhey raag hole-o ekishaathey besh horny feel kortey laaglam. Shotyi bolte ki, ammu'ke chodachudi-rota obosthay dekhar shokh aamar bohudiner. Aaj shei chance aamar shamney! Kintu kokhonoi bhabini aamar friend-er shaathey ammu'r chodon dekhtey hobey. Jaai hok, porom shujoj bujhtey perey binocs. naamiye rekhe aami ek chhutey handicam-ta niye elam. Bhaagyo bhalo; kichhu din aage-i aami handicam-taay notun cassette bhorey rakhsilam, jaatey ammu'r laengta figure-ta record korey guitar maartey pari. Aar aajkey shudhu aamar laengta ammu'kei naa, or chodachudi-o video korbo.
Aabar window-r kaachhey aashtey dekhi, Khaled ammu'ke kachhe teney niye ammu'r boro boro forsha ektu-jhulonto doodh-duto dui haatey lagiye truck-er bhepu tepar moto korey maai chiptese. Aar ammu'o daarhiye smile kortey kortey ki jeno boltese. Dui haatey ammu'r bhari dudu-jorha aacchha moto chotkaitesey Khaled shuwor-ta. Eshob drishyoi aamar camera-y record hotey laaglo. Kichhukkhon Khaled-er shathey flirt korar por ammu doodh chhaarhiye niye bichhana-y gelo. Bichhana-r opor uthey chit hoye shulo ammu, taarpor dui paa ekdom taantaan korey 180 degrees phaank korey dhorlo. Camera zoom korey aami shob kichhu dekhtey paaitesi, ammu'r forsha fluffy fola fola bhoda-r hairy lips, bhoda-r maajhey lomba golapi chera, kharha clitoris - shob ekdom porishkar dekhtesi. Ektu Khaled aamar Field-Of-View-er modhye choley aashlo. Maaney bichhana-r paashey daarhiye bekub-er moto daat ber korey daat keliye haashtey haashtey bichhanar opor aamar bhoda-kelani ammu'ke dekhiye dekhiye mota laorha-ta aastey aastey khechtey laaglo. Naah, gobet-tar dhone besh boroshoro aachhe bolte hobey. Ammu ki mota baarha-r jonyoi Khaled-ke diye chodaitese? Camera-ta steady korey dhorey aamio goromlive drishyo dekhey dekhey barha khecha shuru korlam.
Beshi deri korlona Khaled, bichhanar opor uthey ammu'r phaank kora dui thaeng-ermaajhey position nilo. Dui haat ammu'r buk-er paashey rekhe lomba laorha jhuliye aamar laengta ammu'r opor mount korlo Khaled. Ammu'o ektu impatient hoye beshya-magir moto haat barhiye Khaled-er mota laorha-ta dhore mundi-ta or bhoda-r lips a fit korey dhorlo.
Handicam-ta aaro zoom korey ekdom ammu'r bhoda-r opor focus korlam. Sposhto dekhtey pelam, Khaled-er mota lomba laorar mundi-ta ammu'r chaamki bhoda-r lips a touch korlo. Tarpor Khaled or bodyweight chherhey ditey pokat korey puro laorha-tai automatically ammu'r bhoda-r modhye dhuke porlo! Ammu'r fola fola pouty bhoda-r lips-duto Khaled-er ghorhar-laorha-tar charpashe taantaan stretchkorey gelo. Bhoda-y barha dhuktei ammu uttyejonay or lower lip-ta daat diye kaamrhey dhorlo. Dekhlam, bhoda-barar shongjog -sthaan-e Khaled-er boro boro hairy balls jhultesey.
Bhoda-y laorha bhora obosthay dui knee aaro phank korey Khaled best position nilo, tarpor komor duliye duliye aamar dugdhoboti juboti shundori lolona ammu'ke chudtey shuru korlo. In and out. In and out. Ektar por ekta thaap merey merey Khaled mota laorha-ta ammu'r housewife bhoda-r gobhirey push korey bhorey dite laglo.
Wow! Ki sexy scene! Sposhto dekhtey paitesi, Khaled-er lomba mota gaant-wala shyamla laorha-monster-ta ammu'r tight bhoda-r forsha hairy lips ekdom maximum limit porjontyo stretch korey jaowa-asha kortese! Proti thaapey ammu'r bhoda bhorti korey ekdom ondokosh porjontyo barha bhorey ditese Khaled, ammu'r forsha bhoda-r lips Khaled-er badami mota barha kamrhey giley khaitese. Thaaper taaley taaley ammu'r birat birat dudu-jora pagoler moto bounce kortese.
Ammu dui paa tuley Khaled-er komor beri merey dhorey, Khaled-er dui pachha-y or payer ankle chepe dhorey. Kintu taatey Khaled-er ektuo oshubidha hoyna, borong aager cheye aaro jorey jorey ammu'r jung shoho komor tuley thaap merey jete thaakey.
Komor tuley Khaled kutta-ta taar mota laorha -ta mundi porjyonto teney ber korey, taarpor moment-ei aabar GODAAM! kore puro done-tai ammu'r bhoda-y theshe chepe bhorey dey.
Ammu'r sexy voluptuous body-tar opor upur hoye shuwe, magi-r jumbo dudu-duto chaepta kortey kortey shuwor Khaled taar bondhu'r shundori maayer tight bhoda merey merey phaank korey dite thaakey. Aar aamar bhoda -marani ammu-magi-tao komor tuley tol-thaap martey thaakey. Khaled-er mota shaap ammu'r chodon-tunnel-e aashajaowa kortey thaakey.
Ektuporei hothat Khaled prochondo powerful birat ek thaap merey whole barha-ta ammu'r bhoda-y ekdom balls porjyonto bhorey diye themey jaay. Tarporei dekhi Khaled-er paachha-r muscles kaptese. Bujhte oshubidha holo na, ekhon ammu'r gud-e maal dhaaltese. Straight 4-5 minute dhorey aamar shundori ammu'ke mota laorha diye gethe bichhana-y chepe fele rekhe ammu'r bhoda bhorti korey shuwor-ta ghono, thokthokey, sticky, creamy white baby-making phaeda dheledeley ammu'kepregnant korey dilo.
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Sexy house maid nina
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 5:01 AM >> KajrMaya, Maid, Servent

Hi Friends , My name is Vinay,I am an Indian male,28 years old.I am guy who is very considerate and empathetic to the problems and difficulties of those who are poor or economically deprived.I try to help out and make it a point to find out the well being of those who work around me and especially, maid servants, who need to be happy and cheerful when they are doing a job.

So story began, after our old servant lady quitted and my parents were looking for someone new. Thru our neighbors we got maid. Her name was Nina. I was visiting my parents that week during my vacation week from college. Suddenly, we got a call that my grandma was very ill and my parents had to leave for my mom's native place. Since,i was free for about a week,i offered to stay and take care of the house. Mom told me , servant will come in the morning and help u out. I did not meet nina yet. So next morning, i got up around 6, took a stroll in garden for a fresh air, got the newspaper. About 1 later, i heard the door bell ring, WOW, the morning sun light was giving a glow, like a angel. Definete ,there was angel at the door step,it was Nina.I had instant hard on in my pjs. She saw my erect rod,but acted unnoticed. I introduced myself and so did she.

That said, I got into asking routine questions of our newly appointed maid about herself, her family and the kind of jobs she was doing other than the one at our house. She usually took about two hours at our place for sweeping, mopping and cleaning vessels, clothes etc. Next day, she was talking and sweeping, half standing and bending forward. As always, its was natural for her to expose her vital assets to any one who standing in front of her. She had told me once in the past that she used to be vary embarrassed to work in our neighbour's house because the man there usually makes it a point to come in front of her, under some pretext or the other, and keep staring at her. She used to be very conscious and after trying to cover herself with her dupatta, she sent a message to him that she did not like him staring at her front. When she told me all this, I was careful not to make the same mistake and took precaution never to go in front of her. I used to peep at her through the window when she worked and got a good look at that what she was hiding. She had a great assets that gave enough provocation for my cock to stand up and salute her.Unfortunately, Nina did not know that she was the one whom my cock was saluting!

So, this morning when she was in my room and I was getting ready for my bath, in the attached bathroom. She always knew to come into my room and close the door behind her. She was always very confident of herself and was never scared or conscious of coming into my room and working behind closed doors. I was in a towel and was getting ready to apply oil on my dry skin.I had applied some oil on my hands and on my chest. I was trying hard to reach behind and apply where ever I could reach. Unfortunately, there is a limitation to how much one can stretch one's hands.When I was trying all my best to bend backwards, she saw me and our eyes met. As soon as she saw me in a towel, she took her eyes off me and did not want to see my body which was naked upwards. She came with her broom up till the bath room entrance and was going about her job as if nothing happened. Just then, by mistake, I toppled the oil bottle which was kept next to my feet and quite a bit of oil spilt on the bath room floor. She laughed and looked at me and I also laughed with her. I looked at her as if asking if she could clean up the mess....and she also responded as if she knew what I was thinking. She immediately got up and went out to fetch a piece of cloth.

She came back with the mop and went inside past me to get it wet. In doing so, she almost brushed past me and by sheer mistake touched me below my waist. The towel was loosely tied to my waist and behold...what happened was the most unexpected. I was standing naked in front of her with my cock in full salute and it was so close that she could no way ignore it. She looked at its imposing size and shape. Usually, when my cock gets erect, I always pull the skin back and let the pink head slip out in all its glory. I had done the same thing a little earlier when Nina had started cleaning my room and little did I expect that my act would be caught in such a manner by the person who is causing all that. Immediately, I caught my self from feeling ashamed and in fact wanted to convert this into an opportunity. I did not however know what the opportunity could be! I knew it had to be with some kind of relief for my cock which has always stood up in its appreciation of Nina's tight and well shaped boobs, the curvaceous tits that would show her brown nipples ever so faintly. I was always excited about the imagination of nudity and exposure more than any woman who would take off her clothes and stand nude. Here I was standing nude with my nina sitting on the floor getting ready to mop the oil spill! What a slick situation to be in! Immediately, I found my voice to tell Nina, " Why don't you apply the oil on my body. if you don't mind? Why waste all this oil"? Nina looked at me with a smile and said" Fine, I have no problem.

I have done oil massage for many people in the past. it is just that I have never done for a man, especially some one naked as you!" I told Nina, Tell me if my standing nude is distracting you or if you don't like it. I am fine, I can go and wear an underwear or a towel". Fortunately, Nina said " No,its okay sir , I have no problem. it is fine as long as you don't tell any one else. I don't want people to think that I am doing such things and the last thing I want is my husband to hear about it". I responded by assuring her that I would not tell any one. In fact, I would be happy to pay her some extra money if she did massage me regularly. To which she said she always was open to earn more money and she knew that it was fine to do this for a living. She said that and started taking the oil in her hand and began applying it on the leg. She was sitting on the floor and moving her hands in an up to down motion. While doing so , she would come level with my cock and some times even look at it. My cock was getting erect with every stroke of Nina's and was acknowledging the fact that it was excited and very pleased. There was an expectation that my cock was jumping with - every cock lives for the moment when a woman would pay attention to it! I was slowly holding the skin down, when ever Nina would move to my back side.

I would move my legs apart and at the same time pay all attention to my cock and do all I could for Nina to notice the size, thickness and every detail of the veins which were flush with all the blood tat was rushing to gorge it to all its manly glory! I had known that any woman is as keen to get a glimpse of a male cock - it is just that they like to keep their desire under cover and not express their excitement out in the open. The attention being showered on each pore on my body was not lost on my throbbing member. He was enjoying the visual attention besides the anticipation of getting all the personal attention that nature makes him crave for! You know who I am talking about - yes, the junior. Nina was getting close to completing the rest of the body and was waiting for the ultimate nod that would approve her next move! To give you a quick background of Nina, she is a nice well endowed young lady who knows the ways of the world. She has experience of handling men and did not make much secret of it. Though it was not easy to get her attention since she was conscious of her good looks and well formed assets, it would have been naive to believe that she was an innocent and straight woman. I knew she liked getting the attention of men. She would give an "all knowing" look when some one approached her. She would even consent if the right man asked her out for a quick fling. But she was a terror.

The wrong man would get the rude response and then hell would break loose. I got to know from my friend who lives next door. It is not difficult to imagine how apprehensive I was when I asked her to go about the massage. She too had been brave in taking things in the stride and did not make a fuss. She did not expect me to give her a better invitation. She did what I had expected her to! She pushed her kameez in such a way that would help her squat in front of me. She had a big clevage which would be visible in all its curvy glory. Her white nylon bra would barely contain her big boobs and that is all that was needed to send blood rushing through my veins.She did her exposure as if to see the reaction and she was not disappointed. She saw it right in front of her. I also enjoyed the process of letting a woman sit at such close quarters and watch the whole act of "rising to attention".And soon, I gave my cock just the right amount of prompt to let him know that it was just Okay for it to get aroused and that it would not have not make an apology. Nina looked at my aroused state and looked up into my eyes as if to let me know that she has registered my state of urgency. I too looked back at her as if to ask her what she could do about it. I was in no way going to let this opportunity slip by and nor did I assume that Nina was making any pretenses.

Soon the sign language was over and instincts took control. And she meant business. She took a hanful of oil and applied it on both palms. She then took my cock in both palms and cajoled it along the entire length. True to any woman's desire, she too was quick to let the foreskin slip down and let the pink glory shine in all its glory. I moaned half in pain and the other half in anticipated delight. I was almost asking her if she could sense the pent up urgency, She too was hinting to me as if she knew what she needed to do. Nature has its own way of helping communication between a man and a woman. She kept applying oil as if she was massaging the erect limb like any other part of the body. And my mind was unwilling to check with her if she knew what would happen next! If you are reading the story and you have not been stroking your erection to its climax, I will be surprised!! Not more than twenty strokes and I could sense the "build up" and so I could see the keen curiosity in her eyes.

It was as if she knew the message being conveyed by the vens through which the spurt was expected; She looked at the eye of my cock ever so keenly and I was looking at her eyes and the twitching of her lips as though she was on the verge of a major accomplishment! And it was indeed a rewarding one - the first edge of the spurt esacped and fell on the corner of her lip and lo, behold, she involuntarily licked it with her tongue. The next spurt was on her face. She took it all as though she had bargained for it. I did not protest, either. She was unconciously creating the "piston like" effect that we men desire so much...and she knew to how to drain my cock of its cum! "Wow, that was heaven" escaped from my lips; and she smiled and asked me" Vinay, when did you see heaven to know this was heaven?" She left my cock to bear its own weight. She looked at the puddle all over herself and smiled at me. It was if she was expecting a favour in turn. Her eyes asked for it and I was not hesitant to give it to her.
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Frist Sex with Kajar maya khadizake : chot golpo
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:58 AM >> Choti, Choti Story, KajrMaya, Servent
Amar 28 yrs life-e ami total 15 jonke complete chudechi. Eder modda 11 jon kajer meye, 2 jon prostitue, 1 jon college girl & 1 jon school girl. Eder age limit chilo 13 - 35. Ami one after another describe korbo different forum-e.
Amar prothom target chilo amader kajer meye Khadija. Amar boyos chilo tokkon 13. Portam class eight-e. But amar bonder jonno ami oi boyos-e besh peke giyechilam. Amar guru chilo amader class-er Morshed naam-er ek chele. Se pri protidin tar Aunty ke chudto. Chotti golpo pore r Bondur kahini sune amar khub iccha korto chudte. So target hisabe nilam kajer meyeke. Anyway, amader basa ta chilo 2 storied & members chilo kom. So iccha moto chudte perechilam.
Khadija'r age chilo 17 & se chilo virgin. Guru'r formula apply kore ami kono kaj korte parchilam na. Coz se chilo amar boro. So nijer formula apply korlam. Kothar fake fake ami Khadir shate maramari kortam. Tokkom iccha korei ami ami or boobs-e haat ditam. Se kichu bolto na dheke amar sahos din din bere utlo. But kivhabe proceed hobo bujte parchilam na. Ekdin raat-e dhekhi Khadija kitchen-er floor-e bose ki jeno korche. Tar kaporer uporer fak diye boobs-er cannel ta dhekha jacchilo. Sei ta dheke amar mal mathai uthe gelo. Cinta korlam je bhabei hok oke amar chudthe hobe. Suru korlam golpo. Tokkon onek raat & basar sobai ghumiye gechilo. So, golpo korte korte eksomoy ami or shate maramri suru korlam. Ek porjai-e ami ami or boobs duita dhore tante laglam. Ufff bole bosnona dewa jabe na. Ki norom norm vorat duita dud. Khadija dekhi kisu bole na. So sahos peye ami aste aste tipte suru korlam. Meyeta amake response kora suru korlo. Ami oke ekta kiss dilam. Se'o amake kiss korlo. Erpor suru holo kiss dewadewi. Uttejonai amar body kapte laglo. Ei somoy kar jeno payer awaj peye ami paliye gele sei diner kissa khotom hoi. But porerdin r chance chari nai. Seidin Khadija porechilo Sari. Ami oke tene amar room-e niye gelam. Amar room chilo basar ekdom corner-e. Generaly oikhane keow jeto na. Room-e giye amara ekjon arekjon joriye dhore kiss kora suru korlam. Ami aste aste or boobs tepa suru korlam. Ek porjaiye or blouse-er bhitor haat dhukiye dilam. Boobs tipte tipte amra ekjon arekjoner lips suck korchilam. Amar danda gorom hoye Khadijar vodai guta marchilo. O aro pagol hoye ekshate blouse r Bra'r hook khule dilo. Jibon-er prothom real boobs dheklam. Ki korbo bujte na pere ami nipple suck kora suru korlam. By the way amra eisob dariye dariye korchilam. Ei somoy Khadija suye porlo. aAmi'o or upor suye porlam. O uttejito hoye amar mukh or dud-e chepe dholo ami suck korte laglam. Khadija amar dhon-e haat deya matro ami kepe utlam. Mone holo mal biriye jabe. After all first experience. Jai hok ami or sari tule diye bodai haat dilam. Dekhi ros-e toi tumbur. Ami amar lungi khule dhonta or bhoda-i dhukate cesta korlam but futa khuje pelam na. Khadija eibar nijer haat-e amar bara dhore or gud-er futai set kore bollo dhukate. Ami'o kono kisu cinta na kore dilam jore ekta thap. O Chitkar kore utlo. Coz amar age kom hole'o bara chilo besh boro & eita chilo or'o first experience. Dheklam or gud theke blood ber hosse. Ami voy peye gelam. Khadija amake avoy diye bollo o kissu na. Prothom prothom eirokom hoi. O amake aste aste tapate bollo. Ami erpor aste aste tapate laglam. Khadija'r niswas aste aste aro ghono hoye utlo. Bujlam or feelings hocche. Amar'o khub feelings hocchilo. Erpor aste aste thaper speed barate laglam. Khadija bollo aro jore jore korte. So suru korlam bomby thap. Hothath Khadija amake jore chepe dhorlo or bukher maje. Amar prai nishas bondo hoye jacchilo. Er modda ami jototuku somvhob jore thap marchilam. Amake joriye dhore Khadija kepe kepe utthe laglo ami'o ar parlam na. Dilam pri ek kolsi mal or vodar bhitor khalas kore. Ek porjaiye amra duijon-i aste aste netiye porlam. Er pro suru holo amader regular codon . protidin raat-e sobai ghumiye gele amra suru kortam amader chodon lela. Pri 1yr Khadija ke regular chodechilam
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Amr chahi Magi ka size kora
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:56 AM >> Aunt, Chachi, Magi
Amar naam Wahid. Ami Dhaka theke bolchi. Ami aj apnader amar ek chachi ke chodar kahini bolbo. Ei shob kichu shuru hoyechilo aj theke 9 bochor age, jhokhon ami amar chachi ke niey shopno dekhtam. Kemon shopno sheta asha kori apnader bolte hobe na Amar boyosh thokhon chilo 18 er moto.

Amra ek bari te thaktam, but different floor e. Amra thaktam 1st floor e ar chachi ra thakto 2nd floor e. Amar ek bondhu ekbar amar chachi kea mar bashay dekhe chilo. Bondhu janto na je eta amar chachi. O chachi ke dekhe khub excited hoye gachilo. Ar amake bolechilo “Dosto oi mohila ta ke re? Pacha ta ekdom chollish (40). Ami jibone o ei rokom pachar naach dekhi nai. Mohila haate ar pacha batashe dule”. Ami bollam “shlar bhai, oi ta amar chachi”. Bondhu bollo “oh sorry dosto, maaf korish. Bujhbar pari nai”. Kintu er por theke amar o chokh pore galo chachir upor. Ami chachar bashay jawoa shuru korlam onek beshi beshi. Ar khali haar martam chachi ke chinta kore. Ami majhe majhe chachir bathroom e giey chachir bheja bra panty er gondho nitam. Majhe Majhe oi bathroom er bhitorey haat martam, ar bra-panty shuktam. Onek bar ei kaaz korechi. Toto din porjonto korechi, joto din porjonto amar shopno shotti hoy ni. Accha ekhon ektu chachir bornona deya jaak.

Chachir naam Sharmin, boyosh 40 er ektu kom hobe. But dekhle mone hoy boyosh jeno 30 er o kom. About 5’4” er moto lomba. Tar ekta meye o ache. Meyetar boyosh 10 er moto. Sheta chilo mone hoy October er shokhal. Amar shorir tab halo chilo na. Kichu ta jor jor bhab. Chachi tar bua ke pathalo amar bashay. Bua ashe bollo “Bhaia, apaar shori o bhalo na, apaa apnake blood pressure mapar machine niya jaite koise”. Ami gelam ektu por tar flat e. Jeye dekhi chachi bedroom er bichanay shuye ache. Chachi khub aste aste hashlo ar bollo “Wahid, shorir ta khub ekta bhalo lagche na, kalke raat e ghum hoy ni. Abar ajke onek shokale uthte hoyeche, karon tor chacha Chittagong gache”. Ami chachir haat nilam, pressure mapar jonno. Chachir haat dhorlam ar ami bhitore bhitore ghamte shuru korlam. Pressure maplam, dekhi pressure normal. Ami chachi ke bollam “Chachi tomar to pressure normal, tomar onno kono oshubidha ache ki?” Chachi bollo, tar prochondo ghar batha korche, tai oni bhebechilen je pressure er jonno betha korche. Ami chupchap dekhlam, ghorer ashe pashe keu nai. Bua drawing room e TV dekhe. Ami chachi ke bollam, “chachi dao ami ektu tomar ghar ta tipe dei. Bhalo lagbe”. Chachi na korlen na. Oni ulta hoye shulen, ar ga theke orna ta shoriey rakhlen. Ekhon oni shudhu salwar-kamiz pore achen. Ami onar pith er moddhe diey kamiz er nich bra ta dekhe parlam. Ato tight kore bra porechen he shompurno bra bojha jacche.

Ar thokhon onar shei 40 marka pacha ta jeno amar dike takiey ache. Edike amar dhon to aste aste norachora shuru kortese. Ami chupchap onar ghar tipte shuru korlam. Chachi khub enjoy korte laglo. Ami aste aste ghar the amar haat nicher dike namaite laglam. Ghar theke amar haat onar pithe chole ashlo. Ekhon amar haat er niche onar bra tar hook. Ami bra er upor diey onar pith tipte laglam. Ektu por ami bollam, “Chachi, tomar ei jinish tar jonno thik moto tipte parchi na. Tomar ekhon bra ta khule rakha uchit.” Chachi kichu na bole jamar bhitor haat dhukiey bra ta khule fello. Ar ami bhalo manusher moto onno dike takiey thaklam. Ami abar amar massage shuru korlam. Ekhon kamiz er nich ami jeno onar skin er sporsho pacchi. Ar amar matha aste aste groom hoye jacche. Ami aro nicher dike namte laglam. Aste aste komor porjonto tipte laglam. Ekbar bhablam aste aste Pacha tao tipe dei. Jei bhaba shei kaaz komor theke jei na nicher dike namte jabo, ar chachi nore uthlen. Ami taratari pachar kotha bhule onar pa er chole gelam, ar pa tipte laglam. Chachir Pa ato thanda chilo. Ami aste aste onar paye amar haat ghoste laglam. Ektu por onar salwar je gap thak shei gap er moddhe diey haat dhukiey dilam o pa er muscle gula tipte laglam. Ami aste aste ebar upor er dike uthte laglam. Onar hatur niche jei muschle gula ache, oi gula ato norom! Ami ar shojjo korte parlam na. Shoja onar thigh tipa shuru korlam. Oni kichu bollen na. Dekhlam chokh bondho kore shuye achen, jeno khub bhalko lagche onar. Ami bhablam ei shujog voday haat debar. Kintu Buar pa er shobdo shunlam. Chachi taratari amar haat onar shorir theke shoriey dilen. Ar bollen “Ar ekdin korish”. Ami bujhte parlam na “Korish” bolte oni ki bujhate cheyechen. Korish mane ki? Amar pore massage korish? Naki amake pore chudish?

Erpor dekhi chachi amar dike takiey hashe. Ami to obak hoye gelam! Er por dekhi amar dhon babaji daray ase tal-gacher moto, ar chachi amar kapor er niche daray thaka dhon ta dekhe hashtese. Ami to lojjay laal hoye gelam. Chachi bollen “Tor chacha Chittagong theke ashte aro 2 din baki. Ajke raat e amar flat e thakish. Ami tor ma ke bolbo je amar shorir bhalo lagche na. kono shomossha hobe na”. Ami to erpor nachte nachte bashay gelam. Kono kotha nai, shoja bathroom. Ar shuru hoilo raam-khecha. Erpor ma bollo, “Wahid tui ajke raate tor chachir flat e thakish. Tor chachir shorir tab halo na. art or chacha o to dhakay nai”. Ami khub birokto hoye bollam “Ki je jontrona!!! Tomader jalay ar para gelo na. koi ektu aram korbo ta na, abar chachi ke pahara dite hobe!”. Mukhe bollam kotha but mone mone to ami duniyar shob cheye shukhi manush. Raat 11 tar dike ami amar balish ar chador niey chachir flat e chole gelam. But jawoar age ami khub bhalo moto perfume marlam, dhon shave korlam. Ar jai hok, ei prothom bar chachi ke chudbo. Ektu bhodro-balok thaka uchit. Flat e gelam. Bua dorja khule dilo. Ar amake guest room e niye galo. Ami jiggesh korlam chachir oboshtha kemon. Bua bollo chachi age age shuye porse. Ami dekhlam chachir ghorer dorja bondho. Ami light off kore shuye porlam. Amar mejaj thokhon chorom porjay!!! Amarey asha diye chachi ghumay galo??? Mone hoitesilo chachir dorja bhainga feli. Eirokom shat-pach bhabte bhabte ami nije o ghumay porlam khokhon jani na. Hotat ami amar shorir e ekta alto chowa pelam. Ondhokare alpo alpo kore bujhlam red nighty pore chachi dariey ache amar pashe. Amake chachi tar pechon pechon jete bollo. Ar haat diey ishara kore bollo, jate kono shobdo na hoy. Ami aste aste pa tipe tipe chachir bed room e gelam. Ghar e dhuke chachi dorja bondho kore dilo. Ar amake bichanay chup kore shuye porte bollo.

Chachi tar nighty ta khule fele amar pashe ashe shuye porlo. Amar matha kharap hoye galo, dekhlam bra ar panty pora chachi. Ami onake joray dhora chumu dite laglam. Chachi o amake joray dhorlo. Amar dhon aste aste flute laglo. Chachi dhontay haat bulaite laglen, tarpor bollen “Pant kholo”. Ami chokher poloke pant khule fellam.ami ektane bra khule felte chailam, chachi amar kando dekhe much tipe hashte laglen. Ami onar dudh haate niey chuste shuru korlam. Ar onno haate onno ta tipte laglam. Dush gula dekhe amar matha kharap hoye galo, ki korbo bujhte partesilam na. ekbar tipi, ek bar chusi, majhe majhe shudhu takay thaki. Edike chachi shomane amar dhon haatay jacche. Ami chachi ke bollam, “Ektu chuse dao na chachi”. Chachi bollo tar bhalo lage na, dhon er gondho. Ami bollam “tumi dekho kono gondho nai, ekbar try kore dekho.” Asholey kono gondho thakar kotha na. ami dhoner jei rokom rup-chorcha korsi ashar age. Ektu por oni aste aste dhon ta mukhe dilo, alpo ektu kore. Tarpor aste aste purata chuste laglo. Amar mone holo, aha sarajibon jodi amar dhon ta keu emon kore chusto, ki moja hoito! Chachir mukher bhitor ta ato gorom. Ar chachi pura ta mukh ney abar bair kore. Ami er bollam “chachi, ulta haw, ami tomar ta chusbo”. Chachi kono kotha na bole ulta hoye galo. Amra thokhon 69 position e. chachir voday kichu baal acche. Ami aste aste voday much ghosha shuru korlam. Ami chusha shuru kortey chachi jeno pagol hoye galo. Pagoler moto amar dhon chosa shuru korlo

Erpor chachi hotat dhon chosha bondho kore bollo “Hoise ekhno dukha, ar pari na”. Ami uthe porlam onar gayer upor. Voday dhon set kore shuru korlam thapano. Mature mohila der chuddar ei ekta anondo. Era khub experienced hoy, ar knono jhamela kore na. Chachir voda to pani te vorpur. Ami chalaite thaklam. Chachi ke ulta kore bollam “mi pichon dike korbo”. Er por chachi ke shuyae ulta kore she pachar fak diey voday dhon dhukailam. Aaahhh ki ararm!!! Chachi ektu pore amake nicher dike theke thapaite laglo. Ami o gayer shokti diey dilam thapani. Chachi ekbar shudhu bollo “ohh, aro jore dhakka mar, aro jore”. Eita shuina to amar ar mejaj kharap hoye galo. Ami bolte gale amar pura shorir er shokti chap dite laglam ar chachir much chepe dhorlam jate beshi sohbdo korte na pare. Chachi jeno bichanar shathe ekdom mishe galo. Ami thapaite laglam ar pacha ta hataite laglam. Tarpor voda theke dhon bair pacha ta dui faak kore dhon boshilam pachar futay. Aste aste chaap dite laglam, chachi dekhi bichar chador shokto kore dhore ache. Amia aste aste chap dite laglam, ar chachi shudhu bollo “omago!”. Ami shudhu dik-bidik-gan-hin bhave korte thaklam. Chachir pacha ta amar dhon take ekdom chapay dhortesilo, mone hocchilo jeno dhon chushe shob kichu bair kore nibe oi pacha. Ektu por amar much chute galo, “?chachi tomar ei pacha dekhe ami koto haat marsi tumi jano?”, Chachi aaaahh aaaahh korte korte bollo, “aamake age bolle to ami toke ditam”. Amar kaan diya dhuwa bair hoite laglo mone hoy. Ektu por chachir pachay shob maal falay dilam, ami ar norte partesilam na. chachi dekhi nicher dik theke thap diey jaitese. Ami chup kore oi oboshthay chachir upor shuye thaklam. Ar chachi shudhu aaaaahhhhh korte laglo, amar dhon thokono onar pachar bhitor. Ami aro kichukhon shuye thaklam oi bhabe. Er por chachi onar nighty diey amar dhon muche dilo. Ami ghumay porlam. Raat ar kichu khon por chachi amake deke dilo, ar bollo, amar ghor e jeye ghumaite. Ami abar pa tipe tipe amar room e chole gelam. Oi raater er por aro 3/4 bar chachi ke chudechilam. Ekhon khub ekta pari na. chachir o boyosh hoye gache, but majhe majhe dekha hole, ami dushtami kore chachir buke ar pachay haat bulay dei. Chachi shudhu hashe
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My Sweet Bhabi
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:52 AM >> Bhabi, vabi
My Sweet Bhabi I am Ramesh want to tell you my story of love with my sister-in-law. it is a true story. It was when I was just 18 years old. My bhabi was too young and smart, her boobs are too big and her gand (butts) were round like football. I like her gand very much .The story was began when we are living in chennai, my bhabi name is Kalpana . we where four member in a home me, my bhabi, my brother and my bhabi son. he was just 1year old. One day when my brother was not at home, he went out of station for business purpose for five days. The next day was my school holiday. That was Sunday. I got up in the morning and got ready to go out for play with friend and entered in to bhabi's room and ask for milk, my bhabi was feeding his baby. I usually see bhabi was giving some thing in anuj mouth but what I did not no, what was that. Anuj is my bhabi son. when asked for milk my bhabi said (tum roj kis ka doodh pite ho ) I did not no why bhabi was asking all this. I said cow's milk. Bhabi said ajj kise ka piyoge. I told cow ka hi. she said with a smile on her face - nahi ajj tum mere doodh piyoge and took her another boob out and told me to suck it. I said no, then she said it is very tasty, see anuj is also drinking. Then I went near to her boobs and taking nipple in the mouth and start sucking. she asked me to press her boob so I get more milk. I said ok and start pressing her big boob. After some time when Anuj fall asleep, she got up and sat down beside me and then she gave me her nipple in my mouth again I started sucking it. It was very tasty and sweet. Then my bhabi kept her hand on my pant and started pressing my lund, it was erected by her pressing I was enjoying it then, bhabi told me its enough now go I told bhabi that no I want your milk more it is tasty then bhabi told if u want it more u have to obey me. I said ok, I said that because I liked her hand on my cock Ii drunk some more of her milk and then I got up then bhabi told me to sit here and then told me to do what ever she says. Ii said ok, then she told me to lie down and when I laid down, she came near me and started pressing my chest then my Lund and kissed me on my lips and then she removed all my clothes one by one. Then she lied down next to me and ordered me to press her boobs and then her pussy. Then I kissed her on her lips and put my tongue in her mouth, she also put her tongue in my mouth then she asked me to take her clothes off I started to take her clothes off. Firstly took of her saree then when I started removing her jacket she asked me what is this I told her that this is your shirt she said it is her blouse, I said ok then I removed her petticoat she again asked me what is this I did not say anything then she told me it is petticoat then she started showing her bra this is bra and this is panty then when we both were naked she told me about her and mine body sexy part this is lund for which a women is fan of this and showing her chute she said this is chute this are boobs this is gand and informed me that men are fan for all these things. I was amused by all these new stuff. She told me that she will play a game with me today, I said ok. Then she too me on her body and start pressing me and I also started pressing her then she started sucking my lund. I never felt anything like that before, it was out of this world. She asked me to lick and suck her hairy chute which I started to suck. she was telling me the bad words and pressing my head into her chute and screaming oh uh ahhhhpls - do it - suck it - ahh suck all my chute ka rus - mere jan - mere pati ke bhai apne bhabi ko pyare de kha ja meri chute ko ahhh uhhuh hhhaha uhuhuh. After that she told me to be in the position of 69 - I asked how ? she turned around my lund and her chute is on my mouth I started licking and sucking her chute. she too was sucking my lund. We both were moaning like a dog uh ahh bhabi ahh raja mere jaan ohht then bhabi told me to put my lund in her chute. I had no idea what she was talking about. She grabbed my lund and put it in and then told me to be up and down I started the same way then after 20 minute I feel to go toilet I asked bhabi I want to go to toilet she told me to do inside of her chute I do not no that it was my cum that time after giving all my cum in to the bhabi chute she told that it is not your pee it is cum in your bhabi chute and then said that u know the name of this game I said no then she told ise chodan kahate hain tum ne ajj apani bhabi ko choda hai tum jab bade hoge apani biwi ko chodo ge jaise muje choda hai . Then told me that u should not tell any body about this game between u and me otherwise I will not allow u to play again with me, I agreed that I will not tell any body then I told her meri bhabi darling u don't know I use to steal ur pantys and smell e time and ur bras she said oh ur naughty then she showed me a book of nude pic in which there were one women and three man and in other pic I saw one man and two women after that many pic I seen in that book in one of the pic I seen that a man is putting his lund in the ass hole I ask bhabi she said tum bhi gand marna chate ho I said yes then she again undressed me and herself and started kissing my cock and my ass then I also kissed her ass hole and then she bring some cream and apply it on her ass hole and my lund and told me this is my first experience of fucking ass ok do it I put my lund in her gand then started fucking her and by one hand I press her big boobs making direction on her mouth so her milk fall on her mouth and the other hand is on her cunt rubbing her cunt and putting finger in his cunt after some shot I started moaning oh bhasbi iii oh uh I am cumming in ur gand ahh bhabi also started moaning ahh aja mer jan ahh umm oh then I filled his gand with my cum. after that I have fucked her cunt and gand many more time. when ever I got time. once my cousin came to over house and seen me fucking bhabi and black mail me to [censor] her and I was ready for the new chute of my cousin.
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Sexy buake choda
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:50 AM >> KajrMaya, Servent

amader barite chilo horke rokom loker asha jawa. Akbar amar ak nani bollo je tar bashaie je bua thake she notun jaigai jete chai. Amader bashai shobai shoman. bua bole je thake choto dekbo ta kintu na. Ta amar nani hoiya gelo raji.

ami take apu bolei daktam. karon bua in one sense nani. but as she was 28 i didnt want her feel old... neways, ami jokoni shomoi petam tar shathe alap cholto. akbar akta xxx movie dekchilam vhs e, hotat kore oi apu(bua) duklo living room e. tar nam chilo banu. ami bollam, "are banuapu apniiii ....apnake nani daketo...jan jan." banu apu bollo ha ha jaboi to age dekhi ni tumi ki dekcho. Aka Aka dekho keno amar ki dekte eccha kore na...huh. totodine ami onek free onar shathe. Ami bollam ha dekte dibo joti amake promise koren kauke bolben na and amar shathe enjoy koren...bua bollo sheta ar bolte hobe na, ato chinta koro keno...ato chinta korlei tomar wife tomake chere jabe chole...ami bollam jak jak tumi to aso...banu bua akta sweet sexy hashi dilo ar amar pashe boslo.

that time porn er moddhe polata maiyatar dhudh dhore chuschilo, amio aste kore bua ke bollam oma dekechen ki shundhor chusche ...amaro khub korte eccha kore...banu bua bollo, " ato iccha kore buji...." aei bole hotat bua ektu uki mere deklo shobai kothai aste kore dorja lagie dilo ar shuru korlo stripping...amar matha to thokon gorom. pause korlam. Kintu bua ar pause kore ki sharir achol khule deklam tar silky blouse niche sexy bra. Bua chilo abar modern type er...she bra porto victoria secret....bidesh theke unto manush ke bolee. neways pura sharee khule felloe bua tar por blouse and peticoat. abar onekta hindi chobir style bua dilo nachon...tar peter nachoni deke amar aste aste dhon ta kara hoye gelo. kase astei aktane khule fellam blouse...botam chire gelo...bua bollo, " aei ato matha gorom korish na..." ami bollam " ha amar dhoner mathai khali gorum...tumi buji gorom na..." afake pause kora xxx movie ta abar start holo...thokon movier actress ta dhon chuschilo....ami ak bar deklam bollam amio pari...ami buar sexy bra ta khulte chesta korlam first could not do it then she helped me...dhod ta akbare thasha...pura komla lebur moto na but curvy....nipple ta brown...choka...."" ummmm ummm kore bacchader moto chuste laglam..." tar por movie cholse amader khelao chollo. buar voda amar mukhe ar amar dhon duklo buar muke...prothom prothom buar thik moto suck korte na parleo pore movie theke suck korlo....voda ta chilo rosalo...olpo olpo bal chilo...mone hoi kisudin age shave korechilo...ami bollam, " o bou aei rosalo bodha ta keno ato moja..." bua bollo, " koi ar moja mojar ar ki dekli...dekbe akoni..." aei bole bua ghure amar upor utlo ...chulta jaki diye pisone shoralo porn star der moto ar dhud tai tokon je ki ak jakoni laglo porn shobi ar na korle buja dai.

Bua amar upore...ami chit hoye ....aste kore amar mota dhon khani bua tar vudai dhukate chesta korlo...aste kore matha gelo shore...bua bollo," dhur toke diye hobena dukateo janish na.." ami bollam " ha bleche tomake..." ami amar thutu diye dhon ta bijiye niye akbar deklam asol jaigata...tarpor aste aste fit kore dhukate thaklam...uuuuu ahhhhh ki je aram. vodar rosh to top top kore bua..." ore ore aste de aste de...betha lage..." jokon olpo gelo ak rum thup dilam shurut kore dhonta gelo buar roshalo vodae duke.....tarpor chollo lila khela

koyekbar chollo position change,....chuma chumi ....voda ....angul bili kora ....bua to amake peye jor kore tar dhuder shathe pishe felte cheye chilo....ami bollam aki bua tomar betha lage na dhudu te...bua bollo..." ha betha ar lagbe tor dhond diye je aram dicchish ...shei aram to betha vulei gesi...kha kha amar mai bhalo kore kha..."

kothokhon chilam janina but jokon ektu chokh mellam dekhi movie shesh...amader kamo shesh...bua tar kaje chole gese...ami taratari kapor pore ready hote laglam university te jawar jonnee....

my friends it went on and on....i will tell more afterwards more incidence...till then ..take care
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Short funny choti golpo amr chuda kayor kota
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:48 AM >> Choti Story, Frist Sex, Girls Writen Story
Ami rimi. boyosh 19. aaj ami amar prothom chuda khawar ghotona bolbo. amar boyfrnder name razu. amader 3 years dhore affair.
goto january te o amake bollo j amader affirer 3 bochor hoeache but amra ekhonosex kori nai.
amio vablam j ebar kichu kora uchit.
jei vaba shei kaaaz. amra or ekta frnder flat a gelam. shekhane or frnd ekachilo. shey amader k eka chere chole galo.
tarpor razu amar skirt tene khule fello.amio or shirt pant tene khule felllam.o amar shirt khule fello. tarpor amar bra er upor dia amar 34b size boobs tipteshuru korlo.
ami moan shuru korlam. tarpor o amake bichanai shuiey dilo.amar pa fack kore she taar 7? dick amar gudar mukhey rakhlo. tarpor she khubjore thap mere taar pura dick dhukiey dilo. prothome ami khub betha pelam.tarpor aram lagte laglo.
she condom porechhilo. tai amar vetorey e maaal fello. amaro khub aramdaiokorgasm holo
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Khanki sotma KAMINI
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:47 AM >>

Amar baba aj b a korche.Amar step mom er nam KAMINI.Nam jemon sovab temon.Asche1din holo,but chokhe sudhu kamonar agun.Amar room er pasei amar dad erroom.Raat ekta baj e.Bichanar koch koch awaz barte laglo.Kichu khon por amarstep mom er shitkar sunte laglam.Sei ki sitkar.Amar dad er o gorjon suntelaglam.15min pore dad tar 15bochorer jomano maal dhele dilo r juddho bondhoholo.Raat e r o tin bar juddho hoisilo.Amar to sara rat ghom hoi nai.Dhon babaji celling er dik e takai silo.Sokal e ghoom venge dekhi panter kapor sokto.Tarmane rat e maal out hoise.Hobei na keno,jey 3x sunlam.Pant change kore nastartable e gelam.Step mom dekhi pacha duliye duliye hatche,magir mone hoy khudhamite nay.Amar dad deklam khoobe satisfied.Hobey na keno amar ma mara gese ajprai 15 bochor r mom er love er tokhon 22yrs.Amar jonmer2 bochor por mara jai.tar por r b a koreni.kintu eto bochor por keno korlo tabujhlam er boyos 40,amar 17,r KAMINI er may b 30.sobai ros e vorpur.Eivabe 1week kete gelo.KAMINI mone hoy dad er sathe korte korte bore hoye gese.ekdin ami basai pc te 2x dekchilam.kokhon j KAMINI pichone eshe daralo ter paini.dekha ses hole ami pani khete jai thokhon KAMINI ese bollo,ghoob khudha legechilo buji.ami kotha bujhlam na.kiser khudha.KAMINI bollo etokhon ja d a khudhamitale.ami tokhon laag e lal.KAMINI bollo lozza pacho keno?khudha to

lagbei,boyos jokhon hoyese.amar ghore eso.ami gelam tar ghore.boso.KAMINI amarpase ese boslo.amar uru te hat raklo.tumi ek ta joan chele tomar khudha metanor keu ne?ami taki e achi KAMINIr dike.chok d a amak chatche.or achol kadh theke pore gelo.bisal dui book.blouse chire ber hoye aste chache.or hat ebar amarbaray giye jai kothai.ami ok joria dhorlam.kiss korte laglam pagolermoto.KAMINIR golay,booker kinar e kamorer dag.magi re valo moto kheyechedad.jib dukia dilam vetor.hat chole gelo blouse er vitor.amar nobin hathersporse full e uthlo.o dik e o panter upor d a amar bara hatrate laglo.ami e barbooker d ke mon dilam.blouser hook khulam.bra nei.forsa duita golgol book.lalchekamorer er.kal baba kheyeche aj chele khabe.ami dergho din er trisnamitate muk dilam book e.khujte thaklam omrito sudha.sei ki j suk.kothokhonkelam jani na.KAMINI bolo bap beta mile dekhi amar book er kichu rakhbena.amilojja peye muk soralam.ei bar amar dui pa er fake o hatu gere boslo.dhere dhereamar pant er zipper khullo.torang kore amar louho dondo berho.babah!,ei boyoseieto boro.tomar dad k o pas kore diyecho.bolley amar baray muk dilo r chat telaglo.jibone prothom kono narir jiber sporso peye sursur kore uthlo.hotath purobara mokhe pu re fello.amar bara jeno hot water e ki sucking,mone hoyje loli pop te chat te ama k osthir kore fello.ami sukhe chotfotkorchi.ei vabe suck korle to amar maal out hoye jabe.o k soriye dilam.mone holoektu oviman koreche.ami ebar jhapiye porlam or gud e.dekhi shave kora.fakkorttei ros beye porlo.ami jib dilam.ekta odbhut sadh.nesay peye boslo.durontogotite suk korte laglam.o sitkar e fete porlo.ah ah,tomar dad kokhono suck koreni.ami aro vitore jib dhuki e dilam.or sob ros ekdiney kheye felte chai.hotath oonno rokom kore chitkar dia body mochriye golgol kore ros ber kore dilo.ami sobtuku ros kheye nilam.k bollo ,e ki korle,amar to orgasm hoye gese.ami mone monebollam valo e holo.magi k kabu kora jabe.ami ok french kiss korlam.kiserkabu.minute jete na jete e abar ama k khamche dhorlo.ei bar KAMINI nijey ama kbollo,amar vagina to khali khali lagche,kichu ekta vore dao.ebar amar khelasuru.amar barar matha set korlam or gud e.ros e poripurno.halka thap diteyordhek ta dhuke gelo.ah! ah! kore uthlo.gud khub ekta tight na.hobey bakeno,amar dad jei chodon chudeche tate dhila na hoye upay ache.Ami baki ordhek ta ram thap diye dhukiye dilam.amar mone holo kono aguner guhayami bara vule dhukiye d a chi.suru holo thapano.kapte laglo khat.khat ta jodilohar na hoto,tahole bodhoy vengey jeto.o dik e KAMINI to amak khamche dhorenokh pithe bosiye d a bolte laglo aro jore,amar gud phatiye dao.ei khothay amarbarar jeno opoman holo.thaper speed aro bariye dilam.aro kichokhon porethamlam,ei vabe thapale to amar mal out hoye jabe.tai position changekorlam.amar favourite position doggy style.KAMINI k set kore dilam ramthap.amar dui hat diye or book squzee korchi r ram thap dichi.magi nije o amark thap diche.ami or pachay dilam duta chor.o amar dik e ovimane chokhebollo,valoy to sikhecho.ami hese abaro position change korlam.bichanay niyesuiye dilam.Ami KAMINIr pa duto vaj kore hatu or buk e chepe dorlam r amar baradhukiye diye or vaj kora pay e vor dilam.ei positione or gud tight holo.amarbara k jeno kamre dhorlo amar somoy ar ney bujhe thapate laglam jorse.poch

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Horney survent ka chudachudi kala
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:45 AM >> Maid, Servent
Hai readers I am Rajkumar 45 year old married man with two kids and a lovely wife.I got married to a beautiful loving wife complete in all aspects except one item in sex.She did not let me to [censor] her in ass.I love w omens asses as much as cunt.Hundreds of My repeated pleads for 18 years to my wife were ineffective.I was driving crazy.
My wife is employed in a bank and I am a sales representative.First my wife will leave home with children .I take my own time to go to work as I do not have any specified working hours.
We are having a middle aged servant maid and her name is Vijaya.Her age is 45.She has beautiful buttocks.She is slightly fat,but her ass was delightful.Particularly when she walks the projected backsides would move up and down and makes any man passing by stairing at them with a lust.I cannot be an exception.Every day I look at them with passion and that was another reason for my burning desire for an ass [censor].
Vijaya is a mother of 3 children, 2 daughters and a son.Her husband is a drunkard and a gambler and so he was useless to the family.It was Vijayas earnings that was taking care of the family.She wanted to give atleast her son a good education.She was allways in a financial problem and had taken loan from many persons including my family.My wife adjusted every month a part of the loan from her salary.
Two days back when my wife paid the salary Vijaya made a request.She asked my wife to postpone the monthly recovery by a month as she had to pay her sons school fees.My wife bluntly refused.She was disappointed and stood helpless.After sometime my wife and children left.As Vijaya had still some more work she stayed doing the grooming.It is at that time I took a decision.There is no point in being faithful to my wife hereafter as she doesnot even care to satisfy my desire for 18 years.If I continue like this I may not get that at all.A strange idea struck me.Let me make hay while sun shines.How about trying this woman who needs money badly? For a moment I was nervous ,but I remembered the phrase “fortune favours the brave” and decided to go on.
I called Vijaya talked to her and threw my proposal that I would take care a portion of her needs if she takes care of me secretly.It will be atleast One thousand rupees a month.She was surprised and the instant reply was negative and warned me not to talk to her like that in future.She left the house after some time even without telling me which she usually does.I got scared that evening Vijaya is going to inform my wife what happened.
To my surprise within 5 minutes Vijaya came back.She told me that she has changed her mind and is agreeable for my proposal,and wanted to know whether I can do some help that day itself.Instantly I told her my exact need.It is for her asses I am after her and I am ready at that moment itself if she is ready.She said ok ,but requested me to apply oil or cream in my cock.I agreed.
I took Vijaya to the bed room.She removed her saree and buttons of the blouse and hooks of bra.So her breasts are going to be bonus for me.Then she sat near the cot facing the cot on a squatting position .Then vijaya bent forward and pressed her front in the cot.She lifted her petticoat on the backside and adjusted her legs and was in a doggy position.I saw her two wonderful big wonderful milky pots .Absolutely a magnificient sight.She spread her legs and told me “ Sir ,please get on with the job.I have to work in two more houses and then go to school.If you want to enjoy watching my buttocks I promise whenever opportunity comes I will give 15 minutes exclusively for that”.
I removed my dress and applied lot of oil to my cock.Vijaya took some oil and applied inside her ass.Then I sat behind her on kneeling position and adjusted the height.Then I kept my cock at the entrance of her asshole and slowly started pushing.Little by liitle was going inside.I found Vijaya Moaning in pain.Then She asked me to pullout and applied some more oil on my cock.Then I made the next attempt.This time I found My cock sliding in her ass much easily.Vijaya too experiencing lesser pain.Slowly my entire 7” cock went inside.
Then I began fucking the lovely ass of the maid.Initially I found From Vijayas face the feeling of some pain.I continued push and pull of my cock in her ass.Gradually I found Vijayas face expression changing and it appeared that she is getting some pleasure.To confirm I asked her whether it is paining.She smiled and replied that the pain is gone and she is enjoying in pleasure and asked me to increase the speed.She took my hands.Placed one hand in her breasts and the other in her cunt and wanted me to play with them.
What a first experience? What a way to get 20 year old lust fulfilled?.My excitements increased with pleasure .Fucking deeply a wonderful ass,with one hand playing in her cunt and the other hand fondling the breasts.Now Vijaya started moaning in pleasure and responding begun by moving her ass front and back according my speed and rythum .I could hear the ‘ chap,chap’ sounds when my thighs dashing in her fleshy buttocks.Our speeds increased to great level with moanings and suddenly I understood that I am going to explode.Vijaya too must have realised and so she too was ready.Then I knew the moment.I withdrew my hands from her breast and cunt and placed them just above her thighs.I pushed my entire cock deeply into maids ass simeltaneously pushing her ass towards me with my hands remained like that.Vijaya too pushed back her ass and pressed it tightly in my thighs.
My cock shot out loads.I felt shootting semen again and again in her ass.Then I felt large quantity of semen oozing out.Nearly for 15 seconds I was discharging semen in the maids ass.Then I collapsed on her body.We remained like that for some time.Then we got up and cleaned.I was in an extremely happy mood.I gave Vijaya 300 rupees more than I promised as I felt that she really deserved that.She thanked for my generousity and assured me that she would take care of me like a friend and not just for money.She is keeping up her promise and me too.Twice in a month she lets me [censor] in the ass and I take care of her sons educational expenses.Infact it is not a fixed amount agreed sometimes more ,sometimes less like that.In addition whenever my wife is not at home the maid Vijaya does the house work by lifting her saree and peticoat upto her hips on backside.It is just to let me enjoy the sight of her wonderful ass.
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Sex with my servant Shanthi
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:43 AM >> Maid, Servent

Hello! Friends this is a true story, which happened in Dhaka. I am 28 male I work for a co. There now coming to the point I had haired a flat in Baily road and use to stay alone it was almost 2weeks past I was telling every one that I need some one to cook at my place & there was no reply or nobody took it seriously. I had shifted from Chittagong. One day a lady came in morning telling that the shop keeper referred that you need a cook I so I told her come inside she was around 32yrs with 2 Childers she was Slim fair .

She told that the children are in BOrisal and she has come to Dhaka to work & serve her family she was a Widow her husband had fast 10 years ago she had to work for her family so I ask her what salary will be fine with her to cook clean & keep the house good. She told she is new to Dhaka and also had to find a home so she need 2k I asked her now where she was leavening she told she will be coming from Dhaka. Shanthi was a very shy lady I told her that she can come in morning & go in the evening she agreed and asked if I can provide a place so she can stay near to my home I told her for time been she can stay at my place which she agreed & her payment was fixed at 1.5k she told she will be joining from tomorrow as she will bring the luggage by today evening and she left

In the evening she came around 7.p.m I had just come from office she ask where can I keep the luggage I told her as I have 2 bed room she can keep it in one bed room adjoined to mine as they will be only me in the home she was very much comfortable she started her house hold work she use to cook very good I use to always enjoy her food and the house was clean my dress where washed & ironed every days as if my wife has come I never had a feel of sex with her she was like a friend with me watching TV with me coming to market for buying vegetables every thing was very good & I was very happy .

This happened after 1 months Shanthi took her salary and told that she want to send it to her children’s I told ok she told she want to come on my bike till the post office I agreed and we both where going suddenly she holed my laps and I felt a shock in my body her had was near my cock I felt really good my feels and desire woke up for sex but I was ridding the bike & her boobs where touching my back some have I managed and we reached post office she didn’t know to write so I helped her it got through I told her now she can go home alone she told she can’t as she didn’t understand the road. Then I told ok I will droop you to home she smiled & sat now her hand was on my stomach & she was still closed as before she body was touching my back and guy she was so hot my body was full of temptations of having her but I never knew what she will feel so I enjoyed the ride & reached home

After reaching home I did my hand job & went back to my office

I reached home around 6:30 Shanthi gave me cup of tea and thanked me for the help and gave me smile she was looking cute now I asked her what she will cook to thank me she told u ask what you want I will give you every thing I just kept Quite now I was still in the hall & needed some cigarettes I don’t know where she had kept so I went to see what she was doing. The movement I entered I saw her sari was leaning on the chair I shouted where are you she replied that she in bath room having bath I took her sari in my hand I was feeling aging horny now my devil mined said that I shroud see this Queen how she looks nude so I just went near the window from there I could see she was having bath she was completely nude clean ambit no hairs and her pussy was hairy soft legs she was looking great suddenly I thought in my mind that if she come to know she will leave the job so lets be cool wait for a opportunity so I came to hall and started to smoke now she came and asked if I get my cigarettes I asked her why did she have bath in the evening she told that there was no power and she had sweated a lot so had to have bath I told ok I moved to watch TV she was in kitchen I was watching Zee MGM there was a lovely move coming in that I was just watching after that Shanthi came and there was a seine in TV a man kissing & having sex with a female Shanthi saw me seeing that she asked why do u watch such a movies its not good I asked her u don’t like she told its sin to watch I told her there are lots of bad moved & worse then this she asked what will be there in those one I asked her if she wanted to watch she told no . hearing this I felt sad and we both went had out dinner Shanthi asked again what will be worse then those movie I said wait I will show and took a blue film from my cupboard and showed her on my computer she was seeing 2 guys having sex with a single female she was giving blow job she was now very hot and never spoke any thing watching the moves I slowly touched her boobs from back she didn’t say any thing I got bold & removed her sari Palo & stared to kiss her neck and bit her ears & lick them removed her hairs now suddenly she got up I thought she will scold me she saw my eyes and asked will you give me my happiness which I lost for 10yrs after her hubby I smiled and said yes she kissed my chest removed my shirt and I picked her up & laid her on my bed she unzipped my pant & give me a good blow job I enjoyed it the I sucked my pussy teased her cum wow now guys its my turn to have it inside I put some cream & inserted inside she had a tight pussy it was very difficult for us we both where enjoying the pain and I fucked her till 3a.m I filled her pussy with my cum she was crying with the pain we had trice that day and later on we had every day she was like a wife for me we both use to sleep nude

And I got a couple friend with whom we enjoyed group fun Shanthi me & the couples all where in haven for 2days sataday & Sunday now I have been shifted from dhaka to chitagong back I visit dhaka,RAjshahi,cumilla every month in my new job now Shanthi is working with my couple friends home they enjoy it as I was enjoying
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Tuli Vabi er sathe chudachudi
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:42 AM >> Bhabi, vabi
Kibhabe shuru korbo bujte parsi na. Tuli'r kahini ta boli. kotha theke shuru kora jai? Ny te jawa diye shuru kori.
Ei summer e ki korbo bujte parsilam na. Bashai phone korlam, fufu chilo. unar chele thake NY te. Sahin bhai. fufu bollo ja sahiner basha theke ghure ai. ami sahin bhaike call korlam, sahin bhai bollo "asho ghure jao." Visa face korlam, ticket kinlam besh bhalo jamela holo. tarpore July r 2 tarikhe plane e kore shoja ny.
Airport e sahin bhai, unar garite kore unar flat e hajir holam. door bell bajate bhabi dorja khule dilo. Sahin bhayer biye hoyese tin bosor, ami tokhon bd te chilam. besh dhum dham. bhabi besh shundori. bhabir namta shundor, tuli. bhabi to amake dekhe khusi, sei biyer shomoi dekha hoyesilo tarpore ar dekha hoi ni.
bashai kheye deye rest nissilam. Sahin bhayer to bishal business NY te uni nijer office e chutlen. Bhabi TV dekhchilo, amio join korlam. ki ekta comedy movie dekhasse. dekhte dekhte haschilam ar golpo korsilam. ajker dine khub tired, ghumano dorkar. rate sahin bhai aslo, kheye deye ghumate gelam.
pordin bhore bhabi ese amake daksilo. ami ki jeno ekta shopno dekhsilam, bhabi besh khanikhkhon dhore guta disse, ami ektu dustumi korar jonno ghumber bhan dhore pore asi. bhabi to dekhi besh jore jore dhakka disse. ami ghumer bhan kore dilam ek tan, bhabi amar upore pore gelo. eto jore porlo je ami upsss kore sound kore uthlam. bhabio besh bibroto. Bollo besh dustu hoyeso to, joldi utho. breakfast ready. Breakfast table e ese dekhi sahin bhai boshe ase, ekdom ready hoye. bollo " ami to office e jassi, onek kaj. tuli tomake shob kisu ghuriye dekhabe." ami to besh khusi, baparta mondo hochche na.
Ektu porei bhabi gutate laglo, jao shower koro ber hobo. bathroom ekta. duijon kibhabe shower kori. ami bollam "tumi age jao, ami pore korsi." Tuli gosol kore ber holo. oke dekhe to chokh chorokgas. eki abosta. ekta maxi type kisu porese, bhitore bra nei buja jasse. ektu bhije ase jamata. ami dekhe obak. bhabi je eto sexy ami age bhabi ni. kokhono unake oi chokheo dekhi ni. ami kisutei chokh shorate parsi na. mukho kisuta ha hoye gese. eto shundor boro boro dudh, shoru komor, ar bhorat pasa. jeno kono apshori. bhabi chul theke towel ta khule chul gula ekta nara dilo, amar buker modhdhe khoch kore uthlo. ar amar bara ta tatiye uthlo. eta size e ektu beshi e boro, dariye gele ashshosti lage. underwear pori ni, trouser ucha hoye ase. bhabi bollo " emon ha kore ki dekhso? jao gosol koro." bole ekta muchki hasi diye nijer room r dike chole gelo. ami ki korbo bujte na pere pise pise gelam. dorjata chapano, kintu bondho na. bhabi prothome chul gula muslen, tarpore almari theke ekta jeans ar top ber korlen. almarir ekta drwaer theke khub shundor ekta white bra, ar pink panty ber hoye aslo. ami to obak. ekhon ki egula porbe naki?
bhabte na bhabtei dekhi show shuru hoye gese. bhabi maxi ta khule fellen. amar dike peson fire asen. tai forsha pith ar mangshol pasa chara kisu dekha jasse na. ami khali pray korsilam jate ekbar ghure. bhabi age panty ta pore nilo. shundor pasa ta panty'r bhitor hariye gelo. tarpore bra ta. bra pore huk bedhe fello. amar ar shundor dudh gula dekha holo na. bujlam ar kisu dekhar nei, kajei gosol korte jawa uchit. gosol korte giye dekhi bara moharaj je dariye asen kisutei namse na. NY te esechi matro ekdin. ekhon ki khecha thik hobe?
shaban lagiye moner sukhe tuli'r kotha bhabsi ar khechchi. hotat dorjai knock r shobdo. " Ei sohan kotokhkhon lagbe, joldi koro" kemon lage mejajta. shanti moto ektu khechteo parbo na. dhur chai. "aschiiiiiiiiiii" bole chitkar kore towel diye ga muse ota joriyei ber hoye elam. tuli dekhi dorjar baire dariye ase. hoyese kaj, abar amar bara thatiye uthlo, ekhon ki kori, towel purata ucha hoye ase. Tuli amake kisu bolte giyeo bolte parlo na, se nicher dike takiye ase. tar chokh follow kore dekhi amar dustu danobta ekdom fule fepe ase. towala shoriye tar ordheker beshi dekha jasse. ami besh lojjar modhdhe porlam. tuli fosh kore bole boshlo " oma, tomarta eto boro keno?" ami ki bolbo bujte parsilam na, konorokome dheke teke bollam, "keno sahin bhayerta ki boro na?" tuli jeno bhebachaka khelo, or mukhta kalo hoye gese. bujte parlam, sahin bhaike dekhle jotota fit lage ashole ta na. Tuli kotha bollo na, mon kharap kore nijer room e chole gelo.
Ami bhablam ar kisu bola thik hobe na. ready hoye oke daklam. o mone hoi shamle niyese. Duijon mile subway'r ticket katlam. Brooklyn theke brooks, tarpore queens tarpore manhattan. ekdine eto ghure ghure tired hoye gelam. manhattan je emon prochondo busy ta sudhu age poresi, dekhe to chokh kopale uthlo. e dekhi londoner dosh gun beshi busy. gari jeno cholsei na. jai hok, bikaler dike basai aslam. tuli'r sathe rastai onek kotha hoyese. besh friend friend bhab. ekjon arekjonke nam dhore daksi. besh hasi tamashao korsi.
pordin sahin bhai breakfast table e bollen, "ami ektu business r kaje Los Angles e jabo, kalke rate firbo. Tuli tomake shob kisu ghuriye dekhabe chinta koro na. ami ese porle shobai mile disneyland jabo." Ami mone mone besh khusi e holam. tuli kisu bolsilo na, se jeno nijer mone ki jeno bhabse. ektu pore gosol korar pala. sahin bhai rowna diye dilo. tuli bollo ajke tumi age gosol korte jao. ami kono kotha na bole shoja gosol korte gelam. shower korsi, emon shomoi dorjai knock. ami obak hoye bollam, " ki hoyese tuli?" tuli bollo ektu dorja kholo to. ami towel ta joriye dorja khulei obak. tuli ekta bishal towel pore amar shamne dariye ase. mukhe kemon jeno ekta ghor laga bhab. o je ki chasse ami kisu bujte parsi na. o bollo, " ami tomar sathe shower nile ki mind korbe?" ami kotha khuje pelam na, matha nere na bollam. o bhitore dhuke gelo. dorja laganor kono dorkar nei, dorja khola. bollam shower korbe naki bath? bath tub ta besh boro chilo. tuli bollo shower nei age. ami shower ta chere dilam. tuli towel ta khule rekhe dilo. ei prothom or dudh dekhte parsilam. emon shundor forsha meye, tos tose dudh. ami onek dudh dekhesi, kintu pink nipple dekhi ni bangali meyeder, ei prothom dekhlam. tulir dike ekta hat bariye dilam, o hatta dhorlo. ami oke tene shower r niche anlam. o amake joriye dhorlo. bollo "Sohan ami ar pari na, protidin rate sei ek kosto. o amake jaliye dei, kintu nibhate pare na." bolei o kede dilo. ami ki korbo bujte parsi na. oke aste kore buke joriye dhorlam. tarpore kane kane fish fish kore bollam, "kado keno boka meye, ami asi to. tomar shob jala nibhiye dibo." or chokh musiye or dike takalam. o chokh nichu korea se, jeno lojja passe. ami aste kore or thote thot rakhlam. o jeno kepe uthlo. ot toungue ta amar mukher bhitore tene nilam. tarpore aste aste koyekta kamor dilam. amar dan hatta je or bam dudher upore chole gese ta ter e pai ni. norom dudhta hater niche peye aste aste tipsi. ar bam hat diye or pasa. eto norom dudh or. tobe or buk beshi boro hobe na. 34d or something like that. mone hoi sahin bhai shotti or khub ekta jotno nei na. or komore halka chorbi ase. amar lowho donde ekta norom hater sporsho pelam. choke dekhi tuli ota dhorese. or mukhe kemon jeno ekta onnorokom hasi, kono bachcha shundor ekta khelna pele jemon khusi hoi temon. ei prothom nijer bishal dondotar jonno amar gorbho hochcilo. ami besh kisukhkhon kiss korar pore bujlam, o horny hoye jasse. guder dike takiye dekhi besh khocha khocha bal. besh kisudin age shave korese bujai jasse. ami ekta angul dhukiye dilam. o jeno kepe uthlo ditibarer moto. ami obak hoye dekhi gud ekdom bhije ase. ei shujog. ami bollam, " choto bisanai jai." o kono kotha bolsilo na. oke kole tule nilam. eto halka ekta shorir, jeno ekta pichchi meye. oke bisanai shuiye dilam. bishanai pani lege gelo. Who cares???????? ekhon kono kisu dekhar time nei.
oke bisanai shuiye prothomei kisukhkhon kiss kore nilam. oke kiss korle kemon jeno onnorokom hoye jai. aste aste dudh tipsilam, ebar mukh lagalam. nipple gula ja shokto hoye ase. aste aste suck kora shuru korlam. ekta kamor o dilam. tuli jeno kemon korsilo. khali amar danda ta dhorar chesta korse. o mone hoi jibone eto boro danda dekhe ni. ami dudh duta ichcha moto tipe, nipple chuse lal kore diye niche neme aslam. gudta jebhabe bhije ase, eta suck kora thik hobe kina bujsi na. ami oke ask korlam, "suck korbo?" o kisu bolse na, mone hoi lojja pelo. ami ar kisu na bhebe pa duta fak kore nilam. tarpore clitoris e age jibh lagalam. eibar o jeno chitke uthlo. konodin keo okhane touch kore ni eta bujte deri holo na. ami clitoris ta jibh diye aste aste narsi, ar jeno chot fot korse. mukh diye ahhhh, uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh gonganir shobdo beriye asche. o dui hate bisanar chador khamche dhore ase. pa gula ebhabe nachchache jeno oke keo jobai korse. ami to pura excited hoye gesi. eto meyer vagina suck korlam, keo to emon kore ni. ei meyer problem ta ki. hotat tuli amar chul dui hate khamche dhore or gude mukh chepe dhorlo. bujte parsi ki hote jasse. ami choshar speed bariye dilam, sathe sathe o komor tule dui tinta jhaki dilo. diye ekdom chup chap. gol gol kore or rosh jorse. ami ektu chete nilam. meyer rosh diye shob shomoi emon aste ekta gondho ase je nake lage. tao suck korar shomoi eto bhalo lage je nijeke atke rakhte pari na. nonta roshta besh kisukhkhon jibh diye chatlam. tuli ar norse na, ekdom chup chap. gola diye ghor ghor sound ber hochche. ami uthe ese oke kiss korlam. o respoce korlo. amakeo kiss korlo. Kane kase fish fish kore bollam, "kemon lagse tuli?" tuli bollo, "tumi etodin aso ni keno? etodin koi chile? ami tomake ar charbo na, tumi kothao jete parbe na. " ami bujte parsi meyeta pagol hoye jasse. etodiner ajana sukh hotat peye gese, ekhono je koto baki ota to janei na. ami bollam, "amarta ektu suck kore dibe?" o mone hoi beparta posondo kore na, amio jora jori korlam na. bangali meyera suck korte chai na. onek purono shotto.
ami oke bollam dhukabo? o matha nere ha bollo. ami aste kore pa duta fak korlam. gude barata dhukate giye bujlam or biye holeo sahin bhayer karon etar khub ekta sodbabohar hoi ni. amar bishal bara khub sohoje dhukbe na. ami or komorer niche ekta balish dilam, eku olive oil mekhe nilam barate. tarpore or guder mukhe set kore aste aste thap dilam. or pa duta dui dike jotota pari choriye rekhesi. ektu chap ditei mundi ta dhuke gelo. tuli emon chot fot shuru korlo jeno keo or gude gujal dhukasse. ami bujlam eke beshi shomoi dewa jabe na. besh jore jore thap marte laglam. ordheker moto dhuke gese. tuli chechiye uthlo, "eta ki korso, amar gud chire jasse. please ar na, ber koro, please ber koro. ami ar parsi na. sohan, please stop it." amake tokhon keo thakate parbe na. ami jore ek ram thap diye pura barata gude chalan kore dilam. tuli bishal ekta chitkar kore jeno senceless hoye gelo. r pore to amar pala. ami chudte shuru korlam. prothome aste aste tarpore jore jore thap. or betha mone hoi kome gese, o nicher theke tol thap dissilo. aste aste komor uthasse. gudtao besh ektu dhila hoye gese. etokhkhon jeno barata kamre rekhese. eto tight pussy beshikhkhon mara jabe na, borojor dosh ponero minute. ami aste aste thap dissi. maje maje speed barassi. tuli kisukhkhon porei shitkar shuru kore dilo, "ahhh oooohhhhh aro jore, sohan jore jore koro, pleaseeeeeeeeeee, arektu jore dao na, arektu jore koro, please sohan, amake ektu shanti dao, arektu jore. o magooooooooooooo, eta ki korso. ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh iiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." tuli'r sound shune ami eto horny hoye gelam, nijeke ar shamlate parsilam na. amar mukh chute gelo, "tuli tumi eto sexy tomake dekhe shob shomoi amar bara dariye jai. aj tomake moner sukhe chudbo, amar onek diner sokh. aj tomar gud pathabo." tuli bole uthlo, " chudo chudo jore jore koro, tomar ja ichcha koro, amake chibiye kheye felo. amar gud fatiye dao." ami chibanor kotha shune kheyal korlam or nipple gula amar jonno wait korse. ami or upore shuye pore nipple suck korsi ar aste aste thap dissi. totokhkhone gud besh dhila hoye gese. position change kora dorkar noile mal out hoye jabe. ami or gud theke barata ber kortei o emon ekta bhab kore uthlo jeno or bhitor theke keo or gorbhasoi ta chire ber kore anse. amar barata ekdom roshe bhija ogni murtir moto akar dharon korese. jeno rokte snan kora khola tolowar. ami bollam, "tuli utho to doggy korbo." o mone hoi buje nai doggy ki. bokar moto takai ase. ami tokhon bujai dilam. o hamaguri diye rooilo, ami pisone chole gelam. gud ta besh bhije ase ekhono bara dhukate ar khub ekta kosto holo na. ebar ar amake pai ke. prothome choto choto koita thap dilam. tarpore dui hate komor dhore ram thap. thaper pore thap. tuli mukh theke ahhh uhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhh chara ar kono sobdo ber hochche na. o je sukher ghore pagol hoye gese ami bujte parsilam. amar tokhon prai hoye jasse bujte parsilam. tara tari oke doggy position theke normal position e niye aslam. oke shora shori ask korlam, " mal kothai felbo." o bole, "bhitore felo, pleaseeeeeee" amake ar pai ke. gude mal felar chaite mojar kisu nei. ami ektu wai kore or gudta amar thik moto position kore nilam. tarpore bara dhukiye thap. ebar jeno ghorai choresi, tog bog tog bog. gud bishal boro hoye gese. pokat pokat, bhosh bosh sound ar bishal bichi gude bari khawar shobdo. jeno shobde shobe duniya bhore gese. tuli abar chitkar kore bollo, "ahhhhhhhhhhh sohannnnnnnnnnnnn amar hoye jaseeeeeeeeeee, ami gesiiiiiiiiiiiiii." bolei o kepe uthlo. gudta ekdom bhije jasse ter pelam. or abar orgasm hoye gese. ebar amar pala. jore jore thap dite dite, amar chokh mukh ondhokar hoye jassilo. ami ar parlam na, nicher thote kamor diye dilam ek ram thap. ar ki, ami kepe uthlam. barata kapse tir tir kore. kapte kapte or buke shuye porlam. bujte parsi gud pura bhore gese male. kotodin pore je chudlam, gunte gele mone hoi gunai bhule jabo. barata ber kore nilam. gud theke mal porse. amar birjo, tulir rosh. bisana bhijte laglo. ami chadorta diye aste kore muse dilam.
tulir chokh bondho. or kaner kase fish fish kore bollam, " ki bhabi, kemon aso?" tuli jeno lojja pelo, " ektu muchki hese bollo, bhalo asi. Tumi kemon?" ammi bollam, " sukhe asi bhabi, ny je eto shundor jaiga ami age buji ni." bhabi bollo, "Ifle tower ta khub shundor. etodin je dekhi ni ejonno afsos hochche. kisudin age pele hoito aro bhalo hoto." duijon mile besh kisukhkhon hasa hasi korlam.
Baki dingula jeno ure ure kete gelo. tuli ke diye ami thiki suck koriye nilam ekdin. two weeks pore or preiod suru holo, tokhon amra sudhu kiss kortam. tuli mone hoi amar premei pore giyesilo. ami asar shomoi ki kanna kati. sahin bhai to pura obak, bollo ghotona ki? ebhabe kadso keno? uni to ar jane na ghotona ta kondike ghotese. ami tin mash pore khobor pelam je tuli pregnant hoye gese. ami phone koresilam. o besh lajuk golai bollo, "Thanks sohan, thanks for everything." Ami ektu hese answer koresilam, " U are always welcome
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Wet pussied aunty
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:40 AM >> Aunt

This incident happened a few months ago and from then I have changed my opinion about middle aged women leading apparently satisfying lives having a happy family.

I am Raja, 24 in age and live in Calcutta. I have a friend named Shyam who is from a rich family. We have been friends from college days and now both of us are in our respective jobs. While I got a job in my city, my friend took a job in Hyderabad.

His parents stay in Calcutta. His mom is about 45 and dad 61 having his own business. Due to his business uncle (Shyam’s dad) would be very busy the whole day and at times used to stay out of town for days. Polly aunty (his mom) is a housewife and like a typical bengali woman kind of conversative, or so I thought till the incidents started happening. Since she was mostly alone I would at times go to her home to chat with her for a few hours. She was very friendly with me. However there were certain peculiarities about her that at times embarrassed me.

Like when we were in college and I used to go his home for studies she would usually be in a sari and blouse. But more often than not her blouse would be torn from some place or the other and when she would lift her arms in front of me I could see her hairy armpits or her back peeking out from the torn part. At times when she would sit in such a fashion in her chair her sari would fall from her blouse and I could see her boobs peeking out. She would not even make any effort to cover her blouse and continue sitting like that in our presence. All this made me feel embarrassed. Still I never thought about her sexually.

Now let me describe Polly aunty. She is 45 and like typical bengali women is a bit on the plump side with quite a wide ass and 40 size boobs. At times I had felt that she is not wearing any bra underneath as her boobs swayed when she moved. In some way she was sexy.

One day I thought of paying her a visit to chat for some time. I went to her home and started chatting. The subject of her gaining weight came and she said that she exercised a bit but that was not sufficient. She also said that after her son (my friend) went to Hyderabad she feels very lonely and does not feel like doing anything and so does not exercise very regularly. She looked at me and asked me if I exercised and I said yes. Suddenly our talk took such a turn that I started feeling embarrassed .

Aunty asked, “I hope you wear a tight underwear while exercising. You have to protect the things that you have got under and keep them tight as otherwise they may get hurt.”

I was a bit embarrassed and said yes that I wear underwear.

Aunty said, “ you should always wear tight fitting underwears so that your things are properly placed. So you should change them whenever the elastics get loose. That’s why I always keep watch over shyam’s briefs and whenever required I buy him new ones. I then tell him to wear it and then feel the front of his briefs to check if it fits him snugly.”

I smiled and said, “oh aunty you still check him as a child? He is quite old now don’t you think?”

Aunty smiled and said, “ Na shona o to amar chele aar ami oke jamon khushi dekhte paari. Ami to or shob kichu dekhechi. Ami to or jonno pocket ola jangia kini aar tarpor o pore shamne ashle oi pocket e hath dhukiye or hos pipe take bar kore niye ashi shei pocket diye dekhar jonno je pocket theke hishi korar jonno hose take thik kore baar korte parche kina. Ebar bol tor ma ki toke erom kore dekhe na? (No dear he is my son and I can check him in whatever condition I like. He has nothing which I have not seen. And not just that, I always buy for him the briefs that have a pocket so that it is easier to bring out the hose for peeing and after I have checked its fitting I always put my hand in the pocket and pull out his hose to see that the passage is proper for his hose. Now tell me doesn’t your mom check you at times?)

I, “No way I am going to let my mom check me like that. And aunty do you still see his …ahhhhh… know….his pee pee?”

Aunty , “Oh dear you are missing a lot of love and care from your mom. You see mom knows what is best for her son and she can give him excellent knowledge of everything which will be very helpful in his later life.”

Aunty continued, “ami to or hose pipe ta ke majhe majhe check kore dekhi thik kore clean korche kina. O to lojjaa payee na ekdum. Ami oke ek ek samay bathroome giye langto hoye darate boli chaan koranor jonno. Takhon o langto hoye nijer kaalo hoe pipe take du payer majhe jhuliye wait kore. Ami giye oke chaan koriye diye tarpor or pipe ta clean kore di aar tate or dushtu hose ta shokto hoe dariye pore. Tarppor ami ote cream ba baby oil lagiye di. Or kokhono chulkani hole okhane amake diye ointment lagiye dite bole. Amara khoob open ei bishoye. Aar ekta jinish tor nunu ke kakhono nunu bolbi na otake dhon, bara, lauda bolbi.”

(I do check his hose at times to see that he cleans it properly and is healthy. He never feels embarrassed. Once in a while I tell him to go to the bathroom and get naked so that I can bathe him. He usually waits in the bathroom with his black hose pipe hanging between his legs. I go there and clean him well. I usually clean his pipe too and always his naughty hose will stand up in attention. Then I put some baby oil or cream to keep the skin well. At times when he gets an itch there he usually asks me to rub some ointment because he can’t reach there. It is nothing at all between the two of us. One more thing don’t ever call your pee pee by any other name than cock or dick or tool.)

I was now getting excited with her usage of terms and descriptions.

Aunty continued, “Tora chelera bhabish amra mara kichu jani na. Tor nischoyee raate nije theke maal beriye jae. Shyam er o hoe kintu o bhabe ami jani na. tor o maal beroy nischoyee.”

(You children think that you people have grown up and we moms donot know anything about boys. You must be having wet dreams at nights when your cream comes out by itself. You see Shyam often has wet dreams and I can see cum stains in his shorts and yet he thinks that I don’t know about it. I am sure you too must be leaking cream at nights automatically. Don’t you?)

I was very embarrassed and said, “ Yes it happens at times. But I always wash my shorts in the morning so that mom does not come to know of it.”

Aunty, “ See I told you. You think that your mom does not know and I am sure she knows because even when you wash it away it leaves a mark on the cloth and moms are bound to know what must have caused the stain. By the way tell me do you have wet dreams frequently?”

I said,” No not frequently but once in a while if I have not ….” I suddenly realised that I was going to tell her that I had wet dreams if I did not masturbate on a day and so stopped. Aunty grew interested and though she knew what I was going to say she asked, “ if you did not do what, tell me.”

I said,” Aunty this is so personal and I feel embarrassed.”

Aunty came nearer and putting a hand over my shoulder said,” Come on tell me there is nothing wrong and no reason to feel embarrassed. I am like your mom only and you can tell me or ask me anything.”

I thought that I couldn’t escape her and so said,” well if I have not played with my thing then usually I have wet dreams at night.”

Aunty, “Tui ki tor bara ta niye roj khelish?” (do you play with your ding dong daily?)

I, “ yes aunty. I usually do it once but on some days twice or thrice. Otherwise I may spoil my shorts at night.”

Aunty, “Baap re tui roj du teen bar kore maal phelish? Tor ki shob bar maal ber hoe?” (My my you have to cream yourself twice or thrice. Do you always shoot out your cream?)

I, “ Haan motamuti shob bar e bar hoe taube ek ekbar hoeto khub kom berolo ba berolo na. Tate kono problem nei to?” (Yes usually I always get some cream out but at times nothing or a few drops come out. Is it OK?)

Aunty, “ yes dear it is perfectly ok. You have to give it some time to make the cream and if there is no stock then you will get nothing out of it. So don’t worry.”

By now I had a growing problem inside my pants. Aunty continued, “Bara take thik rakhte hoe shob samay. Jakhon tor kakur sathe amar biye holo ami bhablam onar sathe khoob anando korbo, jauboner mauja lutbo kenona ona ke khoob strong dekhte aar amar che boyes beshi bole bhablam je o hoeto onek kichu janbe choda chudi nie. Accha tui choda chudi kake bole janish to?”

(You see it is very important that you keep your tool healthy because a lot of future happiness depends on it. When I got married to Shyam’s dad, your uncle, I thought that we will have a lot of pleasure because he looked so strong and since he is much older than me I thought that he must be knowing a lot about love making. By the way I hope you know what is lovemaking.)

Aunty’s use of the word love making made a shiver run through my body and now my pecker was standing in full attention.

Aunty continued, “Kintu biyer por dekhi tor kakur bara ta chotto. Tao chole jeto ar amra khoob choda chudi kortam biyer kichu samay por obdi. Tarpor tor kaku busy hoe gelo ar amader choda pray bondho hoe gelo. Ar or dhon ta shokto hoto na. Ami or dhon ta niye kheltam shokto korar jonno, kintu tarpor e ota abar pore jeto. Or jakhon chodar icche hoto amar shaya ar sari tule nijer choto dhon ta bar kore amar guder bhetor dhukiye 5 minute e maal phele ghumiye porto. O chodar different style gulo janto na. tarpor to shyam janmalo ar o ekdum choda bandho kore dilo. Pore janlam je chotobelaye or infection hoto dhone jar jonno orkhom problem chilo.”

( But I was sadly disappointed. After my weding I found that your uncle had a small cock. Still it was OK and we used to make love five or six times a week. But soon after he became very busy in his business and most of the nights he could not get his cock up. I even tried to play with his thing but he would keep it up for a short time.

When he needed to make love he would just hike up my sari and petticoat and pull out his little erect thing and then put it in my cunt. He would then squirt his juice inside me in five minutes and get off me and go to sleep. He also did not know anything about the various ways a man can make love to a woman. I already knew a few of these things from some of my married friends. Anyway after just a year Shyam was born and your uncle seemed to have lost all his interest in me. From then we would make love only once or twice a month. Later I came to know that your uncle was not very careful about his cock in his early days and due to that he used to get frequent infections due to which he could not keep his cock erect for long.)

I didn’t know what to say and kept quiet. She seemed to be reflecting on something and then she spoke up, “ So you see dear it is very important that you keep it healthy. So tell me honestly if you take proper care of your little thing.” She asked this while pointing to my dick under my pants.

I wanted to tell her that I had a good sized pole because of her use of the word little thing. I said, “ yes aunty I clean it well. Aunty my thing is eight inches long do you think that it is right length?”

Aunty gasped at the mention of my length and said, “Ami bishaas korte parchi na je tor dhon ta oto boro. Dekhte de tahole bujhbo.” (I don’t believe you have such a long tool. OK show me your hose. Donot feel ashamed. Come on , show your aunty what you have got.)

While saying this she moved her hand on my pants and quickly grabbing it squeezed it. By now I was sure that she wanted to fuck me and so I played ball because by now I was too aroused to step back. She pressed it a few times and said, “ feels nice but let me see. Stand up.”

I quickly stood up and aunty started to unbuckle my pants. In a moment she had me stripped down to just my briefs. Since I was already erect and pre cum was leaking for sometime the front was wet and aunty smiled at it. She said, “What have you got inside Raja, it will tear away your briefs if not taken care of. So let your aunty handle this. But first let us go to the bedroom.”

The moment we got to the bedroom she pulled down my briefs and I was now standing in front of aunty totally naked. She smiled and said, “Oh tor lauda ta to daroon shundor ar sexy re. ar ish kirom bhabe dariye ache. Tui khoob excited hoe gechis mone hoe kemon kore tor raush bar hocchhe dekh. De baba amar hathe tor dhon ta de.” ( Oh what a nice cock you have got son. And oh just look at the way it is standing. You must be very excited. See you are even leaking juice from your cute slit. Let me hold it.)

Saying this she took my hot rod in her hands and started squeezing. The head started to leak more precum. She squeezed it some more and then reached under and grabbed my balls. She weighed them in her hands and said smilingly, “Tor thole te nischoye maal bhorti. Sesh kobe hath diye khechechish? Ami aj tor shob malai ar doodh kahbo.” (they must be full of thick tasty milk and cream. When did you last cream yourself?”

I said, “two days ago. I did not get time enough to do it yesterday.”

Aunty looked greedily at my tool and said, “Oh then they should get some immediate relief. It should not get wasted in wet dreams. Now look you are like my son and I am going to treat you just as a grown up son should be treated by her mom. Do you want anything special from me?”

I said, “Aunty ami to pooro langto ar tumi shob pore acho ar ami to tomar cheler moto tai amar shamne lojja ki ar amar dekhte hobe to tomar shob jinish thik thak ache kina.” ( I am totally naked and you are still fully dressed don’t you think that there should be some justice. Moreover since I am like your son and also grown up I have a right to see if you have got everything the way they should be.)

Aunty smiled and said, “Ta bol na je tui amar mai khete chash. Ta kha na amar mai tor jonno sajano roeche.” (Why don’t you just say that you would like to see my titties and suck on them. I have no problem. You have a right over my bubbies.)

Aunty then got rid of her sari and giving me a sexy look started to unhook her blouse. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when she unhooked her blouse. She was wearing a white bra that hardly covered her nipples and the rest of her tits were just spilling out of the cups. She squeezed and then sexily shook them and laughed. I was overwhelmed at her size and said, “Wow aunty apnar mai to khoob shundor ar boro eder ke kikore oi chotto bra tar bhetore rakhen?” ( they are very big. How do you manage to keep them locked inside your bra?)

Of course I didn’t require an answer and just grabbed them in my hands and squeezed them. She reached her hand below and started to play with my rod. I quickly put my mouth on one of the bra covered tits and sucked. She drew in her breath with a gasp and sighed, “Khao shona khao bhalo kore khao, amar khoob bhalo lagche.” (oh your mouth feels so good on it. Suck it well son. It needs some attention urgently.)

I kept sucking one and with my other hand pressed the other one. She in her turn shifted her hand between my cock and balls. Suddenly she said that it was enough and she threw me down on the bed and jumped on me.

She pressed her lips to mine and our tongues met inside our mouths. I reached to her back and unhooked the bra and pulled it away. I let go of her lips and told her to show me her boobies.

She said, “Amake request kore bol je ma tomar mai khabo nahole ami toke amar mai dobo na. shudhu amar chele amar mai niye chusbe ar khelbe.” (request me to show you my boobs by calling me mom, otherwise I will not show you because only my son can suck them and play with them and do everything.) And she laughed.

I said, “Ma ma, please amake tomar dudu dekhte dao na jekhan theke ami choto belae dudu khetam. Ma ami tomar dudu khabo amar khie peyeche.” (Mommy, mommy please show me your booboos from where I want to suck your milk.)

Aunty pulled away her bra and revealed the enormous titties. She started to tease me by shaking her tits in front of my face and quickly drawing them back as I tried to take them in my mouth. I reached up and with my hands grabbed them and pulled one of them in my mouth and started to suck it hungrily. Aunty laughed and said, “Oh my hungry son suck well.”

She then took my other hand and slowly guided it inside her petticoat and to her wet and hot pussy. It felt awesome to be feeling a woman’s pussy who is of my mom’s age. I started to chew on her nipple and with my hand inside her I pushed at her lips and spread them and put one finger in her pussy. It was burning hot.

Aunty, by now, was enjoying all the attention I was giving her and was moaning. She looked at me with eyes filled with lust and said, “Now I will eat your candy.”

Saying this she got down on her knees and took my dong in her hands, parted the foreskin and licked the slit. She then put her lips on the head which was now glistening with moisture from my precum and played her tongue on the tip. Oh it felt wonderful. She then took the head in her mouth and licked it. At the same time she moved her palm on my shaft and then she took the whole of me in her warm wet mouth and massaged my sack. It was awesome. Now she was steadily going up and down on my dong and looked up at me. I grabbed her head and started thrusting in her mouth. I was amazed that a woman of her culture and age could give head.

She then took out my cock and told me to lick the valley between her boobs. I grabbed hjer boobs and licked the valley wet. She then smiled and said, “Ebar amar dudu gulo tor doodh ar malai bar korbe chepe chepe. Shona chele amar make nijer dudu dao.” (Now my milk pots will press and squeeze out cream from your pot. Give momma your rich creamy milk.)

She then took my dong between her titties and started to rub me uop and down, up and down. In a few minutes I felt my seed rising and said, “Ma ma amar maal berobe. Tumi amar dudu khabe to?” (Momma momma I am going to bring out my milk. Will you drink it please?)

Aunty replied, “sure dear sonny. Your momma is hungry for your cream.” Saying this she again took my tool in her mouth and sucked me. In a few moments I was coming in gallons and she was busy drinking it. After she had squeezed out the last drop she got up and smilingly said, “Oh that was so tasty. You came a lot. That was great. But now your tool will fall down then who will give momma pleasure?”

I said, “I will give you pleasure. Just give me 5 minutes.” Saying this I pulled her beside me and kissed her. It was my turn to do her. I started to nibble on her bubbies and moved my hand inside her petticoat and parting her pussy lips inserted two fingers in her fanny. In a minute she was moaning.

Now I asked , “Ma ma ami dekhbo ami jekhan theke jonmechilam. Ma ami tomar shaya ta khule tomake langto korbo. Ami tomar gud dekhte chai ma. Ami tomar mishti gud khabo ar chusbo.” (Momma momma can you look where I came from? Momma can I pull away your petticoat. Momma I want to see your little cunt and kiss and lick it.)

Aunty got very excited with my talk and said, “Ha shona chele amar amake udom ulongo kore de ar amar gud ta khe chushe amake aram de. Amake langto kore chod.” (Yes sonny go ahead make your momma naked and suck the hole from where you came. It is yours. Fuck me son.)

I pulled away her petticoat and went down on my knees and spread her legs. She had a very dense forest of rich hair. Her thighs were parted and I could see the engorged lips of her cunt. They were very red and inviting. With ine hand I parted her lips and with the other I located her clitty which was standing like a small cock. I bent down and licked her clitty and took it between my teeth and softly bit it. She moaned loudly and pushed my head on her. I chewed it very lightly while fingering her snatch vigorously.

She was whimpering like a bitch in heat and she said, “Ebar tor bara ta amar gude diye de ar amake chod madachod.” (Please put your fuckpole in my cunny and fuck me dear. I can’t wait any longer. Please give it to me.)

By now I was very much stiff and ready to go in. I held my sword and guided it to her waiting pussy and plunged in. oh how hot it was. The next moment I was pumping in her wildly. She grabbed my bums and pressed them and squeezed them. She lewdly said, “Oh you mother fucker, fuck me good. Give me all the cream from your big marbles. Fill me up.”

I pumped and pumped. Suddenly she clenched her teeth and then went limp. She had her orgasm I kept up my pace and it took me 15 minutes to feel the hot lava in my balls swell up and rush to her and then I spewed my lava inside her. It was awesome. My cock slowly went limp and came out of her snatch and I lied down by her.

We started to talk about the sexy thing we just did. She then revealed to me that it was her long wish to seduce me to her bed. I then asked her why she wanted me to call her momma while fucking and she said, “You see I have always wanted my son’s cock too. When I bathe him or see him naked and take his dong in my hands I always get wet in my pussy. I then have to use a cucumber or banana to relieve myself. So I fulfilled both my wishes with you. I hope this is not the last fuck.”

I laughed and said, “Ma ma amar abar khide peyeche. Ami abar tomar guder raush khabo.” (Momma momma I am again feeling hungry for your honey. Can I drink?)

With that I dove for her pussy and started to suck on her again. What followed was another fast and wild fuck session.

From then it has become my habit to go and eat aunty’s pussy and fuck her to my dick’s content once or twice a week and she is always willing.
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Rumky tumi amake khoma koro
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:38 AM >> Nefeo, Vagni
Rumky,amar chachato bhaier meye. Class ten-e porto. Ami tokhon University-te pori. Rumky or ma babar shathe amader bashai ase berate. Rumky amake ekdin bollo, Chacha aponi amake university dekhate niye jabe ? Ami bollam..cholo ekdin... Ami oke University dekhate niye gelam..
Rickshaw kore jachi.. Hatath bristi suru holo.. hut uthiye dilam.. Rumky-r Brest amar sharirer shathe sporsho korlo.. ami prothom shihirito holam...
Rumki amar cheye 4 bathsorer choto chilo...Kintu udvashito joubon chilo or...Rickshawte onek golpo korlam dujon..bondhur moto golpo...
Rumky bollo, cinema dekhte..Oke niye gelam Balaka cinema halle.. Rumky amar hate hath rakhlo..Ami ebaro shihorito holam...
Hallmoi ondhokar.. ami Rumky-r Hath niye chumu khelam.. Rumky khushi holo... Ami shahosh pelam...
Ami amar ekti hath Rumky-r Urute rakhlam.. Rumky aro kache chole elo..or salowarer fita khule fellam..
Rumky-r jonite hath rakhlam.. Rumky-r mukh lal hoye gelo..but respose she...
Rumki amar panter jipe hath rakhlo.. chain khule amar penise hath rakhlo..ami obak holam...
se amar penis ber kore massage korlo...ebong out korlo...
Haller vitor Dark drama chollo shesh porjonto...

Bashai asher pothe Rumky-k jiggesh korlam.. Hobe ?
Rumki bollo..Hobe.
Ami bollam kokhon.. o bollo aj rate..

Rumki rate chupe chupe amar roome elo..

Bahire sombhoboto purnimar chand chilo...ghare jonakir alo chilo... Rumky chilo.. ami chilam... jotsnai vije geche rater akash.. amra vijlam ekdharoner nosto bhlobashai..

Rumky-r biye hoye geche besh koyek bachor age..
Rumky-r katha mone pare...
Rumky tumi kmon acho... Amake tumi khoma koro...
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kajer meye shopnaka system kora kora
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:37 AM >> KajrMaya, Maid

Koek bochor age Shopna jokhon amader bashae ashe tokhon amar boyosh 17. Shopna er mota-moti 13 hobe. Oke dekhle keu bolbe na je o kono bashar kajer meye hote pare. Ami bolchi na she is very high figh …but atleast kajer meye type er-o na. chehara figure kono tai tamon kharap chilo na. gayer rong ta forsha na hole-o shamla-sexy color chilo….

Jai hok, shopna er age ta chilo 13, mota-moti ekta transition stage of life. Ei stage er pore theke meye der dehe nana rokom change ashe and meye der onek rokom emotion grow kore. Jai hok, ami prothom prothom oke nie tamon kichu vabi nai, kintu aste aste gore utha or super dud 2 ta, or slim body and or nice bust dekhe to ami r nijeke dhore rakhte parlam na. bar bar mone hoe ..isssh oke chudte parle joss hoto ..And ami jani, or nijero korte ichcha kore, karon she has just grown up and body er need or akhon khubi beshi…So, ami shopno dekhte laglam and upae khujte laglam.

Shopna ra maje maje amader chad-e gosol korto. Chad er ek kone pani er babostha thakae and jae ga ta besh secret thakae maje maje oikhane gosol korto. Akdin hoise ki, ami ghum theke uthe freshment er jonno chad e hat-te gesi, and hotat korei ami oi jae gae chole gesi, Gie to amar chokh chanabora, Dekhi shopna gosol korche, gae kichu nai, pajama ta pura vije lege ache leg er shathe. Amar dike pash fire chilo bole ami or chomotkar smooth skin er pith ta dekhte pelam, and side theke dekhte pelam or oi nice dud 2 ta, amake tokhono she kheal kore nai. ami arektu kache jetei amake kheal korlo and chomke gie 2 hat die dud 2 ta dhaklo. Ami bollam, “Ki je korish na tora ? bathroom thak-te keu chade gosol kore ?” mukhe amar tokhon alga akta hashi, and ami holof kore bolte pari, amar oi hashi shopna kheal koreche…

Amar room er shathe attached batroom ache …amar bathroom ta abar khub boro. Akdin hoise ki, ami jothariti gosol kortasi, jama kapor shob khule. Ami kheal-i kori nai je ami door ta lock kori nai and oita ektu open-o chilo. Jai hok, gosol korar maje ami as usual shower off kore left hand e shaban mekhe khecha shuru korlam, chokh bondho kore khub uttejona er shathe ami kheche jachchi. Akhon ghotona hoise ki, Shopna oi time e amar room muchte oidin ghore gese, Kichukhkhon room muchar pore balti te pani vorar dorkar holo. Normal time e konodin o bairer bathroom theke pani ane, konodin amar bathroom theke. Oidin tokhon bathroom e kono shower er sound pai nai dekhe r bairer bathroom e jae nai. Shower er sound pabe kivabe ? ami to shower off kore khecha shuru korsi tokhon. Jai hok, shopna hate balti nie hachka tane door ta open korlo, ami atke uthlam. But it was already too late. Ami dekhi shopna ak hate balti nie bimur er moto amar dike ha kore takie ache, jano vule geche o ke, kothae thake etc. Tar chokh-e tokhon vashche ekta 20 year er chele veja shorir nie shaban makha hate dhon dhore ache, hat er upor die dhon er fule thaka pink cap ta ber hoye ache. Ami tokhon ato beshi hotobak hoye gechi je konomote amar dhon ta dhakar try korchi. Kintu full standy by dhon ke dhaka ato shoja na. Ami tokhon khekie uthlam ” Ki chaiii ?? Jao ..baire jao…” Shopna er tokhon hush holo, kichu ta lojja peye tara hura kore bathroom er baire jete laglo, baire ber hoyeche, balti dhora hat ta tokhono vetor e. Ak hachka tane hat ta ber korte gie hat theke balti gelo pore, gorie onek ta vetor e chole alo bathroom er. Shopna tokhon mukh kichuta nichu kore abar bathroom e dhuklo “Balti poira gese, nia jai”. Bathroom er vetor e pura dhuke balti nie chole gelo, amar dike ar chokh e koekbar takie. Ami kheal korlam or thot e ekta halka hashi khele gelo. Ami to

kamon jano khushi hoye uthlam–”Jai holo, mone hoe valoi hoise, er fole amar

kaj shohoj hoe jabe”. Jai hok ..ami r door ta lock korlam na. Ektu pore dekhi

ami towel ani nai. Ei obostha-te to pani nie bathroom theke ber hoya possible

na, so ami vetor theke chitkar dilam “Shopna, towel ta ektu dao to…” Shopna towel hate nie door e knock korlo. Ami tokhon door er shamne gie pura door ta open kore die daralam or shamne. Pura naked hoe ami darie achi shopna

er shamne. Shopna towel hate amar 6 inch Lomba hoe thaka dhon tar dike takie theke bollo “Apner towel…..” ami hat theke towel nite nite bollam ..”

Ki dekho ? pochondo hoise ?” shopna kichu bollo na, Hashi die chole gelo

pechon fire.

Ami bujlam ..this is chance. oidin bashae r keu chilo na. Shobai baire gese.

Just ami r Shopna. So ami tara-tari gosol shesh kore ber holam. dress up kore

shopna ke dak dilam. Shopna ashlo, takie dekhi o kichu ta hashche. Ami bollam “Hasho kano ?” shopna bollo “nah…hashi emnei, oidin apne amare

deksilen, ajke ami apnere deiha falaisi” ami bollam “bas ? eikhanei shesh ? amake dekhar pore tomar kichi ichcha kortase na ? tomake oidin dekhe amar jamon ichcha korechilo ?”

Shopna dekhi kono kotha bole na, ki jano chinta korche govir vabe. Ami golae

uttejona komie thanda vabe bollam “Shopna, amar eita tomar dhorte ichcha kore na ? khelte ichcha kore na ?” Shopna kono kotha bollo na, Shudhu matha noralo. Ami tokhon shopnar kache gie shopna er hat dhore or hat ta amar dhor er upore rakhlam “Tahole ei nao,dhoro, lojja pao kano ? ” Shopna shundor kore dhorlo amar dhon ta ke pant er upor die, ami Tokhon shopna er komor jorie dhorechi, aste aste amar mukh chole jachche or thot er kache, Shopna chokh bondho kore fello, Ami thot choalam or thot er shathe, shokto hoe lege gelo 2 jon er thot. Halka nore uthlo shopna and uttejona er shathe shathe amar dhon ta ke jore chap die dhorlo. Ami kiss korte korte-i amar pant er bottom and chain khule dilam, vetor theke ber hoye elo amar shokto hoye thaka dhon ta. Oo..ekhane bole rakha valo, bathroom e shopna dhukar pore kintu ami khecha stop kore diechilam. So amar kintu khecha-o hoe nai. Jai hok, Shopna tokhon shora shori amar dhon e hat dilo. Shokto hoye thaka gorom, lomba dhon–shopna mone hoe konodin age dhore ni. or modhdhe abeg bere gelo …Jore jore kiss kora shuru korlo eibar, nijer jiv ta pachar kore dilo amar mukh er vetor e … shekhane amar jiv ke khuje messege korte laglo. Ami tokhon or kapor er upor die or pachae jore jore chap dichchi ..Aaaaahh what a feeling that was…tarpor hat ta dol-te dol-te upore nie aschi, Kamiz ta tule fellam. 2 sec er jonno kiss kora bondho kore or matha er upor die kamiz ta tule fellam. Ber hole ele bra er vetor atke thaka or 2 ta dud. bra er vetor die dud 2 ta jeno chire ber hoye ashte chaiche, buk er majer vag ta khub shundor dekha jache. Ami kiss kora bondho kore oi khali jaega tae ekta chumu dilam and chatlam 1 bar. Tarpor abar kiss korae fire elam. Ebar or pajam er fita khulte laglam, fita khula hoye gele jhop kore pore gelo pajama ta, Shopna pa uthie pajama te ber kore fello. Akhon or porone ache just panty and bra…amar chilo just ekta t-shirt..otao khule fellam …Then ami shopna ke pacha er niche chap die tule bichana er kache nie gelam. Shuie deilam oke

bichanae. Tarpor or upure uthe kiss korte laglam thot e. Chatlam or jiv, thot.

Bra er upor die dud e koekta chap die ektane khule fellam bra ta. Vetor theke

ber hoye elo amar chokh er shamne gore utha or 2 ta dud….khub beshi boro ami ta bolbo na, kintu khub nice shape er eta shikar kortei hobe. Buk er modhdhe Dud guli er position atoi shundor chilo je, ami tokhon kono kotha na bolle khub jore koekta chumu khelam bam dud ta te. Nice nipples. cute, brown 2 ta nipples. ami pagol er moto chapte laglam dud 2 ta, mukh lagie chumu khete laglam, Jiv shomane chatlam, vijie dilam or dud 2 take amar jiv er pani die. Tarpor or dan nipples e mukh die suck korte laglam. Mukh er vetor e thaka nipples ta ke amar jiv die appaon korchi…Shopna dekhlam eri modhdhe “Aaahh..Uuhhh khan …amar dud khan, moja koira khan” ….. Erpor ami dud er majhe symmetry borabor chathe laglam… or navi chatlam …and aro niche namlam. Mukh thamlo panty er kache gie. Khub aste aste ami Panty ta namie dilam or oikhane theke, Akbare pa theke ber kore fellam. Akhon shopna shompurno nogno…. Ami takalam or voda er dike, Khub halka chule cheye ache enclosed lips er oi voda ta. oikhane kichukhon ami hat die msg korlam…Aaaaahh norom shundor voda. amar hat pora matroi shopna kepe uthlo …. Amio chomke gelam ..Ato norom voda, amar hat pora matroi jano kichu ta debe gelo … Kichukhon lips 2 ta messege korar pore ami majkhan er clitoris borabor halka kore 2 ta ghosha dilam .. O dekhi tokhon pura puri uttejito…Or voda vije geche halka halka rosh e… ami erpor or voda-e chumu khelam…Then jore jore chumu khete laglam. Voda er rosh er halka gondhe tokhon amar matha kharap hoye gcge. Erpor shuru korlam chata, Jiv ber kore ami chatchi upor theke niche, nich theke upore. 2 hat die pa fak korlam ami Shopna er, Ran er chipae chumu khelam, chatlam, Tarpor abar chata shuru korlam voda. Shopna kepe utchilo bar bar, chkh bondho ..gham e vije geche deho. Erpor ami amar jiv ta dhukie dilam or voda er vetor e. Jiv e eshe laglo nonta, odvut taste er ek rosh, or voda er rosh. Amar jiv e laga matori ami pagol hoe gelam. Ummotto pagol er moto ami chat-te laglam jore jore…vetor e jiv dhukachchi and ber korchi, chete chete ber kroe nichchi or voda er shob rosh. O tokhon shukh e pagol hoye ache. Erpor ami amar dhon take dhukate nilam okhane … O kichu bolte gieo parlo na. Ami dhukano shuru korlam. Virgin voda, kichutei dhukte chachchilo na. Onek koshte prothome jokhon dhon er matha ta dhukalam, o bathae chitkar kore uthlo ..”Aaaaaaaaaaahh” Erpor ami aro jore chap die pura ta dhukalam. O kokie uthlo batha. Ami prothome aste aste koekta thap dilam, Shopna pura shomoye Gongani er moto shobdo korchilo ..and ami khub enjoy korchilam shobdota…chuda er time e oi sound na thakle moja nai. Jai hok..ami er pore boro boro stroke dea shuru korlam, Shopna ebar jore jore chitkar shuru korlo. Ami 2 hat die shopna er dud 2 take valo moto tipe dite laglam, or nipples guli tanlam, dollam, ghurlam….or dud e kiss korlam, chatlam …Erpor or thot e kiss korte thaklam. Shopna tokhon kapche, gheme vije geche, kapchi amio …Shopna bollo “Vaia, vetor e dien na, bachcha hoia gele ki korum ? ” ..ami bollam thik ache …dibo na…

Eibar ami aro jore jore dite laglam …shara room e amader gongani er sound

chara r kono sound nai, Amar kaj hoye jachche almost dekhe ami dhon ta ber

korlam, or mukher kache nie bollam, Khao. O kono kotha na bole dan hat die dhon er gora ta dhorlo, tarpor mukhe pure nilo …Aaaahhh ..she ki shukh …Oi norom norom thot er maje amar dhon ..Ki shundor kore jiv die malish korche amar dhon take. ….Amar tokhon ber hoe ber hoe obostha …. Amon shomey shopna ato jore koekta chush dilo je vor vor kore amar rosh ber hoye gelo or mukh er vetor e… Ami protita erection er shathei kepe uthchi ..Shopna dekhi dan hat die amar dhon ke shokto kore dhore rekheche mukher vetore nie, bam hat die amar pacha er pechon e chap diche jano ami or mukh theke dhon take ber korte na pari….er modhdhe ami koekbar kepe uthe full erection shesh korlam pore dekhi o or mukh theke amar dhon ta ber korlo …or shara mukh er vetor shada shada amar maal lege ache…dan hat die gora dhore rekhe she abar chatlo amar dhon …tarpor abar ..and abar …eivabe dhon e lege thaka maal tuku-o shabar kore dilo …ami or voda er dike takie dekhi ..oikhan thekeo gol gol kore rosh porche… kono kotha na bole ami mukh lagie chat-te chat-te shob tuku rosh chalan kore dilam amar mukh er vetor. Tarpor shue porlam or pashe… “Ki ..akhon bolo, valo legeche ?” ami ask korlam

“Ho ..lagse….ami arokom valo laga aro chai ” –ekta hashi die bollo shopna

“Pabe …aro pabe..” –heshe bollam amio ..

Ei holo shopna ke amar prothom chuda er kahini …… erpor amader aro onek

kichu hoyechilo …But shob kichu er upore holo First time …..
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Tania-r Shathe Ek Boshonto Dupure
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:35 AM >> Sales Girls

Tania amar wife-er butique shoper sales girl. 20/21 bathsorer tonni, uchchal joubona meye. Apurbo sundori. Lekha pora S.S.C. She is came from Jessore. Mirpur Paikpara Boner basha theke ashe. Besh kojon sales girl's-er modde Tania-k amar wife beshi posondo kore.

Amar wife-er nikot thekai Taniar kotha sunechi. Sunechi Tania'r ruper katha. Mayeti amar wife-er khub vokto hoye jai. Amader bashai chele mayer janmo diner onushathne Tania Ashto. tania-k amio dekhechi, nimno moddo bitter meye holeo Tania-k onnorakom mone hoi, mone hoi o ekti society girl.

Ami majhe majhe ektu adhtu or sathe kotha bolechi, tobe khub beshi noi. ok dekhe amar bhalo legechilo. Mone hoechilo, biye na korle aei mayeke biye kora jeto.

Ekdin amar office theke amar wife-er dokane jai. dekhi amar wife nai. Tania amar kache ege elo. Kotha holo. amar wife ek party-r okhane geche. ami amar wife-er chaire boslam. Tania amake cha ene khawalo.

Ami bollam, deri korbona, tania boshte bollo, boshlamna, ami amar personal mobile number diye bollam, tumi amake phone korbe, tomar madum jeno na jane.

Uttara Red ford Restaurente ekdin Tania-k niye lunche boshi. Onek kotha hoi. Ami sundor ekti 3 pices gift kori . Tania-k bollam amar bhalo lagar kotha. Tania Bujte parlo Ami Tania-r kach theke ki chai.

Erpore besh kichudin Taniar sathe amar phone kotha hoto, majhe majhe dokaneo katha hoto.

Phone Tania-r sathe besh bondhutto holo.. phone anek sexual kotha barta hoto.

Ekdin sarashari Tania-k proposal dai sex korar. Prothome didha,tarpor sammoti... Amar dhon mon sobi utola hoye uthlo.

Bashonter pata jhora dupure ami Tania-k niye Gazipur-e ekti private Rest House/Holiday Resort-e jai. House-er care taker-er sathe 1000/ takai 2 gonta booking dai. Care taker-k aro 500 taka dai Khabarer jonno. Care teker khub khushi holo. bollo, sir apnera rest nen, ami khabarer bastha korchi.

Tania amar dewa 3 pice pore esheche, darun maniyeche ok. kamijer golata besh boro kore kora. ektu kache theke brest-ter govir porjono dekha jai.Ami pichoner dik theke Tania-k joriye dhore or chule mukh lagiye subash nilam, amar mukh nicher dike tene or ghare chumu khelam, Tania bolchilo: Madum amake onek bishash kore, r ami kina ekhane obishashi kaj korte elam, shudhu matro aponar jonno.

Ami khate upor balishe helan diye shulam, Tania-k kache daklam, Tania kemon jeno bishonno hoye ache. Tania kache eshe boshlo. Ami ok tene amar pashe shoalam. ok buker maje joriye dhore pagoler moto chumu khete laglam.

Rest house-er pichone jhou gache pakhira kichir michir korchilo, dure kothai jen kokiler kuhu dak shona jachchilo. Ami Tania-r mukher dike takiye achi, Tania amar dike takiye. or chokhe chumu khelam. Kamij samanno namiye buker moddekhane ekti kamorer dag kore dilam, bollam eti amar bhalobashar chinnu.

Ajker eai boshonter dupur kemon jeno anondo dhani dichche amar prane. Udash kora rabindranather gan shona jachchilo, .....eto ful fote eto pakhi gai, aji eai bosonte... Ami Taniar kamijer pichone hat dilam. chain khule fellam, golapi ranger bra or brest khub manachchilo, bra-r hook khullam, or brest ber hoye elo, Maiyaboti'r moto sundor or dudh, ami obak bishoye dekhchilam shudhu.

Ami ektu baire elam, bagan theke duto golap chire abaro Taniar kache eshe shulam. golaper papri chire papri gulo or brest-er upor chariye dilam, ok buke tanlam, galaper paprir shugondho mishiye or brest-e chumu khete laglam.

Roddrer dupur kamon jeno nijhum mone holo, bashonter gangulo theme jachchilo mone hoi, ami Tania-r salowar khule feli,golapi panty pora,or voda panty upche ber hoye aschilo.Panty'r upor diyei vodar vaj sposto dekha jachchilo, panty-r upor diye ami Taniar voda-ai chap dilam. Tania-r chokhe mukhe ekdhoroner sexer bakulota onubhab korlam.

Khule fellam amar pant,shirt, jangia. Penis kromagoto lomba hote laglo. Lafiye uthchilo shikarer jonno. Tania-k besh active mone holo, o ekti hat egiye dilo amar shishner dike, peniser norom angshe angul diye tipchilo. oshombov ek sexual power amar modde onubhuto holo. Ami tene khule feli Tania-r panty. Boshonter aei dupur mone holo, josna alokito.Ami janina Radhika krishner kache emon kore unmukto hoye chilo kina.

Tania-r white skin soft vagaina, ...light hairy, ...poddo ful navi, chardik chandoner subaser moto, ami or vodai komol sporshe shihoron jagalam, mukh nomito korlam, chumu khete khete jihba or voda gohobore probesh koralam, jharna dhara boiche , jeno bohota nodi.

Tania kromagoto amar kache chole elo. boner vitor ekti biral jhora pata mariye shabdo kore chole galo. hotath domka batashe jhore jachcje jhora pata, Tania ebong ami jugol bondi hoye shuye achi, jeno sagorer uttal dhew achreye porche baliarite.

Ebar Tania uthe boshlo. Khub abege amake chumu khelo. ami or sara sharire chumu khelam. Tania-k bollam kothai out korbo ?

Tania bollo: vitore.

: Jodi bachcha eshe jai ?


Tania-k abar shoaye nai. du pa dui dike tene arekbar or voda dekhlam, kamrosse vije gache kalo balgulo, puro penis dukiye dilam vodar modde, dolito mothito korte thalkam, or vagaina-r dur govire amar peniser uporer norm angsho poche gache, Tania shukhe onubhutite ahhhhhhh...........ohhhhhhh...Tania bolchilo,aro jore laxmi,ekdom shesh simanai pochiye daw...

Amar penis Tania-r vodar vitore aro beshi simana otikrom korar chesta korte thaklo.
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Meeting Girl Friends after a long time!
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:34 AM >> Enjoy, Girls friends
Eta ekta icchha bolte paren...banglish e likhlam..kemom holo janaben.....jodio ami 37 years some I m old but still i believe i m young....
sona tomar sathe dekha hole ami ki kortam.....
Prothomei tomai joriye dhortam...wud hv given u a tight hug...r jokhon tomai joriye dhortam tokhon tomar mai duto amar book e crushed hoye jeto r ami tomat gand tiptam...tumi ki korte????tarpor ami tomar mukh ta tule dhore tomai chumu khetam..the kiss of lifeeeeeeeeee. tumi ki korte???
after this i wud hv started undressing you standing on the floor....ekta ekta kore tomar top..tomar trousers khule ditam r tomai bra panty poriye dar koriye rakhtam....tumi ki korte????
Tarpor ami tomar bogol er gondho shuktam...r tomar hairy bogol ta ke chattam, tomar ghame veja bogol ta ke chete chete porishkar kortam..ufffffffffff ki sexy gondho tomar bogoler ghame.....tumi kepe kepe uthte r tomar chuchir bota duto shokto jeto........onekkhon tomar bogol ghete ami tomar mai mukhe nitam.
Omni tomar mai diye sundar misti dudh flow korto r tomar bra ta vije jeto r ami tomar bra ta khule chhure fele ditam and ami chuse chuse tomar dudh khetam..tumi aaram e tomar chokh buje amar mathar chule hath buliye amar mukh ta ke tomar dudu te aro chepe dhorte..r bolte " yesssssss jaan..khao khao..joto paro khao..amar dudh to sudhu tomariiiii..." ami jei botai ektu kamor ditam tumi bolte.."saalaa kameene...chutiya..kha le, kaat de mere nipple ko...ohhh salaaaaaaa tu mujhe mar dalegi...saala kaise kaise bhikari ki tara chuste hai re mere chuchi...." Ami aro jore tomar mai chat te thaki..chuste thaki....tomar dudu te daag hoye jai amar danter.....still tomai dar koriye rekhechi....tumi ki korte?????
Ebaar ami tomai sudhu panty pora obosthya dekhtam....tomai order kortam "shake yr boobs....mai nachao..." tumi omni mai nachiye amai dekhate....ami ebar tomar niche boshe portam and tomai pa fak kore darate boltam...b4 that ami tomai bathroom e niye i wud have started to rub my nose and face and lip on yr panty clad pussy.... tomar panty to vije gechhe and ekta sundar gondho ber hochhe sekhan theke...ami panty ta ke daant diye chibiye chuste laglam...tomar prochur gud er ros amar mukhe ese laglo.............uffffffffffffffffff ki sundar taste....ami amar du hath diye tomar oi sundar boro pod ta ke tip te laglam........tumi amar matha ta tomar gud e chepe dhorte lagle r bolte lagle.."oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaa, ki aaraaaaaaaam dichho buro....ami pagol hoye jacchhiiiiiiii.........amar gud kete kheye nao...amai mere felo....." ami dustumi kore mukh ta soriye nitei tumi bolle.."kutta saala chos mere gud....chutiya gud kha nahole bichi te lathi marbo saalaaaa......" ami omni abar gud khete laglam r panty ta ke khule dilam...........panty ta ke amar mathai tupi kore pore nilam r tomar gud chatte laglam..ami tomar kutta r moto hoye gelam....

Thik tokhoni tumi bolle....." ei burooooooooo.....amar hishi pacchheeeeeeeeee.....ami r parchi naaaaaaaa ami mutbo..." ami tomai charlam na...aro jore chuste laglam gud...tumi abar bolle.."chhere de mai baap..ami r parchhi na...ohhhhhhhhhhh beriye gelo..." ami bollam "ki beriye gelo....." and aro jore chepe dhorlam. Tumi chhor chhor kore mut te arombho korle.......uffffffffffffffffffff ki darun..tumi dariye amar mukhe gaye pecchhab korcchho................byapak aaram hochhe..jeno hot bath nichhi...ami tomai bollam......."sona amar mukhe dao"..tumi bolle.."osobhyo lok..nongra lok...eto jokhon pecchab mukhe neoar sokh to ne kha...." bolei amar mukhe dile ami suffocate kore jacchilam but amar khub valolagchhilo..............tomar hishi thamlo ami tomar gud chete khete the mean time tumi amai langto kore diyechho..r eibaar tumi amai tomar hishi vorti bathroom e amai dar kpriye amar sara gaye chumu dite start korechho......eibaar amar balls ta dhorle.......ufffffffffffffffff sonu ki darun aaram....tumi amai kamra te lagle and suddenly u kneel down and take my bara in yr warm mouth...byassssssssss ami pagol hoye gelam..ami bollam.." sonu ebar amar je hishi ese gechhe......"..tumi bolle.."okay no problem...koro...amar mukhe chharo..." ami nischinte tomar mukhe mut te laglam....tomai snan koriye dilam amar mut diye.....ufffffffffffffffffffff sara bathroom ta ekta sundar gondhe vore gelo....amar mut ses hole amra eke oporke joriye dhore chotkate laglam....and then we opened the shower.....
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sexy incest mommy sylvia and gang rape!
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:32 AM >> Rape, Real Incident

Ajke amar mommy Sylvia-ke niye ekta ghotona bolbo. Prothomey amar mommy-r description diye nei. Amar mommy holoh jaake boley ekta garam masala! Amaar school-er friend-ra mommy-ke hot aunty boley daakey… of course behind my back ! Mommy-r boyosh hobe 36/37. Average height, dudh-e aalta forsha fair skin, komor porjontyo silky chuler bonya. Mommy-r face-ta khub cute aar shundor, tikalo khaarha naak, ar bhorat golapi sensuous lips. Mommy-r book-er opor jeno ekjorha boro boro daab kete boshaano, in fact amra Gulshan-e jei flat-e thaaki, puro building-er jekono aunty-r chaitey amar mommy-r doodh boro. Aar mommy-r ase gol-gol bishaal paacha. Mommy regular gym-e jaay, figure maintain korar jonyo. Tobey idaning mommy-r komorey ektu chorbi jomtey shuru korse, kintu taatey mommy-ke aro beshi sexy laage. Sexy flat pet, gobhir forsha naabhee, aar komor-e halka chorbi, ek-jorha bhorat kharha-kharha dudu, aar bishal uchu uchu paacha- ek kothaay amar mommy ekta perfect sex bunny!

3 months aager ghotona. Amader flat-er 2nd floor-e amar ek friend thaakey. Ekdin dupur- ey tar bashay gelam. Dorja knock korar por dorja khuley dilo tar Gafur kaka.

“Aarey beta”, Gafur kaka amake dekhe bollo, “Tomar bondhu-to or family-r shaathey gram-er baritey gese.”

“Oh…. kaka taholey ami aashi”, ami bollam.

Gafur kaka bollo, “Arre beta ekhoni choley jaaiba keno. Tumi amar shaathey kisukkhon golposholpo koro.”

Ami kichukkhon Gafur kaka-r shaathey thaktey monsthir korlam.

Gafur kaka-r transport-er business aase, koyekta bus, tempo aar CNG ase kaka-r. Boley raakhi, Gafur kaka-r choritro bhalo na. Gafur kaka pakka maagibaj aar mod-khor. Ekbar ekjon lok-er opor hamla korar abhijog-e jail-eo gesilo.

“Ki khaiba?” Gafur kaka jiggesh korlo.

Ami bollam ek cup chaa khabo.

Kintu Gafur kaka bollo, “Arrey beta tumi ekhon boro hoiso, kaka-r logey ek peg chalao.”

Ami raji holam. Kichukhon-er moddhe Gafur kaka Bacardi Lemon-er peg toiri korey niye ashlo. Amra dui jon mod-er glass-e sip kortey kortey aadda martey laglam.

“Beta tumi maiya lagaiso koyta?” Hothat jiggesh korlo kaka.

“Dhut! Kaka ki je bolen!” Ami lojja pelam.

“Arrey beta! Ei boyosh-e shob chole! Tomar boyosh-e ami shopathey 3/4 bar maiya chudsi!” Gafur kaka-ke Bacardi bhaloi dhorse money hoy.

“Taai naki kaka?”

Gafur kaka utshaho peye tar chodachudi-r golpo boltey laaglo, 1 peg mod pet-e jete na jetei baeta-r mukh-er agol khule gese.

Hothat Gafur kaka bollo, “Arrey beta, amader flat-e upor taalay ekta heavy maal thaakey, maagi-re dekhso?”

Ami jiggesh korlam, “Kon maagi-r kotha boltesen kaka?”

“7th floor-e thaakey maagi… Atto boro boro doodh! kheyal koro nai?” Gafur kaka bollo, “Magi money hoy Standard Chartered bank-e chaakri korey…”

Ei tuku bolar shonge shonge ami stiff hoye gelam, khocchor lokta to amar mommy Sylvia-r kotha boltese!

Gafur kaka boley chollo, “Oi din bank-e deposit kortey gesi, dekhi khanki receptioen-e boisha boisha shobaire doodh dekhaitese. Magi-r logey dosti korlam. Sylvia naa ki jeno naam chudmarani-r. Khaasha maal! Khobor nisi maagi-r divorce hoiya gese koyek bosor aage, pola-re niya maagi eka thaakey flat-e. Ajkal shola-bikal magi-re dekhi paasa nachaite nachaitey bank-e jaitese. Ekdin eka pailey Sylvia-re rendy banaiya chudbo chhenali magi-rey!”

Bastard-ta amar mommy-r bepare aaje baaje kotha boltese! Kono shondeho roilona Kuttar baccha Gafur amar mommy-ke niye fantasize kortese! Beta jodi amar friend-er kaka naa hoito, tahloey hoyto khun kortam loktakey.

Ami upset hoye ghor theke beriye gelam. Gafur kaka bhalo korei jaaney Sylvia amar mommy, kintu tarpor-o bojjat lokta mommy-r bepare nongra kotha bollo keno?

Eishob bhabtey bhabtey uttejito hoye ami ghorey firey ashlam. Kichukkhon por maatha thanda holey onyo rokom bhabna-chinta dhuklo money. Amar divorcee single-mommy Sylvia 36 bochhorer bhoronto juboti. Emon shundori aar sexy mother-ke niye onyo purush-ra fantasize korbe borong shetai-to shabhabik. Tachharha mommy-papa-r divorce hoise pray 3 bochhor hoye gelo, mommy keno or life enjoy korbena?

Jaai hok, durbhagyokrome… naki shoubhagyokrome bolbo… shei din raatey amader ekta biye dawat chhilo. Pordin shokaley school-e jete hobey boley aami biye-te gelam na. Mommy jawar aagey boley gelo 10-tar modhyei ami jeno kheye-deye ghumiye pori.

Mommy choley gele ami diner belay Gofur kaka-r amar mommy-ke niye vulgar kotha bhabtey laaglam. Jotoi chinta kortey thaklam totoi ami odbhut feel kortey thaklam. Raat 11-tar dikey amar money jeno shoytaan bhor korlo. Pant khuley ami mommy-r gangbang fantasize kortey kortey guitar martey shuru korlam.

Raatey biye-r onushthaan theke deri korey firlo mommy. Raat praay 12:30-tar shomoy garir horn shune ami baranda-y giye dekhi Swapna aunty-r gari mommy-ke drop korlo gate-er shamney.

Mommy-ke greet korar jonyo lift korey nichey naamlam ami. Nichey gate-er kaase ondhokar, darwan money hoy duty faaki merey ghumaite gese.

Dekhi mommy gate khuley bhitorey dhuklo. Ondhokarey purse khule chaabi khujtey khujtey mommy lift-er dikey ashtey laaglo. Ami mommy-ke daktey jacchilam, tar aagei ke jeno mommy-ke dekhe boley uthlo, “Arrey Sylvia tumi!”

Ondhokar-ey mommy chintey parlo na, jiggesh korlo, “Excuse me, ke okhane?”

Kintu ami thik-i voice-ta chintey parlam, harami Gafur.

“Arrey Sylvia, amare chinte parlana tumi? Dui din aagei na amar logey aadda maarla?”

Mommy eto raatey Gafur kaka-ke dekhe money hoy ektu bhoy pelo, “Ohh Gafur bhai, kemon asen?”

“Sylvia eto raatey konkhan theke ashla? Kothao duty koira aila naki?”

Mommy loktakey avoid korar cheshta korlo, “Ji… onek raat hoye gese… ami baashay jai.”

Tar aagei Gafur bodmash-ta mommy-r haat dhorey bollo, “Arrey shundori koi jaao? Bohut din dhoira dekhtesi tomar husban nai, ei chance-e tumi bank-e giye porpurush-er logey dholadholi koro, office-er boy friend diya chodao…”Mommy shotti shotti bhoy peye gese, feeble voice-e protest korlo, “Eishob ki betomiz-i kortesen!? Eto raat-e apni mod kheye bodmaishi kortesen? Daaran… ami darwan daktesi… DARWAaa… ooooouuuucchhhh!!!”

Gafur kaka mommy-r gaaley ekta thappor merey or mukh chepe dhorey, forcefully mukher bhitor ekta rumal dhukiye dey, tarpor abar ekta thappor maarey mommy-r gaaley, or haat duita pechhmora korey dhorey, boley, “Shaali rendy! Sidha kothay kam hoyna! Kharha, ekhon torey tor ghorey niya tor pola-r shamney tore khanki banaiya chudbo! Tor baccha-r shamnei torey laengta koira tor bhoda-y laorha dhukamu! Tor pola taali bajaitey bajaitey tor chodon-khela dekhbo!”

Bhoye aatonkey ami ek dourey shiri beye upor-e uthte laglam. Gafur kaka mommy-ke dhorey niye lift-er dikey gelo. Ek dourey ami bashay eshe haapatey haapatey amar room- e dhuklam.

Gafur kaka criminal minded lok, already ekbar jail-e gese ekjonke maarar obhijog-e. Ekhon jodi taakey baadha dei taholey bodmash-ta mommy ebong amar khoti korbey. Taai ami shiddhanto nilam loktakey baadha dibo na, amar helpless mommy-ke criminal-tar haatey dhorshito hotey dekhbo.

Besh koyek minute kete gelo, kintu kono shara shobdo pawa gelona. Ami ektu worried holam… ki bepar? Gafur kaka mommy-ke niye ashtesena keno? Lift-e eto shomoy to laagena? Ki kortese lokta amar mommy-ke?

10-12 minute por answer pelam ami. Dorja khule mommy-ke niye baasha-y dhuklo Gafur kaka, ebong taar shaathey aaro 4-5 jon lok. Lok gulo oporichito, gayer moyla kapor- chopor dekhe money holo tara Gafur kaka-r kormochari – bus-tempo driver-helper. Bujhtey parlam, Gafur bodmash-ta plan korei kaajey namse. Criminal-ta mommy-ke ajke chudbei chudbe.

Ekta young chhele mommy-r haat dui-ta pichmorha korey dhorey thelte thelte ghorey dhuklo. Mommy-r poroney ekta expensive golapi rong-er silk saree, shaathey matching pink blouse.

Amake dekhe Gafur kaka daat ber korey haashey, boley, “Dupur-belay koisilam na, tor maa-magi-rey eka pailey chude dibo. Eibar dekhbi, tor shamnei tor maa-ke rendy banaiya magir bhoda maarbo! Shudhu ami naa, amar chele-pele-rao tor khanki maa-yer gud chudbo! Tor magi maayer bohut tej hoise! Ajke shaara raat dhoira tor rendi-chudi-maa- yer tight bhoda mere dheela korey dibo!”

Mommy nijeke chharhanor baertho cheshta korey. Gafur kaka shamney dariye upobhog korey mommy-r durobostha. Dhostadhosti korar jonyo mommy-r balloon-er moto uddhoto ston-jorha blouse-er nichey football-er moto bounce kortese, lok-gulo amar mommy-r sexy figure-ta takiye thaakey lobhi chokhey.

Saree-ta shoriye diye Gafur kaka dui haat diyre mommy-r bhorat mai-duto pakrao korey, taar haat-er modhye mommy-r doodh-jorha jiggle and bounce kortey thaakey.

“Orrrey shaala!” Gafur kaka excited hoye boley, “Khasha maal!”

Amar oshohaay mommy phopaay, haapay, baadha dite cheshta korey, aar janowar-ta silky blouse-er opor diye or dudu-duita khamchatey shuru korey.

Pechoner lokta aro jorey mommy-r haat duita muchrey diye shamner dikey thele dey, taar foley mommy-r bishal ston-jorha blouse-er thin material-er opor strain korey, POTANG! korey mommy-r blouse-er uporer diker ekta button chirhe jaay. Eita dekhe pechoner lokta aaro tight korey mommy-r haat muchrey dey, mommy betha-y gungiye uthey, POTANG! POTANG! korey aro duita botam chhirhey jaay. Aar matro 3-ta button okkhoto aase jaar shahajye blouse-ta konomotey atke thaakey. Lok gulo lobhy chokhey amar mommy-r bhorat forsha ston-jorhar majhey deep cleavage enjoy korey.

“Dekh!”, Gafur kaka excited hoye boley, “Magi-r dudu dekh!” Boley Gafur kaka mommy-r blouse-e hechka taan mere oboshishto button-gulo chirhey fello. Tarpor FORAT! FORAT! korey blouse-ta faalafaala korey chirhey tukra tukra korlo.

“OOOOFFF!!! Sylvia! Magi! Ki shundor dudu banaiya raksish khanki!” Gafur kaka mommy-r brassiere dhaka boro boro forsha ston dekhe boley.

“Magi, tor haatey betha paitesosh?” Gafur kaka jiggesh korey, “Amar pola-y tor haat beshi tight koira dhorse?”

Mommy taratari korey maatha nere shaay dey, Haa. Please, baetha pacchi!”.

“Sylvia tui jodi amare chumma khash, tailey oderke bolbo tor haat chairha ditey”, Gofur kaka-r chokhey adim lalosha, “Magi amarey chumma khabi?”

Mommy kichukkhon chupchap bhabey, tarpor deerghoshwash feley boley, “Acchha…”

Mommy iccha-r biruddhe chokh bondho korey mukh tuley, Gafur kaka mukh namiye amar mommy-r gaaley chumu dey, tarpor mommy-r golapi lips-e mukh lagay.

“Maagi! Tor mukh khol!” Gafur kaka dhomok dey, “Ami tor jihba chushum!”

Oshohay mommy or lips phaank korey, aar Gafur badmash-ta mommy-r roshalo jeebh-ta suck kortey thaakey, mommy-r mukhe-r bhetor nijer jeebh bhorey tongue-[censor] kortey shuru korey. Gafur kaka dui thaaba diye mommy-r bra-bhorti doodh duita khamche dhortey mommy shiurey uthey, balloon-er moto fola fola mena-jorha chiptey chiptey lokta amar mommy-r mukh-dhorshon korte thaakey.

Agrashi French kiss kortey kortey Gafur kaka mommy-r dudu-jorha dui haatey bounce korey, khamchaay, chotkay. Tarpor brassiere-er bhetor haat bhorey dan diker choochi-ta cupping korey bra theke tene ber korey. Bra-r badhon theke mukto hoye mommy-r bhorat doodh FLOP! korey lau-er moto jhultey thaakey.

Mommy konomote mukh shoriye shiurey uthey, “Ohhh! Naaa! Please! Naa!”

Kintu ke shuney kaar kotha. Gafur kaka kono patta naa diye mommy-r baam side-er doodh-tao brassiere theke tene ber korey. Mommy-r duto choochy ekhon ulongo hoye shobar shamney jhultese.

Mommy abar-o nijeke chaarhanor bertho cheshta korey. Or laengta bhorat maena-jorha thollor thollor korey jiggle kortey thakey. Oshohay housewife-er roshaalo nogno ston- jorhar duluni dekeh khocchor lok-gulor jibhey jol aashe.

“Ei maagi!” Gafur kaka tease korey mommy-ke, “Tor dudu-gula-r size koto?”

Mommy kono uttor deyna. Gafur kaka dui thaaba-r modhye mommy-r maai-duita khamchey dhorey boley, “Sylvia magi, tor pola-tare tor shundor shundor boro boro dudu duita dekhaisish kokhono?”

Mommy lojya aar opomaaney mukh naamay.
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nisi ke chuda
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:30 AM >> Choti Story, Cousin, Elder Sister
Amar boi-osh takhon khub ekta na, ei dharun 10 - 11 hobe. Amar ek cousine boi-osh e 5 yrs er boro. nishi naam. Amar shathe khub bhalo bhab chilo. amader bari te berate ashle amra eki bichana te shutam.. o bhalo golpo bolto , ta shunar jonno amar choto bhai baina dhorto, golpo shunte shunte ami ghumi e jetam. chot bhai ke maa tar kache ni e jeto. Etai niom hoe geche o ashle amar shathe sho i. E khon ashol kothai ashi.. Amar ek classmate er kach theke takhon meyeder body shomporke hate khari nich chi, e rokom ek rate nishi amader bari te thak te elo. As usual amar shathe shulo. Galpo shesh ami ghumer bhan kore achi. Ma eshe choto bhai ke ni e gelo. Nishi moshari guchalo. Ami takhon akash patal bhab chi, class mate er kaach theke meye der body shompor ke ja shunchi.. ta bhab te i amar kemon jeno lagchilo. Bole rakha bhalo .. amar class mate amake ekta kotha bolchilo ,ja onek pore bujhe chi shobar bepare ta shatti na, ta holo– “Meyeder shori re hat dile i tara shob korte raji hoi”——bujh chen i to mamu ra , classmate er de a knowledge ar pashe shu e thaka Nishi. duto mi le ami besh shaho shi hoe gelam. Bichana theke namlam , namte o ke topke jete hoi , jabar shomoy ichcha kore i or sharir gheshe gelam- bhab emon nam te gi e lagche , amar ki dosh!. Bathroom theke fire sure holam room er door lock kina. Jodi o jantam nishi ghumanor agey door lock kore. Fire amar position e jao ar shomoy abar or shorir chu e gelam. Kichu i holo na. o jebhabe shu e chilo tai thaklo. Shahosh barlo. O chith hoe shu e chilo ami ek hat direct or buke rakh lam, o bodhoi ghumer moddhey ter paini , kichukhon wait kore ami halka ekta tip dilam, norom mangsho pindo er gorom ekta onubhuti che ye gelo. Shahosh barlo amake dekh tei hobe er shesh kothai! Ami chap bara te lag lam , kokhon je shoa theke uthe boshe du hat use korchi jani na. Hathath Nishi nore chore uth lo, ami jhat kore shu e porlam. Ebhabe kichukkhon. Abar exitement er joi holo , hat di e moidar moto chap te thak lam or norom dudh gulo. Onekh khon chapar por kemon ek atripti mone bhor korlo. Bujhlam mon ki chai. Silker salwar er upor dia ja korchilam mon ekhon ar ta te happy na. Ja hobar hobe– slowly nishi r salwar buk porjonto guti e nilam. ondhokar room, tarpor o ja dekhlam ta opurbo.. forsha duto shudhol dudh. ami jhapi e porlam ..
Apna apni amar mukh okhane chole gelo ami cush te laglammm..Mamura ekhon bhe be obak hoi coshar bepar ta kintu amake keu guide kore ni.. ota automatic ami feel korchi.. Nishi er upor di e eto kichu jachche amar kono hush nei , o je uthe jete pare mone ta ekbar o uthe ni. Ami or dudh gulo ni e jokhon shamosto prithibi bhul te bosh chi .. amar ar ekta ich cha amar hat or kamij er dike nie gelo. Fita badha kamij ta khulte luckyly kono beg pete hoi ni.Ek ta-ne ami or kamij or pacha er niche nie ashlam. hat dilam or gopon ong-ge.kemon bhija bhija laglo. ghenna holo bhab lam o bodh hoi pee korche… Na mamura ei bhab na amake full domate pare ni. ek ojana akorshon e ami muhurte amar achoda bara ta ber korlam. Nishi r okhane ghosh lam onekkhon . Amar bara takhon fule fepe khai khai obostha. Ghashte ghashte hathath ek ajana pichchil galite amar baratar kichu ta dhuke gelo.. bas ar amake pai ke..ek danobio shakti bhar korlo amar sharire.. uthanama korchi or bhitor theke aro bhitore dhukbar jonno..Khub ekta shomoi chalate pari nai..Hathath klanto feel korlam .. nijeke kono rokom shamle shue porlam or pashe…
Bole rakha bhalo .. Sex er ek porjai e ami ter pelam nishi nich theke komor dulach che.
Nishi ke or bi er kichudin agey chudechi .. ota onek matured choda.–shujog ele oi kahini shunabo.
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Kalato bon nisi ke chuda
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:30 AM >> Choti Story, Cousin, Elder Sister
Amar boi-osh takhon khub ekta na, ei dharun 10 - 11 hobe. Amar ek cousine boi-osh e 5 yrs er boro. nishi naam. Amar shathe khub bhalo bhab chilo. amader bari te berate ashle amra eki bichana te shutam.. o bhalo golpo bolto , ta shunar jonno amar choto bhai baina dhorto, golpo shunte shunte ami ghumi e jetam. chot bhai ke maa tar kache ni e jeto. Etai niom hoe geche o ashle amar shathe sho i. E khon ashol kothai ashi.. Amar ek classmate er kach theke takhon meyeder body shomporke hate khari nich chi, e rokom ek rate nishi amader bari te thak te elo. As usual amar shathe shulo. Galpo shesh ami ghumer bhan kore achi. Ma eshe choto bhai ke ni e gelo. Nishi moshari guchalo. Ami takhon akash patal bhab chi, class mate er kaach theke meye der body shompor ke ja shunchi.. ta bhab te i amar kemon jeno lagchilo. Bole rakha bhalo .. amar class mate amake ekta kotha bolchilo ,ja onek pore bujhe chi shobar bepare ta shatti na, ta holo– “Meyeder shori re hat dile i tara shob korte raji hoi”——bujh chen i to mamu ra , classmate er de a knowledge ar pashe shu e thaka Nishi. duto mi le ami besh shaho shi hoe gelam. Bichana theke namlam , namte o ke topke jete hoi , jabar shomoy ichcha kore i or sharir gheshe gelam- bhab emon nam te gi e lagche , amar ki dosh!. Bathroom theke fire sure holam room er door lock kina. Jodi o jantam nishi ghumanor agey door lock kore. Fire amar position e jao ar shomoy abar or shorir chu e gelam. Kichu i holo na. o jebhabe shu e chilo tai thaklo. Shahosh barlo. O chith hoe shu e chilo ami ek hat direct or buke rakh lam, o bodhoi ghumer moddhey ter paini , kichukhon wait kore ami halka ekta tip dilam, norom mangsho pindo er gorom ekta onubhuti che ye gelo. Shahosh barlo amake dekh tei hobe er shesh kothai! Ami chap bara te lag lam , kokhon je shoa theke uthe boshe du hat use korchi jani na. Hathath Nishi nore chore uth lo, ami jhat kore shu e porlam. Ebhabe kichukkhon. Abar exitement er joi holo , hat di e moidar moto chap te thak lam or norom dudh gulo. Onekh khon chapar por kemon ek atripti mone bhor korlo. Bujhlam mon ki chai. Silker salwar er upor dia ja korchilam mon ekhon ar ta te happy na. Ja hobar hobe– slowly nishi r salwar buk porjonto guti e nilam. ondhokar room, tarpor o ja dekhlam ta opurbo.. forsha duto shudhol dudh. ami jhapi e porlam ..
Apna apni amar mukh okhane chole gelo ami cush te laglammm..Mamura ekhon bhe be obak hoi coshar bepar ta kintu amake keu guide kore ni.. ota automatic ami feel korchi.. Nishi er upor di e eto kichu jachche amar kono hush nei , o je uthe jete pare mone ta ekbar o uthe ni. Ami or dudh gulo ni e jokhon shamosto prithibi bhul te bosh chi .. amar ar ekta ich cha amar hat or kamij er dike nie gelo. Fita badha kamij ta khulte luckyly kono beg pete hoi ni.Ek ta-ne ami or kamij or pacha er niche nie ashlam. hat dilam or gopon ong-ge.kemon bhija bhija laglo. ghenna holo bhab lam o bodh hoi pee korche… Na mamura ei bhab na amake full domate pare ni. ek ojana akorshon e ami muhurte amar achoda bara ta ber korlam. Nishi r okhane ghosh lam onekkhon . Amar bara takhon fule fepe khai khai obostha. Ghashte ghashte hathath ek ajana pichchil galite amar baratar kichu ta dhuke gelo.. bas ar amake pai ke..ek danobio shakti bhar korlo amar sharire.. uthanama korchi or bhitor theke aro bhitore dhukbar jonno..Khub ekta shomoi chalate pari nai..Hathath klanto feel korlam .. nijeke kono rokom shamle shue porlam or pashe…
Bole rakha bhalo .. Sex er ek porjai e ami ter pelam nishi nich theke komor dulach che.
Nishi ke or bi er kichudin agey chudechi .. ota onek matured choda.–shujog ele oi kahini shunabo.
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lolita Amar Dur somporkar Relative!
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:28 AM >> Enjoy

Ami choto bela thekei khub sex pagol. Choda choudi chara jibon amar boroi bisad lage. Eta koek bochor ager ghotona. Tokhon amar boyos 20. Saradin tokhon duchoke sudhu chodar sopno dekhtam. Amader chotto poribar. Ami, ammu arr amar boro bon. Abbu bidese thake. Boro bon uni te pore arr ammu ekta ngo te kaaj kore. Amader dui bed roomer apartment, ek roome ami thaki arr onno roome ammu arr apu.

Anyway ebar asi asol kahinite. Ekdin college theke basay ese dekhi amader ek dur-somporker nani gram theke ekta meye niye amader basay hajir. Meye ta ke dekhe ami ritimoto mugdho. 19 bochor boyasi ek tog-boge juboti. Pa theke matha porjonto chok jholsano roop. Nani bollo je ai meye ti khub valo ghorer kintu okey dekhar moto keu nei. Sot mayer otta chare grame thakte na pere sohore eseche chaakrir khoje. Ammu bollo se jodi ghorer kaaj korte chay tahole amader basay thakte pare. Meye ta dekhi omi razi hoy gelo. Ami to khusite ekkebare baak-baak. Mone mone vabchilam… jaak onek din por ekta kochi maal pawa gelo… ai memy ke chudte na parle amar jibon tai britha hoy jabe.

Meye tar naam Lolita. Meyetar cherata khub misti aar choke sob somoy ekta khai khai vaab thakto. Tar figure ta khub sexy , boyoser tulonay bishal boro 2ta doodh arr khub akorsonio pacha. Meye ta prothom din thekei amar sathey arrchokhe chokha chokhi kora suru korlo. Se prottek din sokale amar ghor jhar dito. Ai somoytar jonno ami prottek din wait kortam. Se jokhon amar ghore asto tokhon khub somoy niye amar ghor poriskar korto arr ami bedey suey suey or booker aar pachar dolon dekhtam. Lolita jokhon amar ghor poriskar korto tokhon se iccha korem matite jhuke kaaj korto. Se somoy taar tight bouser vitor theke dood jora arr cleavage ta khub sposto dekha jeto. Se iccha korei amake ogula dekhato arr ghor poriskar kora ses hole, jawar somoy amake ekta muchki hasi diye jeto. Tokhon basay apu aar ammu thakto bole kichu korte partam na , tobey mone mone vabtam ek din hoyto somoy o sujok asbey. Ami kebol sediner opekkhay thakatam aar Lolitar kotha vebe bathroome giye haat martam.

Ekdin elo sie sujok. Se din khub sokale ammu arr apu chole jai amader ek osustho relative ke dekhte, hospitaley. Tokhon basay kebol ami arr lolita chilam. Tokhon amar khusi dekhe ke.Ami jantam arr kichu khon porei Lolita asbe amar ghor poriskar korte. Hotat amar mathay ekta plan elo, ami kichu ekta playboy magazine open kore amar tabley rekhey bede ese ghumer vaan korey porey roilam. Kichukhon por Lolita elo. Esei table guchatey giye khola playboy magazine ta dekhtey laglo. Ami tokhon aste kore bed theke uthe taar pichone giyey takey bollam , ai Lolita, ki dekhcho ? Lolita chomke magazine fele ghor theke doure beriey gelo. Ami okey daaklam, onek khon daka dakir por se elo. Ami takey bollam, ai meye tumi magazine fele omni palaley keno ? Aso, edikey aso, ekhaney bosey tumi ai magazine dekhtey paro, amar kono apotti nei. Lolita ek pa du pa korey amar samne ese amar haat theke magazine niey dekhte laglo. Ami or haat dhore amar bede niye bosalam ebong bollam… aso ekhane bose bose magazine ta dekhi. O thokon magazine tar pata ultaya nude pic gula dekhchilo. Ami or pasey boslam close hoy. Lolita tokhon chobi gula dekhchilo arr ghono ghono nissas nicchilo. Ami ek haat of shouldere rekhe onno hatey magaziner pata ultacchilam. Se tokhon chobi gula dekhay besto. Ami tokhon bollam, Lolita tumi kintu ai chobir meye gula theke besi sundori. Se fik korey hese bollo, bhaijan je ki bolen koi tara arr koi ami. Ami bollam …. na sotti bolchi. Tumi oder cheye khub besi sexy. Tomar moto sexy figure arr boro dood khub kom meyeri achey. Lolita lojja peye bed theke uthey daralo ebong se abar amar ghor thekey doure chole jacchilo. Ami uthe okey japte dhorlam. Tarpor chumu khete suru korlam. Prothome ektu badha dileo pore se arr kichu bollo na. Eropor ami or shari ektane khule fellam,

or tight boulse chirey dood gula jeno beriey aschilo. Ami ek hate bouser upor diye or dood gula tipa suru korlam , onno haat diye or sexy pacha tipchilam. Tarpor or bouse ta khule fellam. Wow, ok dood gula khub juice chilo. Forsa dood with golapi bota. Ami somaney or dood gula chosa suru korlam. Lolita tokhon aaaaaaa korey moan korchilo.

Erpor okey pura nude korey amar bede niya gelam. Tarpor suru holo asol khela, ami takey prothome straight choda suru korlam, amar 7? dhon ta or pussyte khub druto otha-nama suru korlo. Lolita tokhon low voicey chitkaar kora suru korchilo arr bolchilo… aro jore bhaijaan.. aro jore. Kichon ai vabe chodar por okey doggy styley choda suru korlam. Ekhate or chul muthi kore dhorey onno hatey or komor pechiey dhorey doggy mara suru korlam.Lolitao komor duliey amar doggy mara enjoy korchilo. Ai vabe 30 min chodar por amara dujon eksathey shower korlam ebong showere nicheo choda chudi korlam.

Ai ghotonar por thekey ami arr Lolita khub close hoye gelam. Basay keu na thakley amra sujog bujhe onek din choda-chudi korech
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nila My coloser one!!!!
আমি পাগলা গারদ থেকে বলছি!! >> 4:18 AM >> Bandobi, Enjoy, Unclassified
Tokhono amaar chokher dristy e rokom chhilo na. Ekhon jemon notun kono meyer shathe porichoy holei amar chokher odrishho fite mepe fele taar buk, pascha, komar, shob kichhu, emonki kototuku ghovir hobe ota, mangshe r daat kemon kore chepe boshbe, koto tuku jore, shob bhujte pari. Nila'r shathe jokhon amar porichoy tokhon ami shoddo Jubok hoe uthsi, college-e jai, obak hoe lokhho kori, baba ma'r kora shashon gulo kromosho shithil hoe ashchhe. Bisheshoshot, baba amar shathe ekhon pray-oi joke koren. (which is good!!) Aami ei shadhinota gulo khub upobhog kori. Amar baba, khub handsome silen ( abong ekhono asen), tini amake jedin HSC porihhhar shomoy Drop korar jonne Center-e nie giesilen, amar bandhobider oneke take dekhe obak hoisilo, " Tor baba etto young, !!" Aami jante chaisilam, "Isn't he handsome too ?" Onekei ek bakke shikar koresilo, Korar jothesto karon ase. Oi din dinner-er table-e aami bollam, tomake dekhe amar bandhobira mughdo!!! Amar baba taar shovab shulov roshikota koren bollen, "well thats not a good news for you !! is it?" Amar porikhaa shesh hote chollo, baba protidin amake namie den, emon na je, ami eka jete pari na. Ashole amra khuboi friendly abong we enjoy each other's company a lot. Taar ekmatro chhele ami, abong taar motoi smart ( bondhura bole !! ) outspoken, extrovert ittadi. Nila'r shathe amar khub ghonistota chhilo, ami bhujte parsilam, she chaise ami jeno take boli, ami jani ami ja chai she tai dibe. Kintu ami ei bishoy gulo khub upobhog kori, amar ignorance kauke kosto dischhe, amar jonne karo ghum haram hoe gese, bhabte bhabte mone mone hashi ar Ravi shankar-er sitat shunte shunte ghumie pori. To, Nila oirokom ekta stage-e silo. Abong ei stage-e she amake ekta dhirgho chithhi likhe janai je, Amake na pele taar jibon oshompurno theke jabe.. ittadi. Aami kono uttor dei ni, ekbaar shudhu jaante cheyesilam, "shotti oshompurno theke jabe? " Babake jader shateh porichoy korie diesilam, tadr modhhe nila-o silo. Prothom to kemon jani nila babar shamne bhoy-e joroshoro hoe thakto. Tokhno mone hoi o amake taar vobishhot shwami hishebe kolpona korse; tahole to amar baba taar shoshur hoi!! oi shob arki. Nila kintu dekhte shudori-i silo. take shob chaite shundor lagto neel ronge. Aar forsha mukhta, lombate typer, Sharp/dharalo figure. Aar kisu bolar dorkar nei, take dekkhlei ischhe kore buker modhhe pishe feli. Aamar Baba, ekebare shesh porikhhar dine amar bodhu "abong Bandhobi" der bollen tomar shobai bashai ashbe. He, ora onekei eshechhilo amader bashai, Nila-o. Tokhon ke janto, amar jibone shuru holo Kuruxetro. Amaar Maa, prithivir onnotomo shera Maa, abong shomvoboto amar babake taar jiboner chaiteo beshi bhalo bashen. Ekta Bank-er executive abong khub shotorko officer hishebe taar reputaion ase. Amaar ei shotorko maa janteo parlen na, kobe amar baba Nila'r shathe jorie porlo. Ami-o jantaam na, jokhon bhujte parlaam tokhon onek dur jol gorie gese. Prothom prothom amar room-e boshe adda ditam. Nila ashotoi jokhon aar keu thakto na. Hoito lunch-er shomoy othoba jokhon shobai bashai dupure ghumai. Aami to bhujtaam ki chai, agei bolesi ei bishoy gulo aami enjoy kori. Tai, kokhono kokhono ischhe kore bashai thaktaam na. Fire eshe hoito dekhtaam baba lunch break-e bashai eshechhilen. Nila'r shathe boshe golpo korsen. e rokom din jai, ami abishkar korlam, Nila jeno, Emon shomoy ashe, jokhon Baba baahai thake.. Aar amaar room-e khub-ekta ashe na. Amaar Bondhur moto "pita" ke ami shondeher theke baire rakhte chailam. Kintu bhujlam, Na Einio bhaloi dubesen. Khabar tabl-e amaar shathe ager moto jokes koren na, ektu jeno emrassed feel koren. Kintu koto dur? Ek dupure Aami Nila'r bash theke okey follow korlam. Aami tokon ekta Daihatsu chalataam. dekhi, Pronoyee amaar, Basha theke besh sheje guje beriesen. Shari tari pore ekakar obostha. Ei prothom , ami onubhob korlam, Nila ke ekbaar korte parle.....
Nila ekta Taxi nilo, traffic jamm er jhamela erie okey follow korte khub kosto hoschhilo.. tarpore- o korlam. Bonani'r ekta paush restaurant er shamne jeye daralo.. he, amaar shondehoi thik. Okahne amader HONDA Accord ta daar korano Aschhe. Taar maane.....
Ami garite boshe roilaam. Nijer modhhe ekta adventure feel korsi. Onek khon pore tara dujone berulo. Amar babke taar pashe kharap lagsilo na, Ashole bola uchit bhaloi lagsilo. Tokhon hotath korei amar prochondo prochondo prochondo Raag, jid holo nilar upore. Kono karon chharai, aami or upore khepe gelam.. amar mone holo, ei opomaner protishodh amake nite hobe. Jodio ekhon mone hoi, nila to amake cheesiloi, kintu ami to okey obohela koreis. Keno emon holo jani na, mone hoi, khub jealous hoe giesilam. Hotatha korei mone holo, Nila IS SEXY. Aami oderke tokhon abaar follow korsi. Airport perie .. jokhon ekta barir shame jeye daralo, tokhon aar ki bhujaar baki thake? Aami gari ghurie chole elam. Ei aungsher bornona thak, Amaar babake ami asholeo khub bhalobashi.
Aami tokhon protishodher neshai unmaad. Aami jani, baba temon kono jhamelai joraben na... He is practical. Maar shonghshar jole veshe jaabaar kono shomvabona nei, tarpor-o keno jani bhoy hoolo, abar mone holo, I have to make Nila Down!! Hoito, amar babai take seduce korese.. hoito.. but " My father right or wrong .." OKe oi raate phone korlam.. onek khon kotha bollam. She duekbaar bollo ekhon ektu busy, kintu amio amar shohojaato bakpotuta die okey atke rakhlam. Ebhabe.. dui shopotaho phonalap chollo.. ami okey ghunakhhoreo ter pete dei ni, je ami onek bishoy jene gesi. Ami jene gesi je amar babar shathe nila ghumai, dupure, bikekle, kokhono shondhar poreo. Ami jene gesi je baba take onek expansive gift kine diesen. Ami aro jene gesi je, goto shoptahe baba aar she shara diner jonne chittagong giesilo. Ekhon Nila amake avoid korte chai.. Hai!! ei Nila-i amar ekti phone call er jonne sharadin boshe thakto. Aami tarpor nila ke bollam, Cholo ghure ashi, ontoto long drive-e jai. Amar mathai tokhon nikhut porikolpona. Oke duek baar request kortei raaji hoe bollo, kal amake janabe. Ami bhujlaam amar "Pitri Dev" ke janate chaise.. Hi hi hi!!! Nila ki hoi Amar ?
Ami jani.. baba apotti korben na. Ami ei dike babake jeye khub bhalo chheler moto bollam, je amra koekjon Meghna nodi dekhte jaschhi. meghan Bridger pore Dhk-chtg road er upore amader ekta brick Field ase. Ota shiter shomoy chalu thake aar ei borshai.. chari dike thoi thoi panir modhhe shudhu ekta Bunglow. Aami babake ei jonne bollam, jate baba bhujen je ami eka nila ke nie jaschhi na. Ha ha ha!! Ki shoitan Aami? Kisukhhone porei babar Cell-e kaar jeno phone asholo.. Taar o kisukhhon pore Aamar phone ashlo, he Nila raaji hoiese.

Aami prostuti nilam. Duek jon bondhuke ready korlam, jate Nila phone korle ora bole je tarao jaschhe. Kinlam 2 Pack rubber. Shahte nilam, kisu snacks aar Bunglow'r master Bedroom-er chabi. She din silo shonibaar. Shokale Nilake basha theke uthie near porei, porikolpona moto phone ashte laglo, je she jete parse na ittadi ittadi. Nilake bollam cholo tahole amrai jai, ei obosthai na korte parbe na , sheta bhalo korei jani. Ghonta khanik drive kore eshe posulam.. Bunglow-r caretaker bhujlo.. taar maliker chhele ekhon "Shabalok" hoese !! montobbo nishproyojon! Aami nila ke nie master bedroom-e dhuklam. Pesone janalat khule dile dekha jai.. borshar othoi pani, dheu aar ki uttal batash. Ami oke bollam toke ekta kotha bolte chai. Nila kemon jeno embrassed.. hobei to jaar shathe shoy , taar chhele jodi ble, tomake bhalo bashi, kemon lagbe? Jemonoi laguk, aami chharsi na. O bollo.. ki kotha? Aami bollam nila " toke amar khub bhalo lage. I like you so much" --" AMaro toke khub bhalo lage." --" I m in love with u , nila". -- " Ki bolsich ei shob?"
issssshhh!! jeno bhaja machhtao ulte khete jane na. Amra boshe silam baradai.. ami uthe or pashe jeye boshlam. She uteh room-er bhetore chole gelo. Ami okey onushoron korlam. Ami jani, uporer floor-e ekhon keu nei. grill-er door lock kore diesi ektu age. nila jane ni. Ami room-e dhuke oke aar kono shujog dilam na. peson theke jorie dhorlam. "nah!!! " bole chitkar kore o shore jete chailo. Ami jante chailam, "keno na?" Hai o ki bolbe? taar ki boalr ase kisu? Aar bolei ba lav ki? Aami oke chepe dhoresi amar shorire shathe. peson theke jorie dhoresi or haat duti badha porese .. ok thelte thelte dealrer kase ene ghurie dilam. Deale chepe dhorlam.. ekpashe amar shori, arek pashe deal, modhhi khane NIla pisto hoschhe. She naki amake onno bhabe dekhese.. . Ami o argument shuru korlam.. tumi eita boleso, tumi oita boleso.. ei shob. Kotha bolsi aar amar haat duti khela korse or pithe, komare , pasai. taar por oke chumu khelam, o dite chachhilo na.. kintu amar shateh o parbe keno? jor kore chumu kheye ok ek jhotkai kole tule nilam. O lafie berei jete chailo.. Etto shoja? oke nie bisanay shuie dilam.. Taarpor nilar shorirer upor amar shorir. Aamar buker niche or buk. amar Jontrer niche or moshreen tolpet. Ami jokhon oke abaro lomba chumu khaschhi, tokhon dekhi or chokh beye joler dhara.. Kandse, Kaduk. Ami khub romantic hoe jante chailam, ki holo tomar? Ami tomake bhalo bashi, tumi-o to amake chao. Tomar jibon ami shompurno korte chai. O kono kotha bollo na, Shudho bollo, please amake tumi chhuoyo na. Aami gaaro shore bollam, aami chhobo tomake ami .. adore adore bhorie dibo. Totokhhno aami oke ulte palte ekakar kore felesi. Or sthone amar hather muthoi, or chuler clip khue niesi, or Orna ta kokhon je matite goragori khaschhe nijeo bolte parbo na. She ei baar jeno ektu jor kore utthe chailo, ami dilam na. O jokhonoi jor kore ami aro shokto kore chepe dhori or shorir, or thot. or golai totokhhone chumu kheyesi eksho, buker upore hajar khanik. Aar tokhno o kadse.. bollo amake, Please aajke thamo. Aami bollam, tomar ki mone hoil, aami tomake thokabo?? Ei shob kotha bolsi aar oke kamre dischhi, shob jaigai. Oke ektane upor kore dilam aar kameez-er zipper ta tene namie felleam. Shuru holo.. amar chumu khawa.. bollam, Nila, tomar pithe kemon akash akash gondho. Chhi !! Ki vondo ami, ei shob kotha uponnashe ami pore mone rakhi... shmoy moto khub kaje dei. chumu khete khete ek shomoy Bra'r fite ta khule dilam. Dhonuker silar moto to shore gelo du pashe, khub druto. oke, abar ghurie die.. aste aste kamiz tene namie dilam komar projonto. o bhuje gese.. badha die lav hobe na. or nogno buke aami chumu khaschhi, kamrachhi, onoboroto. O chokho bondho kore poresilo.... ki jani mone mone ki amar babbake kolpona korsilo. Taar oboshho dorkaar silo na, Shobai bole, Aami naki dekhte ekebare Babar photocopy.. hi hi hi!!! Or bukta silo, uff.... Ami ei rokom bhorat buk khub kom dekhesi. aar ki shundor, norom. o duto nie khelte khelte.. or salwar-er fite khule dilam. Ota tene namte holo amakei. Ami amar jeans khullam. Amar ostro ta totokhhone darie gese... ekebare shesh muhurte ki jani ekta :Noitikota" bodh amar mone eshesilo... kintu aami to god of Devil. Oke jorie dhore, abar shue porlam. Na chaileo amake grohon korte she badhho holo. Amar dirgho shutham Jontro oke chinno vinno korlo. Or kono shara silo na, kemon, nithor hoe poresilo.. Shudhu jokhon jante cheyesilam, Betha paschho shona?" tokhon bolesilo, ummmm....
Take ami oi din tin baar niesilam. Prothom baar jotota badha diesilo, pore aar dei ni, Mone hoi bhebesilo, ja hobar to hei gese. Ferar pothe she shara rastaai amar shonge kono kotha bolei ni, shudhu aami ja jante cheyesi, taar uttar diese duek kothai.
Aami abar amar babake fire peyesi, ager motoi friendly. Amar shathe joke koren. Nila amader bashai aar kokhonoi asheni. Abong HSC'r result-er porei she States-e chole ashe. Nila'r jonne dukhho hoi, Taar durvaggo je She oshomvob dui shokto purusher thik modhhi khane poresilo. Nilar shateh Amaar kono jogajog nei. Aami kokhonoi taar Ashai silam na, Noirashhe-o Naa.



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